Barclaycard Cashback

One account, two cards, simply Cashback

Your account is changing to the new Barclaycard Cashback

Here at Barclaycard we've designed a new account for customers who like to be rewarded, this means we'll be withdrawing your card and moving you to the new Barclaycard Cashback credit card account.

Your Barclaycard account has changed.  Have a look below to see what's changed between your old and new account.  Clicking the button below will open a PDF document; most devices have Adobe Reader installed already, but if yours doesn't you can Get Adobe Reader here.

What's changed?

What happens next?

We'll be welcoming you to your new Barclaycard Cashback credit card account shortly.  There are 2 different cards:

  • The Barclaycard Cashback American Express® Card
  • The Barclaycard Cashback Visa Card
Both cards are connected to your one account.
Once you've received your new cards, you'll need to update the payment details for any regular or online payments you've set up on your existing cashback card.

Top Barclaycard Cashback FAQs

You can continue to use your existing cashback card until your new cashback cards arrive, subject to your account being in order. Your existing card will be deactivated 30 days after you receive your May 2014 statement. Everything you spend on your old card during this time will be transferred to your new Barclaycard Cashback credit card account. So you’ll just receive one statement, for your new account.

Yes, they will stay the same. But if you like, once you receive your new cards, you can change either of them at a Barclays cash machine. Please remember if you change the PIN on one card it will not change the PIN on the other.

Your unpaid cashback will be credited to your account once you’ve transferred to the new Barclaycard Cashback.

Your cashback will be paid on your account anniversary date, unless you request for it to be credited sooner. Your cashback anniversary date will transfer over from your existing card. You can also choose to receive your cashback a maximum of once in each statement month.

No, your monthly statements will be sent as normal.

Yes, we’ve increased the number of days you now have to pay your bill to a minimum of 20 days, giving you more time to get your payment to us. You can choose to pay earlier if you like – as paying sooner will reduce any interest you might pay. If your payment due date doesn’t work for you and you’d like to change it just call us on 0800 151 0900 or 0333 200 9090 (Call charge information)  and +44 (0)1604 230 230 if calling from abroad.

Yes, you may see a different reference on your bank statement. If there are any other changes to your Direct Debit payment, you’ll be advised in your letter. You can also check your statement to see when your payment is due to be taken.

Either one is fine. You can register or log in using The Barclaycard Cashback American Express® Card or The Barclaycard Cashback Visa Card.

Yes, you’ll need to contact the payee and update your details to your new Barclaycard Cashback account. You can choose to update your details with either your Barclaycard Cashback Visa Card or your Barclaycard Cashback American Express® Card. Please check that American Express® is accepted when you update your payment details.

Yes, the Shopping Rewards service will not be available with the new Barclaycard Cashback.

Yes. To view the PIN for one of your cards, you need to log into mybarclaycard and on the ‘your account’ home screen you’ll see ‘access card services’. Select PIN Services and then after a couple of identification questions you will be able to click ‘View PIN’. It is possible to view the PIN's online for both cards. However, to view the PIN for the second card you will need to go back to the home screen and repeat the process for your other card.

If you have PPI this will be transferred across to your new Barclaycard Cashback credit card account.

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Check your cashback balance at . Keep track of your cashback whenever you want and manage your account easily, online, with mybarclaycard. So if you're not already registered, why not do it now?

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Barclaycard Cashback at a glance

  • With Barclaycard Cashback, there are two cards, with one PIN connected to one account:
The Barclaycard Cashback American Express® Card that gives you 1% cashback and

The Barclaycard Cashback Visa Card that gives you 0.5% cashback

  • Both cards are widely accepted, so you'll be able to earn cashback whenever you want and wherever you are*
  • No annual fees to pay and no limits on the amount of cashback you can earn
  • You choose when you want your Cashback and we'll then credit it to your next monthly statement*

Barclaycard Cashback includes:

Worldwide assistance

Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, so we can help you if you need us when you're abroad.

mybarclaycard online servicing

You can make additional payments and check your spending with mybarclaycard from your mobile, tablet or desktop.  It's never been more convenient to check your cashback balance either!

Contactless Contactless symbol

Make fast, easy and secure payments in seconds to pay for things £20 and under, wherever you see the contactless symbol.  Simply touch your Barclaycard on the contactless payment reader and you've paid, just like that.


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American Express® is a registered trademark of American Express.  This card is issued by Barclaycard pursuant to a license from American Express.

*Subject to your account being in order.  Though please note, you won't earn cashback on balance transfers or any transactions treated as cash.  See cashback rules section 2 for full details.