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Issue 39936: Nexus 4 constant buzzing in earpiece
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Closed:  May 2013

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Reported by, Nov 18, 2012
Android 4.2 (latest OTA update as of 11/18/2012)
When listening to earpiece, one can hear buzzing and clicking. It's very faint (>5" away can't hear it).

Not sure if it's a shielding issue, or something that can actually be fixed.
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Dec 7, 2012
I'm getting this buzz too, but also when during calls the sound quality from the earpiece is horrible! distorted/cracked.
for those who got to hear a burned(used with too loud music) earphones this is the exact same experience
Dec 7, 2012
Same issue here. Terrible sound during call and when screen is on. Also the battery is a joke. 2 hrs standby and its off. Ill send it back and get another one...
Dec 7, 2012
Same issue here on a 16GB Nexus 4. Im on my 3rd replacement from T-Mobile and the issue is still there. Don't bother getting a replacement. Its a shame that such a good phone can have such issue.
Dec 7, 2012
i have got the same problem. what happen?

Dec 7, 2012
buzzing here too when the screen is on and off. 16 gig nexus 
Dec 7, 2012
Have this buzz thing from the speaker too. Really anoying because you hear it especially during the night when the nexus 4 is next to the bed.
Dec 8, 2012
I also get the buzzing near the earpiece and i have distorted sound with the earpiece. No distortion with a headset. Contacted google for a replacement. Google said they had enough replacement phones (don't know if i should beliefe this). Phone is from the lot of 5th of december.
Dec 8, 2012
Situation here: constant noise from the earpiece speaker, not very loud but clearly noticable, gets louder when display on. Annoying noises in phone calls! 
Dec 8, 2012
Contacted Google for Replacement today, with the same issue as above and also rattling in the camera.
Dec 8, 2012
Nexus 4 16gb, same problem.
Dec 9, 2012
i have this problem too. when i make phone call its annoying noise
Dec 9, 2012
This is a follow-up to my original comment, which is #249.  I received the replacement unit on Thursday, 12/6.  The buzzing and crackling are present in the earpiece of this phone, as well, even when it is not being used.  However, call quality is outstanding, with none of the distortion that was evident in the first unit.  Both phones show "HW VERSION - rev_10" in the recovery menu.  Will report back in a week or so to let everyone know if the distortion develops over time.
Dec 9, 2012
Nexus 4 8 GB, ordered 4th of December, Germany ... same problem (doesn't matter if screen is on/off)!!!! So what to do now??? RMA??? Or can this be fixed via software update??? Has anybody already got a replacement phone WITHOUT this speaker buzzing??? Maybe I should wait until January/February for a "newer" hardware version of the phone??? This bug is really annoying :-(
Dec 9, 2012
I'm also having this problem (screen on or off, doesn't matter)
Dec 9, 2012
I have this problem,too. what i wanna  know is whether this is a hardware problem or not. if it is, i will ask google for replacement. otherwise i hope they will OTA update my phone ASAP. i do hate that noise and i think it gonna reduce the battery life.
Dec 9, 2012
When screen is on/off I get crackling static like noise. I hope it is a software issue. I was just starting to give LG credit. :o(
Dec 9, 2012
i have this problem... I ordered 2 of these...hopefully the other one doesn't have this problem..
Dec 9, 2012
My phone has the same problem.  Slight crackling, hissing sound heard when the screen is off.  Instantly gets worse the second you turn on the screen.  Qualified for RMA when I called Google support, though I'm just as worried I'll get some other problem with the replacement phone.
Dec 9, 2012
Same issue as everyone else, electronic interference sound even with the screen off (worse when it's on).  Gets in the way of hearing phone calls clearly but I can tune it out if I have to.  Still I dont feel like a brand new $350 piece of hardware should do this so I'm tempted to RMA it as well and see if another one will be any better (seems unlikely).  Airplane mode does not help this.
Dec 9, 2012
My Phone has same problem..some hissing noise is coming since this morning.

Dec 10, 2012
I'm having the same problem, and I don't know what to do with it !!!
Is this issue is general on all the Nexus 4 phones ??
Is it a H/W or S/W issue ??
If it's a S/W issue is there anyway to fix it ??
Dec 10, 2012
Have the same problem. Requested a replacement from Google Play.
Dec 10, 2012
I have speaker buzz all of the time, but more so when unplugged. Also related to the speaker, when using speaker in-call very distorted at high 2/3 to full volume. Hiss/crackle audible during calls when not using speaker.
Dec 10, 2012
Add one more to the list.  I get the same sound at all times w the phone.
Dec 10, 2012
I have the same problem. I am in UK and I have just got a new phone on 6th-Dec-2012. When I answering a phone call, the noise is even worse, and sometimes, disturbing the voice.
Dec 10, 2012
Have the same problem. It´s very annoying the noise when I´m calling :( 
Google doesnt have any solution yet? Replacements have the same noise?
Dec 10, 2012
I also had this and requested a replacement..
Man holy crap. I wonder how widespread of an issue this is
Dec 10, 2012
I think this is a H/W issue because Play Store customer service immediately knew what I was referring to when I called in.  Anyway I just received my replacement device (brand new not refurb) and unfortunately it still has the same issue though the buzzing is not as apparent.  Previously I can hear it when the screen is off but with this new device I only hear it when the screen is on.  So I guess that's an improvement?  lol

While it's certainly annoying, I'm thinking I can live with it for now.  I'll see if there's an official fix and ask for another replacement then.
Dec 11, 2012
same issue for me, there is a buzzing noize in the speaker while in call and sometimes distrurbing the voice. 
Dec 11, 2012
I only have these noises when I'm on a phone call and it's worse when in 2G mode. 
Then there is a constant buzzing, in 3G it's a crackling noise both are noticeable in a quiet environment.
Don't know if I should RMA it, but I don't want to get a device where it's even worse. So I might just stick with my current one until I hear that google/LG fixed the problems.
Dec 11, 2012
same issue. constant low buzzing sound when the screen is on. goes away after a few secs when the screen is off.
Dec 12, 2012
Confirmed. I can hear noise if I put the phone right against my ear, front and back.

Dec 12, 2012
Same issue. 16gb.
Dec 12, 2012
same issue
Dec 12, 2012
same to me 16gb
Dec 12, 2012
Same here. German 16gb model. 
Dec 12, 2012
Has anyone got their replacement device? 
Its been 12 days and mine still shows pending?
Dec 12, 2012
Same here, 8gb german model, 3 days old

Dec 12, 2012
Called for a replacement, they claim it's a known issue that was been fixed in the replacements.  Other online sources claim this is not the case, but I suppose we'll see in a few days when I receive it.
Dec 12, 2012
#307 partha.maji
Same for 16 GB model, received on 9th Dec.
Dec 12, 2012
Same issue, 16GB in the US, received on 12/06/12. I can hear it even without earpiece, even by placing my ear on the screen with the screen off.
Dec 12, 2012
I had such high hopes coming from an iPhone 4S, then I encounter all these small problems such as this. Hoping they fixed this problem in the replacements.
Dec 13, 2012
Confirmed, i've the same problem, but only when screen on.
Dec 13, 2012
Nexus 4 16GB version, same problem. Buzzing is there even when not in a call, and when in a call it's noticeably louder.
Dec 14, 2012
I have the 'buzzing' problem on my Nexus 4 16GB as well. I can hear a faint buzz even when the phone is switched off but is being charged. The buzzing gets more pronounced when I am on a call - enough to be an annoyance. Could be a related issue - 'Voice Call' contributes heavily to my battery consumption. As can be seen from the attached screenshots, approx. 21 min of voice call contributed to 9% of battery consumption, while over 2 h 30 min (not in the screenshot) of screen contributes 21%.

I have asked for a replacement. Hope it doesn't have this issue (or any other). I love the Nexus 4 otherwise and would not be very happy to go back to my GNex.
Voice Call - Battery.png
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Overall Battery Consumption.png
158 KB   View   Download
Dec 14, 2012
Got the same problem
Dec 14, 2012
Same Issue here, 16 GB , german , received today. 
Dec 14, 2012
Same here - already the second Device.
16GB, German, received on 15 November and 14 December.

Dec 14, 2012
Have the same Problem.

Dec 14, 2012
Same problem here, 16 GB model
Dec 14, 2012
I get this problem too, and I took the phone apart to found the noise is from some of chips.I'm sure it's because of a poor shielding,and since the chip is very close to the earpiece, So we can hear that noise. But do you guys know how to solve the issue with the shielding?  
Dec 15, 2012
Nexus 16GB buzzing fom earpiece. Its very annoying during a call...
Dec 15, 2012
Light buzzing coming from earpiece too. Nexus 4 16GB
Dec 15, 2012
Same here. It's a.llso buzzing while im not calling, also when the phone is in locking mode... 16gb nex germany 
Dec 15, 2012
I also have this issue, the buzzing sound is there weather the im on the phone or not, and whether the screen is locked and turned off or not. But when the screen is locked, it is a different buzzing than when the screen is unlocked. and once you notice it, it's hard to ignore. i called google and asked for a replacement they said I have to go through LG because the 15 day since received has expired. so that sucks
Dec 16, 2012
Constant buzzing from earpiece and incredibly loud interference while in calls.
Dec 16, 2012
The same problem here
Dec 17, 2012
I have the same problem. Buzzing is faint when screen is locked, but it's impossible to make a call because it's so loud.
Dec 17, 2012
Same here. Buzzing even increased over time. the device arrived friday and the buzzing was hardly noticable, but after 3 days of use it became louder. It doesnt matter if the screen is switched on or off.
Called google for an replacement. 
Dec 17, 2012
I just got my N4 two days ago and I noticed that it has the same problem of buzzing noise whether screen is on or off.  
Dec 17, 2012
Got my N4 today and can confirm this, but it is louder when the screen is on.
Compared it with my Nexus S which does not make any noises...
Dec 17, 2012
Got my N4-16G 12/11 and could confirm the issue. Noticeable buzzing noise by screen-off and getting worse by screen-on. Considering to require replace later, it seems no fix now days. 
Dec 17, 2012
Same issue + if I slightly move the device back and forth i can evem hear something moving in the ear piece, very off putting.
Dec 17, 2012
I can confirm this issue. It doesnt matter if the screen is in on or not, or if the n4 is attached to the charger.
Dec 18, 2012
Got my N4 today (30 minutes ago) and can confirm this issue. Will return the device and refund!
It is sad how google presentet itself in this case. I'll never buy hardware from the again. It just was a horrible experience :(
Dec 18, 2012
Same issue I have found at my nexus 4. Please correct this problem.
Dec 18, 2012
I got the same issue.
Dec 18, 2012
I have the issue too.

