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​​​​​​​Violence Free Begins With Me Schools Programme



VFBWM is an effective and empowering conflict resolution, personal and interpersonal skills development,  anger management and  anti-bullying programme for schools.

Trained teachers facilitate this specialised programme for students, ages 8-12 yrs. in order to develop transferable skills and attitudes that will assist them in changing their relationship to violence and ideally will establish a cultural platform for pupils, in approaching the challenges of violence within their community.

The course involves looking at the causes, effects and alternatives to violence, by exploring communication, self-esteem, emotions, safety planning and anger management, as well as relationship skills and conflict resolution, which in turn strengthens a  school's approach to the problem of violence.






To continue to refine and offer this programme to primary and intermediate schools, offer teacher training and supervision while they are conducting  the course, and evaluate and report on results.



We have ran courses at Swanson Primary,  where we had 222 students in classes 5-8, Ranui Primary School with 80 students & 4/5 teachers, then Lincoln Heights Primary School with 210 students & 15 teachers. A Herald  feature article on bullying was written on one of our support people “Jay”  who is one of ​the ‘x’ factors​ of the programme with the children.

Currently this programme is in re-development as a series of shorter modules to support the DVD 'Jade Speaks Up', and to compliment the anti-bullying campaign in MPHS.