5 Great Tools To Track Your Pinterest Activity

Pinterest is a growing platform which attracts all internet marketers eye on it. Pinterest has 13 million plus unique monthly visitors and growing. So many firms decided to take use Pinterest’s growth for their platform and create a various paid and free tools for marketers to track their pins performance activity, treading pins and followers and following peoples.

Here we introduce you to those platform launched by other using Pinterest to track all Pinterest activity for peoples and marketers who wish to know how they are performing on Pinterest.

Here is the list of those 5 tools to track your Pinterest activity:

1 PinReach

PinReach is a great tool to track your Pinterest activity. This tool help you track your Pinterest profile as well as helps to track or spy on others profiles also. Amount of data provided by pinreach is incredible. This tool also provides you data like popular pins and repins, followers etc. This tool also assigns a score to see much more detailed and accurate.

2 Reachli

Reachli is also another great tool for marketers to track their pins. This will help you to get know how many repins likes and followers you get on Pinterest. For that you have to simply setup your pin with the website and this tool start tracking its activity. With Reachli you can track the number of people reach, likes re-pins and total clicks you get through your pin

3 PinPuff

PinPuff is a nice tool to use with Pinterest. It is a tool that will help you to measure user’s influential potential and help to assign a monetary value to your pin.

4 WiseStamp

WiseStamp is a great and cool tool for personal as well as business use. This tool helps you to send latest pins in emails that you send others. This will helps you to gain and increase new followers. If your blog or website has a newsletter options then we recommend using this for adding pins to your newsletter.

5 ShareAsImage

Quotes and sayings are popular category on Pinterest. If you are not a graphic person or creative geek, this tool helps you lot. This tool helps you to create easily word or text base image and share on Pinterest. For setup this tool you have to drag their widget button on your bookmark bar and it’s ready for use whenever you want.

These are the five great tools to track your activity to see how your pins are performing on Pinterest. These tools are great choice for personal as well as business use. I hope tools we provided will helpful as you move forward with your online marketing and blog promotions. If you will there tools are good then help to promote and share this post with your network, friends, groups and online.

If you have any other tools to track marketing research let me know by your reply or comment.

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    Thanks for these tools. I really like #2 and #5.

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