But its just happening if the nexus is connected to a 2G Network. As soon as its in a 3G Network, there arent any noises any more. 

Dec 18, 2012
Confirmed, i've the same problem, but only when screen on.
Dec 18, 2012
#339 florianfietz
I can't agree with #337, I unfortunately have this issue on 2G and 3G network!
Dec 18, 2012
I wish they would acknowledge this issue with some information. I want to get it sorted but there's no point sending it back until I know the replacement will resolve the problem.
Dec 18, 2012
same here, buzzing noise while display is on. its getting louder during call. german.
Dec 18, 2012
Buzzing noise when on a call and off, ordered a replacement.
Dec 18, 2012
same here.  nexus 4 16gb.  faint buzzing and clicking sound when i press my ear to the earpiece.  It's there whether I'm on the phone, just have the screen on, or have the screen off.  Debating if I should send in for a new one.  My 2 week warranty is almost up, but I'm weighing if it's annoying enough to have to go back to T-mobile and get a large sim card and also deal with the hassle of getting a replacement phone.  
Dec 18, 2012
I have the same problem as well. Just got the Nexus 4 today. During calls I can hear the static noise over the person I am speaking to and doesn't matter how low I turn down the volume the static noise still persist. Also, when the phone is locked the static noise persist.
Dec 19, 2012
The same for me. Even when enabling the "Flight Mode" I can here the strange buzzing noise!
Why is there no answer from Google oder LG??
Dec 19, 2012
I'll just copy the message, since it is the same on my N4 16 gb.

Faint buzzing and clicking sound when i press my ear to the earpiece.  It's there whether I'm on the phone, just have the screen on, or have the screen off
Dec 19, 2012
N4 16GB from UK Play Store. Faint ear-piece buzz with no call in progress. Also louder buzz/interference during calls. 
Dec 20, 2012
Confirmed, i've the same problem, but only when screen on
Dec 20, 2012
I can sadly confirm the same .... buzzing/distorted soudn when making calls !
Dec 20, 2012
Confirmed. I can hear noise if I put the phone right against my ear, front and back.
Dec 20, 2012
Same thing here, Just got my 16GB N4 and it crackles and pops when screen is both on/off.  Ordered from Play Store on December 3rd.
Dec 20, 2012
Hummmmmmm. Can't hear it when I turn up the phone call volume but I hate having calls so loud that everyone around me can hear the conversation. (probably because it drowns the buzz out) 16gb UK 
Dec 20, 2012
Same thing here, N4 16GB seems more noticeable when the screen is on
Dec 20, 2012
Same thing here, N4 16GB seems more noticeable when the screen is on
Dec 20, 2012
I have the same issue N4 16GB USA
Dec 21, 2012
same problem here
Dec 21, 2012
Same issue here. N4 16GB USA
Dec 21, 2012
Same issue. Sweden, 16gb. No matter if screen on or off.
Dec 21, 2012
Got it yesterday. Same issue here 16GB Austria.
Dec 21, 2012
Same issue here. N4 16GB Germany
Dec 21, 2012
No noise when not in a call, but during the earpiece sound is distorted. Like the voices are clipping or the speaker itself is rattling. Not a show stopper, but not good.
Dec 21, 2012
Same issue here.16gb Sweden.

Dec 21, 2012
Distorted sound with earpiece.

Dec 21, 2012
I have a very faint buzz coming from the earpiece even with screen off.  I have tracked the cause of the buzz to be related to the touch screen. When holding the phone such that no part of the touch screen is touching my face there is no buzz. Holding the phone in a normal orientation means that part of the phone is touching.

I noticed this first because there was a icon on the bottom of my screen flickering, like it was scrolling the home page one way and then stopping.

Would be nice if others could confirm if this is the case with their buzz. 
Dec 21, 2012
I think it's safe to declare that this issue is hardware and you will need to contact Google or LG for a replacement. 

Whether that replacement will also have the problem will be another story.
Dec 21, 2012
same issue. squeaky noises out of earpiece. germany 16gb
Dec 21, 2012
my original comment is 253 above.  I received my replacement nexus 4 - 16Gb model today and the earpiece is fine.  call quality is crystal clear and no other issues to report.  thank you for the quick replacement goog.  
Dec 21, 2012
same issue here when i call to customer care of my network here in Philippines the buzz is very noticeable in my Nexus 4. 
Dec 21, 2012
Same problem here, sounds like a mechanical ticking once using the phone for calls. When not performing a call, there is a zzzz constant noise.
Is this draining my battery life? Will there be a software fix or does this require replacement?
Dec 22, 2012
Same here. Nexus 4 with 4.2.1.
Dec 23, 2012
Same Problem with Nexus 4 16gb.
Dec 23, 2012
Same here, problem is confirmed.  Google Nexus 4 16Gb has become an unusable phone since 4.2.1 with a bluetooth earbud.  Wired head set is the only option for hands free.
Dec 23, 2012
Same here (Nexus 4, 16GB). The buzzing starts when the headphone is activated (when placing a call) and lasts about 1-2 seconds after the end of the call. Particularly present during VoIP calls, which are unusable unless the other party speaks very loudly (btw, the other party doesn't hear the sound). Tested with 3 different headphones and with multiple VoIP apps (Viber, Tango), the problem is not specific to an application or headphone. Indeed, as someone else said, it's like speaking through a century-old phone exchange, full of noises. 

Dec 23, 2012
Nexus 4 16 GB. Allready have a replacement phone. Both have the buzzing soung. Irritating during calls.
Dec 23, 2012
Same problem here.
When calling someone the sound gets louder.
Its the same sound as when you are holding the phone near speakers while it is sending/receiving something.
Dec 24, 2012
Same here, can Heat Dome noises Ehen Display is On Änderungen Hold the Phone next to my Ear!
Dec 24, 2012
Same problem here.
Dec 24, 2012
When listening to earpiece, one can hear buzzing and clicking. It's very faint (>5" away can't hear it).
Dec 24, 2012
Replacement has buzzing, too. But there are no interferences during calls! Problem solved (rev_11, 212K).
Dec 25, 2012
AUSGBK U.S. purchased 16GB 211K rev_10, have this issue.
Dec 26, 2012
Confirmed. I can hear noise if I put the phone right against my ear, front and back.
Dec 26, 2012
Confirm. Nexus 4 16 GB version
Dec 26, 2012
Confirm. Nexus 4 16 GB version ordered on Dec 4th - getting a replacement from Google.
Dec 26, 2012
Same problem when screen on.
Dec 26, 2012
Same problem here, on first phone and the replacement phone :( have to RMA again 
Dec 27, 2012
Same issue here with the 8GB version. As other said it is louder when screen is on, quiter when off. But I can hear it in both situations.
Dec 27, 2012
Same problem when screen on
Dec 27, 2012
I have the same  issue 16  GB version
Dec 27, 2012
I hear it to this current nexus 4 had a dead pixel hopefully my replacement phone will sort out this issue also 
Dec 27, 2012
I have earpiece buzzing, 211K build
Dec 27, 2012
I hear the noticeable buzzing sound on the earpiece while on a call.
Dec 28, 2012
Confirmed, front speaker and the camera.
Dec 28, 2012
Same Issue here...
Hope it a Firmwareupdate will fix this... Otherwise we had to wait half a year, if everyone want to get a replacement. :D 
Sorry GOOGLE, but if a Firmwareupdate does not fix this, the Nexus 4 was a totally FAIL
Dec 28, 2012
Also got this issue, please fix it.
Dec 28, 2012
Same Problem... :/
Dec 28, 2012
Also have buzzing issue.  Google is sending a replacement unit
Dec 28, 2012
Same with my unit, going to contact Google next week.
Dec 28, 2012
same problem, gosh it's frustrating because this was on my defective device AND NOW on my RMA! AHH!
Dec 28, 2012
Issue confirmed. Noticed the first time yesterday making call on Groove IP. Its been persistent since then. Now I notice it all the time. :(
Dec 29, 2012
Also have buzzing issue. Do we have any update? Should I ask about replacement or wait for firmware update?
Dec 29, 2012
Hi. I think it is not a firmware issue. Just found that something is loose under the cover... (where the speaker is)... Ordered replacement phone this morning. We will see how long it will take to get it. 
Dec 30, 2012
Same issue here. Deviced received mid December, revision 212K.
Dec 31, 2012
Hey guys, same here ... it's faint, but noticeable. Kinda bugs me! 212K build, Rev. 11. Austria.

