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This wiki has a list of Conference anti-harassment resources, designed for conference organisers and volunteers to use to create a safer environment for delegates.

Adopting a policyEdit

An anti-harassment policy is a core part of creating a safer environment. A policy makes it clear that the conference is willing to act on reports of harassment.

See Conference anti-harassment/Policy for a sample policy you can adapt for your conferences.


Further readingEdit

Enforcing a policyEdit

A duty officer is a conference staffer who is on-hand to do first response to serious incidents, like harassment reports. See Conference anti-harassment/Duty officer for a description of duties and resources.

The key to committing to anti-harassment for your events is responding to reports as quickly as reasonably possible, with the aim of making your event safe from harassment. See Conference anti-harassment/Responding to reports for resources on how to respond when harassment is reported at your event.

Risky eventsEdit

Some conferences or conference events and activities are more risky than others and you may wish to make special arrangements to improve people's safety at these events.

Conference anti-harassment/Higher risk activities

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