Michael Geist on the CBC and DRM

Good posting on the CBC’s use of DRM:

Inside the CBC, a new blog on the CBC, contains a discouraging post on the CBC Radio’s Internet streaming activities.  The posting includes background information on why the CBC streams with Windows media, explaining that it met the CBC’s four requirements, including the availability of digital rights management technologies.  The posting has led to a robust discussion with several critics sounding off on the pro-DRM approach and raises questions about why the CBC has not instead used OGG or MP3 as a more open format.  Tod Maffin, who runs the blog, defends the CBC’s use of DRM, arguing that DRM is required under its commercial music broadcast licenses and that the CBC invites lawsuits if it fails to adequately protect its streams.

While I’m a big fan of CBC’s streaming services, the suggestion that CBC must use DRM is plainly wrong. First, there are many other public broadcasters who not only reject DRM, but have adopted open licenses (RadioBras in Brazil makes all of its content available under Creative Commons licenses).  [snip]

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