The phone isn't perfect, but this hardware problem actually makes me consider getting a replacement - but I'm not sure yet! Seems like a replacement won't change anything so far.

Awaiting an official response from Google and/or LG!

Dec 31, 2012
Same issue here while on call
Dec 31, 2012
Same here from China. Only earpiece has noise when screen is on or off.
Dec 31, 2012
Static unbearable noise only during calls. It is so noticeable during calls. And moreover, the only thing that drinks my battery is the call duration.  2hrs of call takes more battery than two hours screen on.
Jan 1, 2013
I got a new phone replacement and it has the same exact issue. This really suck. Did any one got a phone with NO static noise????
Jan 2, 2013
Got a second(replacement) phone. Buzzing, hissing noises still coming out from the nexus 4(212K, HW REV 11).

The Noise is most noticeable in this area:
Jan 2, 2013
Confirmed, i've the same problem, but only when screen on. 212K build rev. 11, bought at mediamarkt germany
Jan 2, 2013
Kann dies leider auch bestätigen.
Jan 2, 2013
Confirmed, also have this problem.
Jan 2, 2013
Same problem with my Nexus 4, 16 GB.
Jan 2, 2013
Same here. Nexus 4, 16 GB.
Jan 3, 2013
Replacement device arrived with same problem. Called Google and am sending the replacement device back rather than original, can't be bothered setting up new phone again for no reason.
Jan 3, 2013
Confirmed. Doesn't matter if the screen is ON or OFF.
For me it sounds like something is flying around in the cases a few millimeters.
Not nice.
Jan 3, 2013
I have similar problem.
When making a call every 10 seconds I hear a static noise that disrupts the call, 
it is very annoying.
Nexus 4 16GB. 
Jan 3, 2013
Same here! Doesn't matter if the screen is off or on. Buzz in standby and on call!
Jan 4, 2013
Ditto, didn't even realize until someone mentioned it.  It's odd, but quiet enough and doesn't affect calls.
Jan 4, 2013
Has anybody had any luck getting this repaired by LG themselves? Google just seem to be sending out replacements with the same issue which is a pretty embarrassing system.
Jan 4, 2013
I have to admit, I wouldn't notice this "buzz" if I wouldn't read about it. I really have to be in a complete silence (my room, at night, with everyone asleep and everything turned off). If there's a slightest noise around, I'm unable to hear it. But it's there. Even when phone is in deep sleep, airplane mode... all the time. I'm not bothered though, but I would be happy if the issue would be fixed. Just because I don't want my phone to buzz 24/7. :-)
Jan 4, 2013
I can not do any phone calls because of my speaker (exploding and buzzing during phone calls). I have ordered a replacement a week ago. It is still not shipped ! Does anyone in UK got a replacement? How long I have to wait ? I have been told that they are out of inventory !!!!! Google is still playing with customers....
Jan 4, 2013
I received the replacement today (H/W rev_11 instead of rev_10). The problem is still there :-(
Jan 4, 2013
Same here (212K, HW REV 11). I think LED or Display Voltage Regulator Modules.
Jan 4, 2013
If the problem is about buzzing sound in earphone then I have also experienced it. This is solved after uninstalling apps that control proximity sensor when screen is on or off e.g. wave control, auto screen on, smart screen off etc. Hope problem can be solved. 
Jan 5, 2013
Having the same issue, its louder when the screen is on than when it is off. I waited well over a month for this device. This was very disappointing. I am also having issues with Google Wallet not working either.
Jan 5, 2013
Sorry for posting, but I didn't see anyone mention this. The buzzing on my phone is loud, and it really messes with VoIP calls. Anyway, my phone makes this "buzzing" sound even when the screen is off. However, if it is in airplane mode I don't hear the buzzing sound at all. There is likely an interference issue with the radios. I've had this issue since day one and noticed it immediately. 
Jan 5, 2013
I have the same issue. Maybe the reason of bad voice sound is wrong voice codecs. Some guys had the same problem with droid. They changed codec from 6k to 13k.
Jan 5, 2013
People have similar problems with Galaxy S3 with snapdragon us wersion, and many another  smartfones.
Jan 5, 2013
Confirmed, same problem here. Received my Nexus 4 16GB today (Germany) and it has this annoying buzzing sound too...
Jan 5, 2013
My 16GB Nexus 4 (UK) has this problem. I'm not sure if I'm going to get it replaced yet as it's only noticeable when you hold it up to your ear, and I don't use my phones for calls much.
Jan 6, 2013
Just noticed this problem today because I was a quiet environment. Up to now I have been getting decent battery life, but I will start looking at it more closely to see if it is indeed tied to this issue.

I mostly use the phone when at the studio or in car and in both circumstances I have bluetooth devices connected to the phone.

Will be monitoring it closely to see if it gets worse though.
Jan 7, 2013
The same issue with my N4 16GB (210K HW.Rev 10). Static buzzing...
Jan 7, 2013
Hmm, I think the quiet room wasn't the only factor. The sound is getting louder, which leads me to think that even though I was in a quiet room, this issue started not too long ago. I've been in a quiet setting before and I never heard buzzing. Now I hear it very clearly.

It seems to be getting worse. The sound is constant when the phone's screen is active, even though I am not making any calls. I'll monitor and see what is going on for a week or so but I will give Google a call regarding the replacement options.

N4 16GB Canada
Jan 8, 2013
Same Problem... (Germany)
Jan 8, 2013
Same problem. I have two Nexus 4 devices and both of them are doing it.
Jan 8, 2013
same problems here N4 16G. accentuated while screen on but still there while screen off. in call is worse.
Jan 8, 2013
#444 Dani.Louca
Same issue here, it's only obvious when it's quiet.
I doubt this is a software (Jelly Bean) issue, because I can still hear it when booting into recovery , it's most likely a hardware issue. Best case scenario, firmware update can do the trick but I'm afraid we'll have to live with it.

I hope google acknowledge and release a statement clarifying this issue especially that hundreds are affected.
Jan 9, 2013
Confirmed. I can hear noise if I put the phone right against my ear, front and back.

Jan 9, 2013
I can hear this when display is on and off
16gb version
Jan 9, 2013
Have the same issue. Ordered a new phone and hope this will be ok.

Jan 9, 2013
Also confirmed. Did anyone receive a replacement where this issue is fixed?
Jan 9, 2013
I had mine replaced, second one (16gb) has same problem.  Having to send that one back too.  Anyone seen a fixed one yet?
Jan 9, 2013
The same problem
Jan 9, 2013
have the same issue. screen on and off. 8gb
Jan 9, 2013
Same problem here when screen on!
Jan 9, 2013
Same problem here.  I notice it is much louder when the display is on. I do notice it during phone calls.  8gb. 
Jan 9, 2013
I have the same problem - only when in a call I can hear it. 
Jan 10, 2013
Same here.  Buzzing near the earpiece either coming from the front or back of the phone. Louder when display is turned on and or during a call.
Jan 10, 2013
I have the same issue. Screen on and off. 8 GB.
Jan 10, 2013
I have the same problem when im in a call I can hear the buzzing 
Jan 11, 2013
I have the exactly same Problem. Will contact Google for a replacement.
Jan 11, 2013
confirmed hw revision 11
Jan 11, 2013
Got my third replacement yesterday and while I still hear a little bit of noise, it's much much better than my last 2 phones.  The volume buttons also seem much more solid.  I'm not sure if this is a new production run (it took them 2 weeks to fulfill my replacement order this time) but I think this one is a keeper.  Keep swapping until you find one you can live with.
Jan 11, 2013
I can confirm this, but only on the low quality calls.
Jan 11, 2013
I can confirm this even using 2 nexus 4s
Jan 12, 2013
Same trouble here, a bit of noise when screen on and many more when talking.
Jan 12, 2013
Same trouble here, a bit of noise when screen on and many more when talking.
Jan 12, 2013
Same trouble here, a bit of noise when screen on and many more when talking.
Jan 14, 2013
I can confirm this using nexus 4 16gb
Jan 14, 2013
Same problem here, in standby, gets worse when screen is on and worst during calls. i think i will give it back since its just too much money spend for a PHONE that cant do calls right...
Jan 14, 2013
Same problem here, driving me nuts. Just RMA'd the phone :-(
Jan 15, 2013
Same problem here.. Really big disappointment for a Nexus device ;(
Jan 15, 2013
I can confirm this using nexus 4 16gb
Jan 16, 2013
I have this issue too, no matter if screen on or off, even in flight mode.
Jan 16, 2013
Confirmed. I can hear noise if I put the phone right against my ear, front and back.
Jan 16, 2013
I can confirm that.
Jan 16, 2013
i have the same issue. buzzing sound in earpiece when screen is on.
Jan 16, 2013
Today I got my 3rd Nexus 4.

1. Broken earpiece and buzz
2. badly fixed volume rocker that makes squeezy sounds and buzz and rattling noice near the earpiece when shaking the phone.
3. instant shut down or reboot every time when screen is put to energy saveing mode, rattling noice and buzz.

Not one of 3 phones is usable.
Jan 16, 2013
I am getting in line on this issue. It is pretty much noticeable for me when I am in a call and have my head next to the device. It is not so bad that I cannot carry on a conversation. It is there all the time though - screen on or off. I haven't noticed significant battery drain either. I am unsure if I should RMA it or just deal with it. 
Jan 17, 2013
Nexus 4, 8Gb, android 4.2.1

Hearing same buzzing sound:
- light when screen is on
- very noticeable during the call
Jan 17, 2013
I've the same buzz during the call. Nexus 4, 8gb
Jan 17, 2013
I have this problem too! Doubt a software update could fix this! (Nexus 4 16Gb 4.2.1)
Jan 17, 2013
I have a US 16gb model with the same issue.
Jan 18, 2013
Have the same
Jan 18, 2013
Same issue with my replacement (N4 16Gb 4.2.1)
Five phones from my colleagues had the same problem so I'm going to return both devices and go for a refund as I think you'll need really some luck to get one without any issues.

