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The CfA Commons is a marketplace for open innovation in government, tracking 661 apps in 384 cities.

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A web-based community collaboration and decision-making tool.
A location-based consultation platform
A real time mobile civic engagement platform
Collaborative platform for building sites and communities, and managing content.

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Featured: Engagement Apps

Interested in tech to engage your community? Check out Engagement Commons, a curated collection of apps for civic engagement.


Recent Stories

Power in Numbers to Improve San Francisco
ImproveSF is an initiative by the City of San Francisco to harness the power of community engagement and of citizens working with government to improve their city
Featured apps: MindMixer
Citizen Involvement Goes Mobile
by challer
Mobile technology is powerful; literally everyone seems to own a cell phone these days. When used in public settings, it has the potential to involve citizens in various stages of planning processes. A few projects have used mobile tools to help enfold citizens into community planning at the pedestrian level.
Featured apps: Textizen, Neighborland
Social Media Strategies from a City CIO
The IT Director of San Bernardino, Calif. shares advice for how city agencies can effectively deploy a social media program.
Featured apps: YouTube
Maryland State Parks on Foursquare
by vearly

Last year, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources launched a presence on Foursquare for the Maryland State Parks.

NYC's App Wishlist for Sustainable Solutions

New York City makes a wishlist of civic apps to help get the most out of hackathons.

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