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Support The Lawsuit

Posted on 06/02/2014, by

We want our Cooper Union back! -Mike Borkowsky

Dear fellow alumni and friends of Cooper Union,

Last week, The Wall Street Journal and others reported the heartening news that there’s still hope for Cooper Union’s historic, vital mission of free education. A lawsuit filed by the Committee to Save Cooper Union intends to restore the Institution’s accountability, its integrity, and its full-tuition scholarship. The suit rightly claims what many alumni, faculty, and students already know: fiscal mismanagement has jeopardized Cooper Union and diverted it from its mission.

Today we’re asking you to join us in supporting The Committee to Save Cooper Union’s suit. Visit the website: www.savecooperunion.org, and learn what you can do to help.Together we can preserve Cooper Union’s uniquely important role as a beacon of free education.

Hope Gangloff, "Cooper Cryin"

Hope Gangloff, “Cooper Cryin”

In the last few years, the Cooper Union community banded together to solve Cooper Union’s fiscal woes, culminating in a plan co-authored by a representative working group and co-chaired by two dedicated Trustees. The final plan drew support from the Faculty Union, students, and former alumni trustees. But ultimately, these efforts have gone unheeded. Co-chair Mike Borkowsky concisely expressed the problem, and our frustration, when he said: “We should cut spending to support our mission, not cut the mission to support our spending.”

Our thanks go to The Committee to Save Cooper Union for filing this suit. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the Trustees who voted in support of the Working Group Plan. Trustees like John Leeper, Kevin Slavin, and Jeff Gural have provided inspiring leadership in the last year. And as new Alumni Association President, John Leeper has brought much-needed changes, acting to make the Association transparent and responsive to alumni.

This lawsuit seeks to finally bring accountability back to Cooper Union. As The NY Post has highlighted, outlandish executive spending is to blame. Gross mismanagement has threatened Cooper Union’s existence, and its purpose, while shifting the burden of debt to future generations of students. If you went to Cooper Union, taught there, or spoke there; if you care about the problem of looming student debt; or if you have a kid who is college bound, who aspires to be among the best artists, engineers, and architects in the world – please support this lawsuit and help save Cooper Union.

Thank you,

Friends of Cooper Union

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