Very disappointing as I already went trough this RMA procedure 2 times with my Nexus 7.
Jan 18, 2013
My replacement device unfortunately has the same Issue (212K again, Germany).
I'm going for a second replacement and hope that this time I am more lucky.
If my third Nexus 4 also has this issue, I probably will return both and cancel my order. Great phone besides the issue and good support from Google ... too bad.
Jan 18, 2013
I have the same problem.
Jan 19, 2013
same problem as well.. damn buzzing :&
Jan 20, 2013
I have the same problem.
Jan 20, 2013
I have the same problem, Rev 11.  Waiting to see if anyone got it fixed with a replacement.
Jan 21, 2013
Same issue with me. Replacement didn't change anything.
Jan 21, 2013
Rev11 , 212K... same problem. Rly annoying especially for audiophile ppl ! :/
Jan 21, 2013
Same issue here as well. 16gb,buzzing all the time. 
Jan 21, 2013
Same issue here.... asked for a replacement but do u guys think the replaced model would do the same as well??? Would the phone stop working after a few days? I am thinking this to take to India as I would be leaving the country soon. Please advise.
Jan 22, 2013
I habe it too
Jan 22, 2013
Nexus 4 16 Gb.
The audio on the call at maximum volume crackles.
when a fix?
Jan 22, 2013
also experiencing this problem. I knew LG is going to mess something up...
I too think that it's a service related issue because when I change the volume while in the call the noise stops but comes back after a few secs
I'll request for a replacement in a month...
Jan 23, 2013
Same issue with my Nexus 4(16GB) ear piece, I am getting in line on this issue. It is pretty much noticeable for me when I am in a call and have my head next to the device. It is not so bad that I cannot carry on a conversation but its annoying. It is there all the time though - screen on or off.
I bought it in USA and got it back to INDIA now. Is there a way to get replacement in INDIA. Hope Google n LG will give a fast update to resolve this issue.
Jan 24, 2013
Just realised I have the same issue. Louder with screen on, then very loud crackling during calls distorting speech.

Doesn't look like a replacement will solve the problem.

Lets wait and see I guess.
Jan 24, 2013
I hear a buzzing only when the screen is on. If I hold the phone to my ear and turn on the screen on and off the buzzing starts and stops pretty much immediately.

The buzzing is a lot easier to hear with my ear to the back of the device rather than the front.

The sound is pretty much inaudible with my ear near the bottom of the device.
Jan 24, 2013
Same issue, Nexus 4 (16gb). Audible from the front or the rear phone near the earpiece. Worst when screen is on. Worse when wi-fi is ON and data is being transferred. Worse when Bluetooth is ON. Worse during phone calls. Lets say I'm talking to someone + wi-fi is ON and connected + Bluetooth is ON = can't hear sh**. I have to tell the person at the other end of the line to speak up.
Jan 24, 2013
Same here.
Nexus 4 16GB

Subtle "static" or "buzzing" during calls
Rattling noise when moving the phone or tapping around the earpiece.
Also buzzing around the same area when idling (screen on and off, in both cases)

is the buzzing getting worse?
Jan 24, 2013
Same issue here as well. 16gb,buzzing all the time. 
Jan 24, 2013
Same as the rest here, buzzing sound when calling and is also easy to hear when putting ear towards screen. Nexus 4 16GB Sweden. Damn, liked it so much and this could be my return reason. :(
Jan 25, 2013
I bought 2 Nexus 4 16GB black, both have this issue. 
Jan 26, 2013
Nexus 4 16gb brand new same problem. Buzzing with screen on is worse. Also mic is weak especially with headset cannot be heard unless next to lips.
Jan 27, 2013
#509 lvqier
I confirm both Nexus 8GB and 16GB I bought have this issue. 
Jan 29, 2013
Terrible buzzing sound on my Nexus 4 16gb O2 UK Bought in december.
Never experienced anything like this on any other phone. There may be some sounds, but nothing like this. Drives me CRAZY!
Jan 29, 2013
I'm getting a similar issue with my device as well. However, it only happens to my earpiece speaker and only when the screen is on. With the screen off, there's no noise at all. I might just wait a bit before sending it back to Google to see what's going on because when I first received the device, the problem never appeared.
Jan 31, 2013
same problem here
now I can't make calling sound lower :-(

I'll try some restarts..
Jan 31, 2013
restart does not help, this issue appeared after I've used nfc, now nfc is turned off.. buzz is still here :)))

I should buy some earphones :))
Jan 31, 2013
Same issue.
When I make or receive a phonecall the buzzing is there.
Not that I make many phonecalls but it's annoying
Jan 31, 2013
Same issue here too. It is very, very bad when in a call, but just audible at all times.
Jan 31, 2013
Please add your hardware revision.
Feb 1, 2013
well :) the problem is very simple :: 
the point is, when phone have a bad conn. with carrier, android is trying to increase antena power to catch the signals, that means - more power, more radiations - while the phone is very slim all elements are placed near each other - so - there noize is present because of this :) 

so - this is it, simple as a pie

a workaround may be - put somewhere a button to turn off / on antena powerage :)) for better conn. with carrier

that's all :)
Feb 1, 2013
same issue at all times..gets annoying while in calls!
Feb 1, 2013
Well I got mine today build Jan 2013 rev 11 

I have an audible sound in the ear piece I wouldn't say its a buzz more the same sound as a hard drive makes when writing data. I actually think its the CPU when working causing interference with the speaker. Due to poor shielding as mentioned. Its very consistent with this and the noise made is extramly uniform thus leading me to this conclouision 

I can only hope lg put in better shielding on the rev 12 and we can RMA any faulty ones without issue 
Feb 2, 2013
Rev 11 here, little interference sound in the ear piece, but is not too much disturbing. To check the rev number turn off the mobile and turn it on again while you press at the same time the volume down button.
Feb 4, 2013
Confirmed, I'm also getting this. rev_11
Feb 4, 2013
Yeah I have the same problem
Feb 5, 2013
Same here with my nexus 4. I noticed it today. Everytime i move the device, i can hear it. It seems that it comes from the part where the camera is located

Feb 5, 2013
Confirm it , i am getting the noise .. should i just return the device ?
Feb 5, 2013
Same here. Got a rev.11, which showed the problem. I opened a RMA and got a new one, again rev.11. That one has the static sound, too. Now I'll call customer support tomorrow once more and ask for the next step. Either exchange the phone until I get one that doesn't sound like a power landline or wait until a new revision is released which fixes the issue on the hardware side. 
Feb 5, 2013
I have the same problem! Bought in Germany (I life in Holland),so bye bye RMA. If Google nor LG can fix this,i will sell this phone and never buy a nexus or LG again.

Im sorry manufactures but this buzzing noise must be stopped ,i will wait 2 weeks in hope for a update.
Feb 6, 2013
got the same Problem.
Feb 6, 2013
I have the same problem! Bought in Turkey. I dont know is it a real problem or not! But as we see, the Google havent made a statement from November till now. So it should be a big problem! Unfortunately we all customers dont deserve this uncertainty. 
Feb 6, 2013
Same problem : on conversation, listening in earpiece, a buzz can be heard even with volume low ! !
If I tap gently on the back of the phone (behind earpiece), I can ear something vibrating ... Sounds like something is not attached ! !
Feb 6, 2013
please I thought  that this phone is going to be the best competition but sorry it,s the worst phone and i will damage my phone (nexus4) because it has alots of errors 
Feb 6, 2013
New N4, I first noticed the issue when listening to music with _headphones_ (earbuds)-- clicking sound, but also, the microphone is active 100% of the time!  I think that that is the main issue here.
Feb 6, 2013
Exact same issue as described in the initial post and the many made since. I'm on a revision_11. I haven't actually had need to use the phone to make any calls since receiving it and so hadn't noticed the issue. Tonight I happened by chance to pass the phone close to my ear and heard that the earpiece sounded active. After closer inspection it sounds like there's a constant level of interference coming from the earpiece. Upon doing a search I discovered this is a very common problem which I'd somehow never heard of before, and the search eventually led me to here.

I can also confirm that the noise can be heard from the rear of the phone, around the area of the camera. The noise remains even with the phone switched off (although oddly this does stop the noise from being audible from the rear of the phone).

I'm also concerned that this is having an effect upon the battery level which can plummet several percent with next to no usage in a matter of moments.

This one thing aside I actually love the phone, but it's plainly obvious from all the messages I've read that a replacement will not lead to a phone without this issue, and Google and LG seriously need to speak up on the matter - this situation is only going to spiral further out of control as more are sold and no response continues to be forthcoming.

