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Teylas Ramar
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April 20,1989







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Teylas Ramar

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Characters in Bravo Fleet

  • Fleet Admiral Teylas Ramar - current Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet. Walks the fine line between cowboy and by-the-book. Spent much of his career as an engineer, and took part in the development of both the Akira and Defiant-class projects. Retired from Starfleet in 2386 after his second tenure as Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer. Reactivated in early 2387 along with thousands of other Starfleet officers in response to the Hobus Incident; retook command of the Fourth Fleet after the death of his predecessor, Admiral Reytan Grax, in the destruction of Remus.
  • Captain Alexander Morkan - a self-centered, narcissistic and sarcastic insufferable genius. Seemingly a jerk at face value, those closer to him realize he has a heart of gold. Commanding Officer of the USS Yorktown, which primarily operates along the Romulan Neutral Zone.
  • Admiral Tolak tr'Servek - an infamous Romulan political and military leader who currently serves as Commander of the Third Imperial Fleet. Leading from his personal flagship, the IRV Devoras, he tends to favor relations with the Federation, loathes the Klingon Empire, and supports massive expansion of the Romulan Star Empire as long as it doesn't affect either its relationship with the Federation, or compromise the Star Empire's ability to police itself by stretching the military too thin.
  • Gul Kalot Dolek - commanding officer of the CUS Vornok of the Cardassian Fourth Order. A veteran of both the Cardassian-Federation War and the Dominion War, Dolek is a truly opportunistic patriot. While he stands for the Cardassian people, he will use any avenues to advance his own career and Cardassia as a whole. While originally siding with the Dominion because he believed they could bring long-term prosperity to Cardassia, he quickly joined the rebellion when he felt the winds of power changing.

Others: Elizabeth Ashcroft, Reytan Grax, Viran, Rakar t'Servek

Prominent Positions Held

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Awards & Honors

Image:Bfcommofloy.png - Commendation of Loyalty
Image:Careerserv.png - One Year Service Dedication
Image:5year.png - Five Year Service Dedication
- Medal of Honor

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