ROFLCon 3 Panel Videos Are Going Up!

Posted on May 11, 2012 by Christina Xu
Categories: Announcements, Video, Winning

In all our years of doing ROFLCon, this may be the craziest thing that’s happened yet: thanks to the pros at PopSpot, nicely-edited and beautifully-shot panel videos from ROFLCon 3 are already appearing online. Early projections indicate that ALL of the videos will be uploaded by the end of next week. It’s nothing short of a Cinco de Mayo miracle!!

You may remember PopSpot as one of our excellent sponsors during the conference. In addition to filming all of the panels and bringing Antoine Dodson onboard, they were also tirelessly shooting amazing slow-mo video portraits of all the guests. Thanks, PopSpot, for going above and beyond the call of sponsor-duty!

PopSpot has put together a handy-dandy Youtube playlist of all the panel footage, but we’ll also be throwing up blog posts with all the embeds for easy linkage. Keep an eye on the schedule, too, which is being maintained as a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all the links.

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We’re Live!

Posted on May 4, 2012 by georgechriss
Categories: Announcements

Join in the ROFLcon fun online here.

We’ll keep this post updated with streaming notes throughout the day.

Update 1: We’re exited to offer high-res desktop streaming! Refresh the playback page to view two simultaneous video streams (when available).

Update 2: Saturday sessions will start at 10am EST due to an omg 9:30-is-too-early delay.

Update 3: High-resolution image stills from the live-stream are up on Flickr.

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The ROFLCon Pre-Party: Tonight!

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Announcements, ROFLCon III, Tim

Kiddos! We are less than 24 hours from ROFLCon. Are you excited? We’re excited.

Anyways, if you’re around in town this evening – come and join us before our calm before the storm meet up. Started by Scott Beale back when we started in 2008, it’s been traditionally a great time to hang out with your fellow attendees and meet the various guests before all the proceedings get started.

This will be happening at the Asgard in Cambridge (350 Massachusetts Avenue) starting at 8 PM and going until they kick our asses out onto the curb.

Also, thanks to the good efforts of Austin Powell and the team of the Internet’s hometown newspaper the Daily Dot, there’ll be an open bar! You are obligated to give them infinite high-fives if you see them around. See you all on the Web 0.7.

(photo courtesy cityrover, CC BY NC)

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Posted on May 2, 2012 by Tim Hwang
Categories: Getting People, ROFLCon III, Tim


We’re painfully slow on getting to this, but excited to make the final announcements before we’re properly up to our gills in the ROFLs IRL.

But thrilled that, last but not least, we are doing a very special session with Scumbag Steve and friends at Know Your Meme entitled “BECOMES AN ADVICE ANIMAL; TALKS ABOUT IT.”

The panel to feature the talents of KYM researchers Don Caldwell, Brad Kim, Amanda Brennan, and — well — and, Scumbag Steve. They’ll be talking about the exploitables phenomena (fun fact! we tried to get Advice Dog for this panel — his people turned us down :( ), what it’s like suddenly being forced into the limelight, and what life after looks like (see: the upcoming Scumbag Steve rap album). It’s gonna be awesome.

Excited! See all y’all this weekend!

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