Please Google, speak up. The silence has gone on far too long already.
Feb 7, 2013
Rev 11 received on 22nd Jan. Same issue, don't make a large amount of calls but noticed it on the first call I made. Low static hard drive like whirring. Also there when not on calls. Not worth RMA unless you are guaranteed phone without it, so perhaps a corrected hardware rev 12 with shielding. Such as shame as apart from that its amazing.
Feb 7, 2013
I also have a N4 that has slight distortion on earpiece which is worse when volume cranked up and if I listen when no call and screen on you can hear a light buzzing sound. The phone also has something loose inside which you can hear when putting phone down or if you shake it lightly. I'll be getting on to Google today..
Feb 7, 2013
I have this problem: Nexus 4 constant buzzing in earpiece
Feb 7, 2013
Same problem of buzz, and i add moving camera problem too! when is that these problems will be solved?!
Feb 7, 2013
Received the replacement today after I complained here on Jan 21st..... sorry to say, I am still having the same noise on the replaced device but my friend who stays at west coast says no problem with his phone..... is this a problem related to some DCs only? I am going to send the new replacement back!!!
Feb 7, 2013
that is what happens when you want to introduce a phone with amazing features at an amazing price... 
I personally not sure whether to return it ( I am within the 15 days) or to wait a bit and ask for an exchange.. hoping that a future production batch might fix the issue.

Or it might just happen that Google releases a new version (e.g. nesux 5) and forgets about the customers who bought the 4.
Feb 7, 2013
can you also post the following at the end of your post?
- where you bought the phone
- phone rev 11

It might help identify how spread the issue is.

Rev 11, UK

Feb 7, 2013
Rev 11,Germany (Mediamarkt).

Knows anybody if I can replace the phone directly with Google even when I bought it in a store (Mediamarkt).
Feb 8, 2013
I have the same buzzing issue. Mine is a rev.10 purchased in early December from the Google Play store (I'm in the UK).

There are several theories as to what is causing the buzzing. What I have found is that the buzzing is only there when the screen is on (If I hold it up to my ear with the screen on and then turn it off, the buzzing goes away). Also, if I open an app or move between pages in the app drawer, the buzzing sound changes. Sounds like it's something to do with what is powering the screen.

I'm torn as to whether to return the device or not, seen as many people received a replacement with the same issue.
Feb 8, 2013

Called Google, they were very understanding and shipped a replacement right away with no hassle or questions and once I receive that I can send the faulty one back with a free shipping label they emailed me. Here's hoping it will fix the issue but i doubt it. I urge everyone to call Google or they will not realize how big the issue is!

To find out your Rev (With your phone off hold volume down and power button)

Feb 8, 2013
Same issue with my Nexus 4 which I got on 1st Feb. Hissing sound is all the time and  becomes prominent when -
Screen is on
During Call

Feb 8, 2013
i received the phone before yesterday and i am returning now hope that will fix the problems.

Static/hissing noise is coming from the earpiece and it gets worse when making phone calls. I can hear this noise constantly unless the phone is turned off. Also my voice gets distorted immediately starting from few second of the initial conversation on the phone call. I don’t know if this problem is related to hardware or software issue.

Feb 8, 2013
I have the 16gig Nexus 4 with the same hissing/faint crackling noise from the earpiece. The recipient of my calls have also notified that they can't hear me very well.

Feb 10, 2013
Same Problem
Feb 10, 2013
Same problem. Nexus 4(8 gb).
Feb 11, 2013
same issue with my nexus 4 16GB
Feb 11, 2013
same issue, nexus 4 16GB. very uncomfortable!
Feb 11, 2013
I have the same issue. Nexus 4 16GB.  Crackles with the scene on and off.  Although it is worse with the screen on.
Feb 11, 2013
I bought my N4 8Gb late November and got it January 2nd, have the exact same issue. It is louder when the screen is on.  When the screen shuts down, it's loud for a bit and then it quiets down a bit, but you still can hear it.  It sucks during phone calls.
Feb 11, 2013
Same issue, Nexus 4 16GB. I'm on my third replacement. Second and third on HW Version - rev_11. First one was from touch screen unresponsiveness.
Feb 12, 2013
Nexus 4 16GB, Same here. 
Feb 12, 2013
same problem on my new Nexus 4 16GB. really disappointing
Feb 12, 2013
The same issue but  It is louder when the screen is on.  When the screen shuts down, it's loud for a bit and then it quiets down a bit and less when its airplane mode. i think its issue with Transceiver / modem.

Feb 12, 2013
Same issue. Also noticed that when I tap behind the ear piece, I feel the speaker is making some noise and is not fitted properly. This happens even when the phone is switched off. I came back to India and now I do not even know how to get this thing replaced. 
Feb 12, 2013
got mine today. same problem. nexus 4 16gb, earpiece makes noise constantly. call-experience VERY bad as well.
Feb 12, 2013
I had a Rev10 8GB with buzzing. RMA'd and they sent me a replacement within a week. It's a Rev11 and there is no buzzing at all. I encourage anyone with buzzing to RMA your phone and don't stop until they give you one without the defect.
Feb 12, 2013
Same issue, nexus 4 16GB. I can ear the buzz even in plane mode.

This is weird and makes me think it affects the battery life too.

Feb 12, 2013
I have the same problem with noice when sound is active. Even during calls. Slightly better when display is off. 
Feb 13, 2013
i have same problem 
Feb 13, 2013
Open since Nov 18, basically launch with 566 confirmed.  Is there a solution in the works? Or has a root cause been found?
Feb 13, 2013
#570 pavel.amler
Rev11, Germany, little earpiece buzzing
Feb 13, 2013
Same as everyone else. Gotta change ears from time to time as the noise gives me a bit of headache on long calls.
Feb 13, 2013
same problem (16 gb version) bought from tmobile. i already got two more replacements and they both had the same problem so i sent it back. is this a software problem??? i keep telling tmobile to make sure this issue doesnt occur with the phone they send me but they keep sending me defective devices.
Feb 14, 2013
well i must myself to all people above me...Nexus 4 16gb rev11 same issues.... :-(
Feb 14, 2013
I have sent my phone in once to LG and they said they repaired it but when I got it back the problem was still there so I am going to send it back again and see if they can fix it this time. Bought it in November in an O2 store UK.

Another 9 days without my phone, that will be over a month I will not have the phone i paid for, because I sent it to O2 repairs first and they said they couldn't find a problem, and it was with them for 2 weeks
Feb 14, 2013
i got my nexus 2 week ago with a buzz noise... i sent it back for replacement, and now the new model has the same problem
Feb 14, 2013
same issue. but only if screen is on. 16 gb bought feb 6
Feb 15, 2013
Google you should tell us if it's a hardware or software problem!
Feb 15, 2013
Most likely a hardware problem. You get what you pay for i guess ;) I'm going to keep mine though. Doesn't really bother me to be honest, only during that period when your waiting for the other part to answer.

I have a buzzing noise btw, in case i someone was wondering :P

Nexus 4 16gb Rev_11  (Bought from US Play store)
Feb 15, 2013
I have the same problem too :(

16GB, Rev 11, ID
Is the buzzing sound still occur after 4.2.2 update? I haven't got the OTA yet
Feb 15, 2013
No change after updating to 4.2.2, issue still exists.
Feb 16, 2013
so guys, its two defferent noises. first from radio and second from screen.
If someone hear noise during a call like buzz every 5 sec... you can try to change from WCDMA PREFERRD to WCDMA ONLY (*#*#INFO#*#*) and now you can see its will be better now you have not hear some noise durring a call!!! About noise when you do not use by phone like buzzing every 5 or 10 seconds its from radio if you want to check it  if its really from radio you can turn on AIRPLANE MODE and screen off... about the noise when screen is on I think its hardware issue. 
Let me know if its help to someone
Feb 16, 2013
I think this is an hardware fault guys, but on software side they should at least don't power on the speaker when volume is set to 0!
Feb 16, 2013
Same problem. Looks like a hardware problem... What the hell! 
Feb 16, 2013
I believe this is a hardware problem, I had similar problem with LG optimus, by the way this is a replacement phone that have this issue as well..
Feb 17, 2013
It would be good at this point for Google and LG to make comment on this issue, given that it's probably the most widespread fault people with a Nexus 4 are experiencing and there is obviously a software or hardware issue.
Feb 17, 2013
same problem here, i hope it's a software problem. But i think it's not. 
Feb 17, 2013
I have the same problem here. My phone has rev 11 and is a 301 model. so januari 2013.
Feb 17, 2013
Is there an official Google/LG update regarding this issue?
Feb 18, 2013
Same problem here, there's noise during calls
Feb 18, 2013
Got mine a little over a week ago and had to wait on the SIM card to arrive (twice - vendor error). Finally was able to install the SIM card, activate, and make a phone call only to find that I couldn't stand to hold the phone to my ear.

Here's hoping Google/LG gets on this and corrects the _very_ significant issue...soon.

Otherwise I'm head over heals for this phone. It fits me perfectly in every way, earpiece buzzing aside.
Feb 18, 2013
Damn it! I got mine from Germany today and I got this bug! 

- rev.11
- Android 4.2.2

Feb 18, 2013
Same here . Rev 11 Germany!
Feb 18, 2013
can send me a email to tell me what should i do now? software or hardware problem?
Feb 19, 2013
i feel totally disappointed with this issue and google as well. we are like stupid fellow that trying to figure out what solution to fixed this thing up.
Feb 19, 2013
I also have this issue on my Nexus 8 gb. Please fix this. Its really annoying. 
Feb 19, 2013
Here is the solution on how to fix this issue . 
That's what we all want to know so let's get this answered instead saying you have the same problem. 
Feb 19, 2013
so guys, its two defferent noises. first from radio and second from screen.
If someone hear noise during a call like buzz every 5 sec... you can try to change from WCDMA PREFERRD to WCDMA ONLY (*#*#INFO#*#*) and now you can see its will be better now you have not hear some noise durring a call!!! About noise when you do not use by phone like buzzing every 5 or 10 seconds its from radio if you want to check it  if its really from radio you can turn on AIRPLANE MODE and screen off... about the noise when screen is on I think its hardware issue. 
Let me know if its help to someone
Feb 20, 2013
Confirmed guys. Also my nexus 4(16gb) buzzing .on-off screen doesn't matter. To many people have the same problem. I don't think that is software problem. I'm very disappointed. Makes me very nervous.
Feb 20, 2013
I have returned mine casue off this issue.

