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Lucknow mahotsava

Lucknow mahotsava                                                        

Lucknow Mahotsava is organized every year to showcase Uttar Pradesh Art and Culture and in particular Lucknowavi ‘Tehzeeb’ so as to promote Tourism. The year 1975-76 was observed and organized as South Asian as The Tourism Year. On this occasion in the motive to promote Lucknow’s Art, Culture and Tourism for national and international tourists, the decision to organize the Lucknow Festival was taken. During this period with exception to a few years Lucknow Mahotsava has been organized every year.
This year the festival is organized from 22th November to 2th December 2013 in Regional Park, Sector-L, Ashiyana and Bangla Bazaar Lucknow. Lucknow Mahotsava evening would be adorned with on one hand by the Celebrities, famous artists’ performances and on the other by renounced classical singers. In this program the upcoming local artists have been provided a special representation on the cultural evenings. In addition, the national as well as local Poets/ Shayars have been provided due representation through Kavi Sammelan and Mushayara.


Lucknow Mahotsava would be inaugurated on 22th November 2013, by the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in the evening 6:30 p.m which will be followed a theme song presentation.



Agricultural Fair has been organized to accommodate the participation and representation of peasants. The national as well as state awardees and Craftsmen have been allowed to put up stall without any cost in the Crafts Fair. In addition Development Commissioner of India has been also allotted a stall. Crafts work from approximately 20 regions would be displayed in the Crafts fair.


To give the Exhibition a grand outlook all the stalls will have similar facials. The other major attractions would be the replica of the Hussainabad Clock Tower, the exhibit from different public attraction place across the state and theme pavilion. Lucknow’s Art and Culture is also portrayed through mannequins which have been displayed at various places at the Mahotsava premises.


On this event of Lucknow Mahotsava other attractions like ‘Ekka Tonga’ Race, Kite Competition, Boat Race, Vintage Car Rally, Youth festival and Drama Competition are being organized for public interest. Participation is invited from various age groups in these events.This year’s Lucknow Mahotsav will have wrestling and cycling are all set to debut in the annual event. It

Duty for cleanliness and the parking arrangements is been done by Nagar Nigam.


For public convenience transport 100 buses are arranged by the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation. In addition auto / maxi cab etc have also been arranged of special transport have been specially tagged for Mahotsava purposes. For security maintenance CCTV cameras have been placed strategically across the ground, nearby police station is always on alert and security agency has been hired to provide guards. All the routes to Mahotsava venue place will have police patrolling on it.

Like the years gone by this year also the entry fee is 10/-. The entry tickets to the Mahotsava are available at the entry as well as to renowned other places in the city .


Lucknow Mahotsava Samiti has installed Gas Balloons, Public Hoardings and Banners etc. All over the city for the publicity of this Grand Event.

Other Departments like Tourism, Local District Administration, Police Department, Lucknow Developmental Authority, Jal Nigam and Electricity Board are the helping hands of Lucknow Mahotsava Samiti.



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