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We’re Staffing Up on The Syria Campaign

July 01

If you have experience campaigning for Syria and see hope where others see failure, you may be right for our open campaigner or senior campaigner role. 

We’re looking for seasoned campaign strategists who can help build a movement armed with ideas and passion, in solidarity with Syrians everywhere, toward the goals of peace and freedom. The deadline for applications is midnight on July 6. 

About The Syria Campaign

The Syria Campaign works in two ways: 

  1.  We’ll amplify Syrian voices. Together we will elevate and amplify the voices of ordinary Syrians—those who have been drowned out by extremists on both sides. We will champion Syrian voices on social media. We’ll share tales of survival, resistance, love and ordinary life under extraordinary circumstances. While the tragedy in Syria shames the world, we will not forget the heroism of ordinary Syrians or the beauty, strength and rich culture of this cradle of civilization.
  1.  We’ll bring unstoppable global pressure. We will come together with thousands who share our hope for Syria’s future to take action for real change. We will create pressure to lift the sieges and get aid to the communities that have been cut off, unlock greater funding for humanitarian assistance and push for an effective peaceful solution. We will work together online and off to put pressure where it counts.

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