inside the Stamboul train

Graham Greene Stamboul Train paperback

I'm not sure if this is a thing or not, but

Goat postcard inside Graham Greene's Stamboul train bought in Oxfam York UK

Message on postcard inside Graham Green's Stamboul Train bought in Oxfam York UK

who lived at 67

Inscription from a previous owner of Graham Greene's Stamboul Train

UPDATE: So, it is a “thing”

At first glance the two postcards found in a religious book at an Oxfam shop looked fairly unremarkable.

But on closer inspection they turned out to be from an important poet to a friend in Yorkshire and now they are expected to sell for up to £800 at an auction.

The cards were sent in 1930 by one of Britain’s finest First World War poets, Siegfried Sassoon to a friend named V.W.Garratt at St Clements Road, South, Harrogate. They were brought into the Oxfam shop in Herne Hill, London. link

And, there’s more,