Top of the Rock Is Tops


Going to Top of the Rock is something you simply must do in New York City to make your visit complete. No other vantage point in the city offers the inspiring, unobstructed views you'll find high atop Rockefeller Center. Dramatic panoramas you just can't get anywhere else put Top of the Rock on the top of the list of New York City Sightseeing Destinations.

Landmark Private Event Spaces.

Discover two of New York City's most prestigious private event spaces.

THE New York Observation Deck

Explore the urban panorama through glass panels on the 67th and 69th floors, and in the open air on the 70th floor. On all three levels, you can have your picture taken by a Kodak pro. Retrieve it as you exit and share it on the Top of the Rock web site—where you’ll also find special offers from some of the more than 100 great shops and restaurants that help make Rockefeller Center one of the absolute top New York Attractions.

The Top New York Sightseeing Place

Wondering what to do in New York City? For millions of people, the top answer is Top of the Rock. With plenty of room to stroll around and check out different perspectives, Top of the Rock quite literally offers the finest sightseeing in New York City.