Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate

by Stewart Ogilby

Drama Masks


In the extraordinary Don Juan in Hell scene in Act III of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman”, following what may be his best-known oration, Juan exclaims, As you say, they are mere words, useful for duping barbarians into adopting civilization, or the civilized poor into submitting to be robbed and enslaved. That is the family secret of the governing caste; and if we who are of that caste aimed at more Life for the world instead of at more power and luxury for our miserable selves, that secret would make us great. This is as true today as it was in Victorian England. It was for that reason, among more selfish ones, that the founders of our nation eschewed creating a blood-line ruling aristocracy.

Earler in the same scene, in his tirade and castigation of mankind’s foibles, Don Juan makes the following observation, Their imagination glows, their energies rise up at the idea of death, these people: they love it; and the more horrible it is the more they enjoy it. A host of firemen, policemen, corporate employees, airline passengers, and a few would-be rescuers were said to have been dustified or chopped into body parts recognizable only through their DNA. Such is the stuff of 911.

By controlling the 911 Truth Movement, seeding even honest efforts with appealing disinformation, those, and their supporters, who demolished the antiquated WTC buildings have diverted attention from efforts to flesh out nearly 3000 alleged victims. Instead, we have had over a decade of tireless speculation and studies of hijackers, airplanes, and foreign conspirators, as well as obviously fanciful topics – anything to distract from the reality of a masterfully obscured urban renewal project and its political spin.

Perpetrators of the 911 hoax have posted online countless mawkish tributes to imaginary victims of a
non-existent 911 human catastrophe. These were created as diligently as was their bizarre New York City 101-minute “news” video to appeal to a vicarious sentimentaliy, confident that the masses would respond appropriately.

Dare to make a personal effort to intelligently discount what you have been obliged to see on TV, read in newspapers, and viewed on the internet. Reach out to locate and to offer condolences to families and
survivors of a canonized, memorialized, honored, and forever remembered 911 victim from your own neighborhood.

Go into your county courthouse and search real-estate tax rolls. Match data spewed on the internet in cloying legacy sites, obits, and memorials. Actually spend some time at two online forums, and Find the sections regarding alleged victims. If this line of thinking offends you, please ask yourself why and avoid Don Juan’s criticism. Demand that grieving celebrity survivor-actors be held accountable. The purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2).

The 911 televised hoax is being exposed despite pains being taken to marginalize, deride, and mock those who question every aspect of the official 911 narrative, including a tiresome victimology. An increasing number of uncowed researchers are digging into incongruities of a decade of pre-911 paper-trails cobbled together for nearly 3000 simulated victims of that well orchestrated spectacular myth.

What may really hurt the masses is if, and when, they feel betrayed by their beloved talking movie box, the ominpresent television set. Abusing their sense of outrage and of compassion by invoking solicitude for the deaths of make-believe people may finally convince them that they are being lied to incessantly when it comes to news and other social matters. Perhaps they will then watch TV for weather reports, sports, and amusement only . . . ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

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3 Comments for “Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate”

  1. Justin – I greatly appreciate your comment. Only six months ago I might have made the same one. Here is the problem: By accepting the 911 movie prepared for airing on all TV channels, and then taking pains to analyze what one “sees”, all conclusions become problematical. For the sake of argument, pretend that you are starting from a new position and devote a few hours to Mr. Shack’s sites, and – go through The Vicsims Report. You have obviously seen the “nose in, nose out” segment already. Dig into that rabbit hole deeper and you will find that you are on the right track already.

  2. Justin Kennedy

    My main objection to the “no planes” or “no passengers” theories is it would have been much, much easier to fly the airliners into the towers with those passengers than to “fake” the events. The conspiracy would involve thousands of people who would have to be paid off and monitored for life to prevent them from ever talking. All these victims would have to start their lives over and be forbidden from ever seeing their loved ones again. A much simpler action would have been to destroy all the evidence and witnesses at the same time in the tower’s demolition.

    The part which does not seem plausible is the videos of the airliners “entering” the towers. There should be much more external damage to the tower and airplanes, than shown in the “knife through butter” videos we all saw. And the most ridiculous is the second airplane which has it’s nose pop through the tower for split second, looking much like a sloppy video edit. There is no chance an aluminum airplane nose could crash through the outer steel columns, through the massive interior columns and exited through the exterior columns and remain intact. This could just be sloppy editing by an overzealous videographer who want to “soup it up” and does not necessarily prove there were no planes or passengers.

  3. Unfortunately, the disinformation business is well funded and backed by very serious people who frequently assassinate persons who expose them. Like the JFK assassination, there will be “limited hang-outs” on 9/11 from time to time, and 40 years from now the future Bugliosis and Posners will be writing 1500 page e-books “proving” that the government version is correct.

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