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     Playdays West Harbour Tatou ​Tamariki


  • To engage families with young children in West Harbour and Royal Heights who are not participating in early childhood education
  • To provide a fun learning environment in a supportive setting
  • To encourage family connections to their neighbourhood & communities
  • To support transition to other Early Childhood Education (ECE) services and/or school

Playdays is particularly aimed at reaching families with young children who were not currently engaged with Early Childhood Education (ECE). Its main purpose is to  help children and their caregivers enjoy learning with each other in a supported friendly setting, to connect up with other families and local services and to support transition to other ECE services and/or school. There is also a growing body of evidence that engaging families in the early childhood learning process
can significantly contribute to strengthening the family as well as educational outcomes

To oversee and host the coordinator of this project, offer administrative services and extend opportunities to  support the outreach. There is strong educational and social wellbeing research evidence to suggest substantive benefits for children's learning and future life outcomes if children participate in Early Childhood Education before attending school and our role is to enable and empower programmes and events to support this, with Playdays being just one of those successful programmes

Increasing numbers of previously unengaged children are involved with their parents. We have leased a van, offering transport for parents without cars or access to buses, then we load it up with fun Early Childhood  Education supplies and equipment for a great playday.

"We enjoyed ourselves so much, my child had so much fun with all the activities. I really liked it that children were free to play with lots of activities provided and the other mothers were so friendly. My son especially loved the music and when he got home he started doing all the actions to the songs " 

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