Feb 20, 2013
In my case changing from WCDMA PREFERRED to WCDMA ONLY doesn't resolve anything, I've still distorced calls 
Feb 20, 2013
Try to download "earpiece" from google Play and tell if it distorts/buzzes playing music or only in calls
Feb 20, 2013
Does anyone have strange noise from charger??? Before connected to the mobile?? But when you plug the cable into the mobile noise stops.
Feb 20, 2013
If you have DSP manager or Media Audio Effects enabled turn it off. That should get rid of the hiss.
Feb 23, 2013
when fix google/lg this problem? I'm very very disappointed in google/lg. 
Feb 23, 2013
Sweden, 16 GB.

Buzzing but biggets problem is outgoung sound, as klients and customers does not hear me well och is disturbed by distorted sound when I´m using a headset.

Feb 24, 2013
Could you tell me guys, how can I check the revision number without opening the box and breaking the seals?
Feb 25, 2013
#609 AmbiWeb
Just got an replacement phone because the old one showed this issue and had a defect gyroscope. The new one has also a noise on the speaker. At least the gyroscope is fixed now. :-(
Feb 26, 2013
I have the same issue. The static buzzing noise when you make phone calls. My replacement arrived today and its worse! Really don't know what to do now. :( 
Feb 26, 2013
I have the same issue.
France, Nexus 4 16GB
Feb 26, 2013
Don't know how to find out revision sorry. But its an 8 GB from the UK.
Feb 27, 2013
Spain - Nexus 16 Gb . Same issue. Noise with headphones.
Feb 27, 2013
FRANCE Nexus 4 16gb
I have the same problem as most people here. During each call and a few minutes after each call I hear crackling very unpleasant and very disturbing. Given that the primary function of a phone is a telephone call, I find this crackling problem is important enough for you (Mr.Google) do something to remedy this problem! Especially since this is apparently not an isolated case!
Mr.Google, leave us an update to fix this issue please.
Feb 27, 2013
I posted before about this issue when I received the phone. 2 RMAs later and it's still not fixed yet. Every Nexus 4 that Google sends me has this buzzing sound in the earpiece. The arrangement I made with a friend was that I would sell my old Galaxy Nexus when my N4 came in, which I did. I called Google this morning feeling like they owed me more than just another RMA, but they don't see it that way. The lady I was speaking with flat out told me there's nothing she can do to help me other than return the phone, which would leave me phone-less. I asked to speak to her supervisor, she said "OK" and put me on hold. Five minutes later she came back and said, "Yeah, he confirmed everything I told you."

Google has some serious customer service issues. These phones are not at all cheap and with a bug this obvious and widespread you would think they would at least give a crap. Guess I'm buying my next phone off eBay because I am not letting them keep my money.

This is just wrong.
Feb 27, 2013
Same here, rev.11
Feb 28, 2013
yeah got the phone from the US from a friend so cant even return it least apple admits its problems immediately and releases fixes..otherwise an awesome phone but the buzzing is bloody irritating..
Feb 28, 2013
Same here , Nexus 16GB !
Feb 28, 2013
GOOGLE, why does it take so long? This is really annoying, I'm thinking of selling my nexus 4.
Mar 1, 2013
This was a resolve for me: I have installed faux123 kernel. For that you must to root your phone. I have NO buzzing now!
Mar 1, 2013
Wow. I was going to get one of these phones until I came across this thread. Thanks for the warning!
Mar 1, 2013
I am having the hissing/static problem in the earpiece as well. I wish found this page before I purchased it.  Now Google wants another 350 + tax until they replace it and of course it's not overnighted, it will take 3 to 5 business days, and then another 3 to 5 business days for the return.  You think they would at least provide over night service since they sent a defective phone.
Mar 4, 2013
Same issue... very annoying
Mar 4, 2013
same here, buzzing is annoying.
Mar 5, 2013
Same issue... Very disappointed.. 
hope its a soft problem ..
Mar 5, 2013
I have notice that my earpiece was constantly buzzing at my work place. At my place or on the run, the earpiece does not buzz at all. May be an inteference issue ?
Mar 6, 2013
Im having some issues with my new Nexus 4... The speaker just stopped working after 4 or 5 days of use... im really dissapointed. No music, no alarms, no ringtones, and no sound from the speaker... Headphones and earpiece works good... Ive already made a factory reset with no luck... what can I do?
Mar 6, 2013
Im having some issues with my new Nexus 4... The speaker just stopped working after 4 or 5 days of use... im really dissapointed. No music, no alarms, no ringtones, and no sound from the speaker... Headphones and earpiece works good... Ive already made a factory reset with no luck... what can I do?
Mar 7, 2013
Got a Nexus 4 myself a few days ago and I am have the issue, it is oddly worse when I use the phone with my left ear than my right, it makes a slightly different sound.

I think I will RMA the phone and see if a replacement is any better.
Mar 7, 2013
Just wanted to add, I made a phone call with the charger in (USB to my computer) and there was no buzzing, I pulled it out during the call to move and it started to buzz. 

Plugged it back in... buzzing stopped, could it be something to do with the battery?
Mar 7, 2013
I hear a buzz about every 250ms when on a call.  Is it the proximity sensor?
Mar 8, 2013
So i called google and we talked and they sent me a new phone a d'Ay later ! But the phone has the same problem.. But thé buzz ing is way lower.. 
France nexus 4 16g
Mar 8, 2013
I have this problem. On my second Nexus 4, but thit too has the same fault. Not sure what to do now.
Mar 9, 2013
Hello everybody.

I just noticed today I have 2 so called "issues" with my 7-days old Nexus 4.

Issues which aren't really issues, in fact.

- Light buzzing noise when screen on or off : in my case it's only noticiable when I put the phone close to my ear like when I'm on a call. The noise remains when the screen is off. 

===> I owned a touchscreen watch more than 10 years ago, which produced the exact same kind of sound when the backlight was enabled so I assume this is not an issue in fact ! Maybe some "components" that are still working when the phone is idle. Anyway it's not disturbing at all, since you don't keep your phone close to your ears when you're not placing/receving a call.

- Kind of "static" sound when you're on a call, noticiable for example during "silence" times.

===> It may be due to your carrier radio connection. Pick up another phone and check if the issue is still present. Maybe you only discovered this issue recently because of reading these forums...

The Nexus 4 is New, but does that mean you must be stressed everyday everytime you see something a little "strange" with your device ?

Keep cool guys ! :)
(Sorry for my english, I'm french).
Mar 10, 2013
I'm having the same issue. Got my 16 GB Nexus from the Google Play store and I get a buzzing sound on some calls. I am with AT&T, the issue is intermittent. I am experiencing the same issue on a replacement phone so I don't think this is device specific, unless there is a manufacturing issue.
Mar 10, 2013

From the number of people getting replacements (I will be getting one hopefully on Tuesday) and still having the issue I think it may be a problem with the current revision of hardware.

At the same time however some Nexus4's are producing much louder sounds than others, mine is loud enough to hear even when people are talking in calls, so I assume one component has varying production quality. However part of me still wonders if the battery is involved since it stops making the noise if the phone is connected to my PC via the USB cable, I passed on that information to the google RMA team, not sure if the tech team will ever get it though.

It is certainly an issue that google are aware of and they too consider it an issue as they are VERY happy to send out replacements for it. The options are really either live with it, return the phone and ask for a refund, try another replacement OR wait and see if a new revision of the hardware is released.

I will certainly be exercising my rights to get it replaced untill I can at least live with it.

Mar 11, 2013
Same behavior with my 16 GB Nexus, but it's not terribly bothersome. I'll wait for an official announcement. 
Mar 12, 2013
Having the same problem. 
Mar 13, 2013
got mine yesterday , 302K rev 11 and have this problem. It's not a big issue but is annoying to know that is there. My first repleced device 301K have this too, but the new device seems to have a louder buzz :) i guess all have this issue
Mar 13, 2013
Well my replacment has arrived, sadly the new phone's buzz is actually considerably worse than the original.

If its hardware related could be that we need to wait till Rev 12 to get it fixed.
Mar 13, 2013
@645 Are you planning to return the replacement if google will allow it, since it is worse?
Mar 13, 2013
I spoke with TMOBILE GOOGLE & LG in a span of 1 HR regarding the same issues everyone is having. Here is what I am able to gather:
1. Getting replacements from TMO (which I have a third one coming in tomorrow) will most likely have the same issue of rattling/static
2. Google passed the buck onto LG
3. LG was able to answer the question regarding the rattle: The rattle, though it may sound is coming from the camera is actually from the SIM card cradle. They are designed to be a little loose for technicaly reasons beyond me. So when I took the sim card tray out the noise was louder and it was obvious that it is coming from the cradle.

I have no explanations regarding the static. I've also noticed that at times when it is very quiet and I am cycling through my pictures, I hear a faint click coming from the head set which sounds something like an AC adapter for a high power laptop...a very faint click! 

So I imagine the best thing to do is report this issue to Google/Provider and wait for a fix - or get a Samsung...  If I find something else out I will share...this is annoying and shouldn't happen to a phone like this. My Samsung Exhibit had clear in call sound and there is no excuse for Nexus 4 quality of sound to be less than that.
Mar 13, 2013
I have the same issue. Should've kept my Galaxy Nexus.
Mar 13, 2013
In every case when the buzzing appear is present also when the headphones is plugged in?

