Swap Ideas Day

Septermber 10th is Swap Ideas Day

The idea to swap ideas is helpful to anyone that has an open mind, but not everyone has an open mind to swap ideas with.

Have you heard the expression, “Two heads are better than one?”

In researching this holiday, my other head which was the internet looked to see who created this unusual holiday.

The creator of this useful holiday was started by Robert Louis Birch.

Robert Louis Birch Creator of Swap Ideas Day

Who is Robert Birch?

In 1925, Robert Louis Birch was born in Mobile, Alabama, but lived most of his childhood in Cuba, where he learned to speak Spanish, German, along with English.

Robert eventually got a degree from the University, of Miami Florida, with a double major in literature and philosophy.

After military service at the time of the Korean War, Bob settled down to raising a family and obtained a master’s degree in library science from the Catholic University of America in 1958.

Robert worked as a librarian included ten years each at the Patent Office Scientific Library and at the National Agricultural Library.

Robert lived in Falls Church, Virginia, a few miles west of Washington DC, and founded the Puns Corp, which is intended to help people have fun with words.

Robert and his wife Grace, have been married over 50 years and has raised eight children, and had six grand kids and a great grandson.

Robert Birch is a retired US Patent Office Scientific Librarian, who came out with the unofficial holiday, “Swap Ideas Day,” and “Lumpy Rug Day.”

Robert Birch died on July 25th 2005, at eighty years old and now lives in the hearts of all who knew his kind wit and generous wisdom.

Thank you Robert for giving us holiday we can all use, on Swap Ideas Day!

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