400,000 words

sketch of the north dakar skyline in senegal

Paperless writer and blogger Jamie Todd Rubin writes about the writing process in The Daily Beast. He wrote a staggering 400,000 words in a year… In among his six writing tips, which are well worth a look, I’ve been thinking more and more about the last one on his list,

Have multiple things to work on. At any given time, I may have two pieces of fiction and several nonfiction items that I am working on. I feel unmotivated to work on the short story, rather than do nothing, I simply switch to the novel draft or a nonfiction article. This helps most often on the days where even planning doesn’t work out, and I find myself exhausted at 10 p.m. with no desire to work on whatever it was I worked the day before. Switching gears helps me move forward. When I’m done, I almost always feel good about what I’ve written. link

Sketch of the north Dakar skyline by me.