Thanks for sharing!
Mar 14, 2013
I have the same issue. It would seem that the noise be present on EVERYTHING mobiles phone but that it buzzing is more or less strong / embarassing according to mobiles phone.

Some people doesn't hear it and they think that the issue doesn't exit. But is wrong
Mar 14, 2013
@650 I do not have the issue through headphones.

I called google and they are sending me a second replacement to see if its any better. Very friendly staff again certainly seemed to want to help, I also pointed them to this issue post again and asked if they could tell me if anyone is looking into it but I hope to get an email back on that.

Such a shame though, the phone is perfect except for that. 

The guy at Google did have a very good idea though he suggested if the next phone is from the same batch with the same issue try sending it back for "repair" rather than RMA and they might be able to replace whatever is causing the issue. Granted they will need to find the issue first!

Oh I also discovered that when I am on call, when I listen to the other person talking the buzz pulses or clicks on and off, however when I talk myself it has a constant buzz as if its something to do with the signal. 
Mar 14, 2013
@652 Dan, I appreciate the answer. I'm in doubt if it is a good idea to buy the phone in this case. Unfortunately at the price found in countries with no google store, N4 has powerful enemies :(

If is possible to make a test please: listen to a melody with volume 0, to see if any interference appear. Thanks in advance!
Mar 14, 2013

-With headphones there is no sound at all with the volume for music at 0, so if you are using headphones all the time you will not have a problem.

-There is no buzzing from my speaker (located on the back of the device).

-The buzz is purely from the earpiece when you hold it up to your ear, like when you are talking normally on a call, or at least this is the case for me. 

There may be a slightly background buzz when the screen is active outside of a call however to hear that you have to press the phone right to your ear, but it is far to quiet to ever be a problem for me.

Some people have had no issue with the buzzing, others are just putting up with it as for some phones it seems louder than others. I would settle for not being able to hear it while people are talking to me.
Mar 14, 2013
This is ridiculous. I waited over two weeks to receive my RMA replacement, and the new device they have sent me - which is a later build (Feb 2013) still has buzzing/static/clicking noises both on and off calls coming from the front of the phone.

It must be a design flaw and I am now considering asking for a refund.
Mar 15, 2013
Iv RMA'd 3 times and all them have this earpiece buzz... 
Its a continuous buzz which never goes away. its not really a problem when not on a call, but with the phone to your ear its always bothersome.
Mar 15, 2013
If the next one is as bad when i get it on Monday I will likely be getting a refund and opting to purchase something else from a competitor.
Mar 18, 2013
build quality dropped significantly when comparing to the Galaxy Nexus, I am going through my 3rd RMA now. Frustrating!

Mar 18, 2013
Bu sorun bende de mevcut. 302kped hw-ver.11. Arkadaşım başka bir versiyon kullanıyor ve onda sıkıntı yok. Versiyonunu öğrenip buraya yazacağım.
Mar 19, 2013
So 3rd Nexus 4 is here, still the same buzzing in calls anoyingly loud, I am going to give it a week or two to see if it settles down, if not I think I will have to request a refund.

Very dissapointed for £300 I would expect better, I am convinced its a hardware problem.
Mar 19, 2013
@659 Just so you know, all 3 of my phones have been 302 Rev 11.
Mar 20, 2013
It started buzzing yesterday. I thought it was my problem but serching for issues I found this. Since it started buzzing yesterday I'm very upset. Maybe we should start talking about guarantee...

OS 4.2.2 android

Mar 20, 2013
It started buzzing yesterday. I thought it was my problem but serching for issues I found this. Since it started buzzing yesterday I'm very upset. Maybe we should start talking about guarantee...

OS 4.2.2 android

Mar 20, 2013
It started buzzing yesterday. I thought it was my problem but serching for issues I found this. Since it started buzzing yesterday I'm very upset. Maybe we should start talking about guarantee...

OS 4.2.2 android

Mar 20, 2013
Same buzzing issue for me. Bought the phone in february, OS 4.2.2.

I want to throw in another possible explanation for the problem, because I heard the same high frequent buzzing on a laptop some years ago. The issue back then was the core 2 intel processor going into energy saving mode (or a change in cpu/core usage in general), which changed the buzzing and turned it worse.
When I examined the problem on the nexus 4 I observed 3 things:
1) The buzzing doesn't seem to come from the earpiece, but from below where the cpu is located (see ifixit:
2) The buzzing seems to change when the CPU usage changes (e.g. when starting a game like rr3)
3) The buzzing doesn't stop right away when turning off the display but a few seconds after that, which could be the time when the cpu enters standby.
My deduction is not based on technical expertise, but I nevertheless believe that the problem (if it is indeed the cpu), could be solved by software changes in the energy management of the device.

Mar 20, 2013
@661 your devices work normal? any buzzing?
Mar 20, 2013
@666 They all buzzed, especially when in a call.
Mar 22, 2013
@667 sent to technical servise and update firmware and description; Firmware update;
MGCP/F05-S/W  version update.

Mar 22, 2013
It's kinda all nexus 4 have buzz on earspeaker, but some have it louder and with voice distorsions while in a voice card (like mine nexus 4).

Im out of 15 days replacement (i have it since Mar 04). But this is clearly a fabrication problem for last Nexus 4, and i don't know if i have to contact with technical service or if it's still under guarantee...

Im from Spain but i haven't asked yet for replacement because i'm going to Finland 3 months in next week.
Mar 23, 2013
hi try this:
go to accessibility, and unlick " power button ends call". there is some mix up which is happening between the volume and phone. AS I had clicked on it, then later removed it, it seems to have worked. will update again. Just finished three calls post this was clean. 

Mar 23, 2013
Guys don't worry, is software problem. A friend of mine put another ROM and buzzing is gone. I hope that with the next update they will fix this.:
Mar 23, 2013
same here.. :(
Mar 23, 2013
the same...
Mar 23, 2013
@668 Sorry do you mean this is what you did to fix the issue? 

If so did you send it back to Google for this?
Mar 24, 2013
Tried 4 replacement phones and they all had the problem. I finally gave up...
Mar 24, 2013
@675 problem is partially solved. I am no longer a rare voice.
Mar 25, 2013

I had the problem of crackling speaker above, I address the concerns when buying a new on this site there (

Disassembly is spend carefree see ( and since I do not have the problem for the top speaker.
Mar 25, 2013
@667 This is good news.

Did you send your device back to LG and how long did it take for them to return it?
Mar 26, 2013

I have the same problem of buzzing. I hope the next update fix it...
Mar 26, 2013
I have the same problem and this is the 3rd Nexus 4 I received from Google Play under warranty repalcement. 
Mar 26, 2013
I have this buzzing sound during calls also, annoying.

Mar 29, 2013
I've got the same buzzing if this is gonna be hardware issue it would be a massive recall hopefully it could be software related would rma it but not sure 
Mar 30, 2013
I am on my 4th Nexus 4. The buzzing was less loud on this one. Maybe it is just my imagination but i think the buzzing is getting louder now. Also the phone is getting really hot during calls. Talking 1/2 an hour is really cooking the ear. 
Apr 1, 2013

Over heating is another issue on some defective nexus 4.
see thread here:

I got a replacement nexus 4 has my original device would auto shut down when reaching 60deg. Unfortunately my original and replacement both suffer from buzzing. My wife's on other hand, doesn't any issues.  
Apr 1, 2013
Buzzing/static sound very evident when earpiece is in and phone is playing audio (either music or phone call)
As soon as audio is no longer required buzzing/static will stop.

Apr 1, 2013
Same issue as everyone else. rev_11. Replacement had the same issue. Quite disappointing really because everything else about the phone is great.

Hopefully they let me return the replacement without jumping through too many hoops.
Apr 1, 2013

same here, buzzing on my N4

Apr 2, 2013
Guys, I've sent my Nexus 4 to the official support service company that works for my mobile operator. They've called me back in 2 days, saying the buzzing issue on my Nexus 4 is fixed with a software patch. Didn't say what was patched, but I'm guessing it will be included in an Android update.

I just got the phone. Will do some testing and let you know soon.
Apr 4, 2013
#691 worked?
Apr 5, 2013
@692 Nope. What they probably did is reinstall the stock rom from Google's page. Damn... I could've done that. This phone is going back to the operator asap, with a link to this page. Sorry for the high hopes guys.
Apr 10, 2013
I'm having the same buzzing/crackling sounds coming from the earpiece on my Nexus 4 purchased in March 2013. It's loud enough during some calls to be an annoyance. And it makes the sound with the display both off and on.
Apr 11, 2013
I seem to exhibit the sound buzzing/clicking issue only when Tasker is enabled.  More specifically,
after further testing and debugging, it seems to be only when a profile that utilises the 'proximity sensor' is enabled do I suffer the background noise.

Are there any other tasker users out there that can test the following?

1. Set up a new profile called 'Foo'
2. State -> Sensor -> Proximity Sensor
3. Set up a new task called 'Bar'
4. Display Timeout = 7 secs
5. Apply/turn on profile.
6. Play some sound/music (i tested with both beyondpod and poweramp)
7. Lock screen.
8. Unlock screen.
9. Pause music (hear some buzzing for a few seconds after pause)
10. Play music (buzzing in the background)
11. Turn off the tasker profile 'Foo'
12. Play music
13. Lock screen.
14. Unlock screen
14. Pause music (No buzzing).

