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Tremolo Orchestra - a unique ensemble of tremolo and plucked stringed musical instruments: Families of Bandorias and Mandolins in 5 sizes (piccolo, prime, alto, tenor, baritone) in consort with Guitars, Doubles Basses and Percussion. The orchestral configuration is modular based on a 15 seat tiered layout. There is only one such orchestra in Singapore at the moment. Sonic Asia is planning to train two tiers (30) professional musicians and music teachers may want to expand their business. Teachers will be taught a very specialized heuristic group teaching method, that can be multi-paced to cater for slow and quick learners. Teachers will learn all the instruments, how to write and arrange music for this orchestra, and perform as a laboratory tremolo orchestra while they establish their own orchestras in the community.

Timeline Music Education (TME) - a unique programme for Music Listeners, where information is delivered (text and audio) on the timeline of music. This pedagogy is a marriage of AV-IT and and music education, ethnomusicology and music technology. It took many years of private testing and development. TME is based on the work and research of Dr. Joe Peters. It began more than 25 years ago with the concept “sonic orders”, a term he created to explain the fundamental elements of music that are common to all musical systems and yet the these musical systems are fundamentally different. The diagram on the left is the floor plan of a TME systems configuration laboratory which Dr. Peters designed for a local university, and where he tested all the components of the TME pedagogy. R&D is going on as much of the systems configuration becomes software based.

Dr. Joe Peters (B.Soc.Sci,, Spore; M.M.,UP; PhD, West Aust.).
Dr. Peters has had a dual career in Music and in AV-IT. He trained as a music educator and an ethnomusicologist at the College of Music at the University of the Philippines. He read for his PhD at the University of Western Australia where he created the first macro-measure for music education systems. He serves on many panels in Singapore (National Arts Council, MusicSg of the National Library Board, Singapre Indian Orchestra, etc.) and abroad (Liaison Officer for ICTM, UNESCO; Committee Mixte of RILM in USA; Advisor of Latitude 35 South in Argentina; Dialogue Partner, Forum for Music Research Centers in the Philippines; and others. He is currently completing his book “Sonic Orders and the Sonic Environment”, parts of which will appear on his blog.

LINKS:   Dr. Peters is immediate past Inaugural Co-Chairman of the ASEAN Korea Traditional Orchestra  Dr Peters is the Singapore Liaison for ICTM International Council for Traditional Music), UNESCO  Dr. Peters is the Founder and Musical Director of the NUS Rondalla in Singapore Dr. Peters developed a prototype AV product evaluation measure based on the principles of the Sonic Environment Music Measuring Index. It was published by the Audio Engineering Society.