Apr 12, 2013
Same problem with my Nexus 4

Apr 12, 2013
Same issue here. Not when idle but when on a call. Both the normal speaker and speakerphone have a tinny buzz very similar to memo.m4a above.
Apr 12, 2013
To anyone who got a phone in March in particular from the UK, I got 3 phones in march 2 were replacements due to buzzing in calls they all had this issue.

I went away for easter and got a new RMA when I got back, the new phone I have now does not seem to have the issue, it may buzz a tiny bit but you can't hear it under normal circumstances while in a call. On the other 3 phones it was louder than the person speaking.

So do not be afraid to RMA your phone.
Apr 14, 2013
Same issue. Purchased about a week ago, problem since day 1. Happens with stock image and with any installation of CyanogenMod. Noise gets worse as volume is increased.
Apr 14, 2013
Aujourd'hui, Je suis tombé en panne avec le nexus.
Il était en marche avec peu de batterie, alors je le mets en charge.
Je reviens 1 heure plus tard, le nexus était plutôt chaud et là impossible de l'allumer ou de l'éteindre, écran noir .
Je l'ai donc laissé se décharger complètement et jusqu'à ce qu'il soit froid.
Bien que toujours impossible de l'allumer, je l'ai remis en charge.
A ce moment l'icone charge est apparu et j'ai pu l'allumer avec le bouton on.
Apr 16, 2013
Tasker proximity sensor was the culprit in my case. I can now recall that the buzzing started when I first activated the proximity sensor profile.

I had exactly the same symptoms outlined in #695. Additionally I had the same buzzing when playing sound with the power plugged in or when playing video with mxplayer. (Possibly related to CPU-activity)

Apr 18, 2013
please fox this issues ... we paid you ! earpeice issues and battery life issues ! please google !
Apr 19, 2013
i have the biz sound too , i just got my phone few days ago
Apr 19, 2013
Same problem here. 
Similar to N7 issue when I plug the earphones. 
Didn't have it with my old GNex. 
Horrible hardware issue. 
Apr 22, 2013
I write from Turkey, Ihave bought Nexus 4 produced in February 2013, I hear a strange noise like buzzling, what should I do, will LG will replace them or not?
Apr 24, 2013
Got my Nexus 4 a couple of weeks ago and have tried using multiple headphones/earphones with the device and with all of then I can hear a very quiet buzzing/crackling noise.
Apr 27, 2013
I have the Nexus 4 and I noticed the buzzing (prior to reading about it online). For some reason when I'm on say a phone call and I shut the screen down myself (and not letting the sensor turn the screen on and off) the problem goes away. 

I don't know if anyone has tried this but when you are on a phone call just shut the screen off manually (and not like the screen shut down from the sensor) and the problem goes away. Sure you have to do an extra step but for me it's worked. 
Apr 30, 2013
Same for me. N4 is a couple of weeks old and the buzzing is particularly annoying when listening to music quietly
May 1, 2013
I have the same issue, on the first device I had and on a replacement they sent me his morning. I have read on some comments that it is also audible through various earphones and headphones - surely that suggests that it's a software issue?
May 3, 2013
Just received my second device and it has the buzzing from the speaker as well. Really really distracting and annoying. Google do something!!
May 5, 2013
Same buzzing on my first n4 device, on my replacement phone and on my girlfriend's newly arrived n4=\
May 7, 2013
Same problem on my end... like the sound you get from a speaker when you hold a phone next to it... I get this noise during phone calls, while phone is in idle and even when the phone is full switched off from the power switch... I bought the phone in the states but now I live in Brussels... so have no idea how to get it replaced now :-(
May 13, 2013
I got the same issue, I just bought it yesterday in Egypt, please advise should I return it and get a replacement while I can? or is it more likely a SW issue and going to be fixed via updates?

For guys who tried custom ROMs can you confirm the issue exists or not?
May 15, 2013
Tried custom ROM's and the issue still exists, pretty sure it's hardware issue. Have found that buzzing when in call disappears when phone is warm, for example a few minutes hold it in hands or playing game. 
May 20, 2013
On my second replacement, still the same buzz, I give up...
May 22, 2013
Same here: got my Nexus 4 today, 304K, rev.11 and the buzzing is present when making calls. Some say it's electrical noise due to poor placement of different parts, poor isolation and that there is literally nothing that can be done without reviewing the manufacturing process.

May 30, 2013
I am angry I bought a new nexus 4 and buzzing speaker during a call
or google something to do with it?
May 31, 2013
This report applies to a Nexus device, and the issue tracker where you reported it specializes in issues within the Open Source source code of the Android platform.

We are not able to provide support for Nexus devices in this issue tracker. Please report this issue in the Google Mobile Help Forum at!forum/mobile/

Status: WrongForum
Jun 3, 2013
I only hear a little click when I touch the screen after not using the screen for a few seconds. It's a light sissling, crackling sound from the speaker. Very annoying though.
Jun 5, 2013
 Issue 40887  has been merged into this issue.
Jun 13, 2013
 Issue 42398  has been merged into this issue.
Jun 14, 2013
I also have such buzzing noise, 304k and rev.11.
It's not like network problem nor amplifier. It's like a wireless charger problem, strange but the wireless charger is a big antenna and it looks that somehow it collects surrounding waves and converts them in electricity which manages to get to the earpieces. I think so, because the buzzing noise depends on the place where I am. Can someone try to go close to AM radio station antenna, for test? I think he would be able to listen to the AM station with switched on phone and turned off screen.
Jun 23, 2013
 Issue 49969  has been merged into this issue.
Jun 24, 2013
Bought 2 of these last week, just turned them on now and both have the hissing/buzzing issue.
Very annoying and disappointed. 
Jul 2, 2013
I have got this _issue_ as well and I hear it when I hold my ear to the screen as well.
Jul 3, 2013
Products from LG never more - this is unacceptable and a shame.
Jul 7, 2013
Same issue. Buzzing from earpiece during calls. Nexus 4 16GB DE rev 11 Android 4.2.2
Jul 10, 2013
Same Issue, I Got the phone on July 6th. I raised a complaint with LG customer service center, waiting with fingers crossed. It is not good to have this kind of issue in a flagship model. LG and Google hope you are listening to this.
Jul 21, 2013
Same issue. Very irritating. 
Jul 28, 2013
Same here....
Aug 2, 2013
Hey ,

Even I'm facing same issue but its very faint, some time i won't even notice that.
Many guys are saying its spikes from processor or its issue bcz of big antena of wireless charging etc etc....

Till now no one is able to pin point the issue and come up with fix.

Some where in xda developers site a guy has suggested stock kernal change to faux123 kernel which has fixed his phoone issue.

I'm not sure how far this is true. Trying to dig more on this, mean while if any one of you can get more info or tried it your self please do provide the details/results.

Aug 2, 2013
Same issue here. Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3, Moldova
Aug 5, 2013
Same issue here. Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3, Russia
Aug 8, 2013
Same problem here, static crackling noise,  worse when bluetooth and wifi are on. 16gb 4.3, manufactured Feb 2013-having a nightmare with LG in Australia,  will never buy LG again,  waiting for my alleged 'case manager'  to call for 2 days now... The refuse to accept that Google don't look after the warranty here,  Google make it clear on their website and via email that LG are responsible for warranty in Australia. 
Aug 9, 2013
Same issue. Nexus 4, 16GB, Android 4.3. Berlin, Buzzing is very present after starting a call
Aug 12, 2013
Nexus 4, rev. 11 2012 hissing/buzzing issue is present, Ukraine
Aug 14, 2013
Dear Friends,

I bought a nexus 4 two days ago and I had the same problem and I went for a replacement and the problem still exist. I hear the buzzing sound when I turn on the phone and unlock the screen. At first, I thought the noise would come from the earpiece but when I put my ear on the middle of the phone I found that the noise is from the middle of the phone which might be its processor. Why? Try to push the power button while you have your ear on the middle of the phone and you will notice that the sound would go away few seconds after the screen is turned off. I guess the problem is with the power management and it might be fixed by an update. We want google to have a fix for this issue.
Aug 19, 2013
Hi Friends,

I have a workaround for the buzzing issue for those of you that have the Tasker app installed. I have created a profile called Nexus4BuzzBeGone that looks for any call incoming or outgoing and sets the state of bluetooth and WIFI to off for the duration of the call. It will only turn them off if they are on to begin with. It then turns them both back on when the call is finished. Please note you may need to modify this if you connect to Bluetooth in your car as you probably want to keep this connection active. I hope this works as well for you as it has for me. XML attached. 

Kind regards,
2.7 KB   View   Download
Aug 23, 2013
Yes you are completely right. The constant buzzing doesn't come from the earpiece but from the middle of the phone. I am wandering why it goes away when turning on the loudspeaker...?
Aug 23, 2013
@ #741
When I turn out bluetooth and wifi the buzzing is still there...
Aug 23, 2013
Still there after the update. Too Bad!
Aug 24, 2013
Also buzzing is present, 4.3 in off/on and also when I turn out bluetooth and wifi.

Aug 26, 2013
Yup, present on mine as well.
Aug 26, 2013
Yes mine too, buzzing is present JB 4.3
Aug 28, 2013
Ho un lg nexus 16g rev11 da 2 settimane e se non risolvono questa fastidiosa interferenza durante la chiamata non comprero' e non faro' mai comprare un lg di qualsiasi prodotto marchiato LG...
Sep 2, 2013
I do not understand why google obscure company services in general for users in some countries. Withholding from the apparatus also nexus 4., Please clarify the problem of noise in this phone and the solution if it exists.
Sep 5, 2013
I have the same problem, buzzing noise while display is on. its getting louder during call. Nexus 4 16GB Poland
Sep 5, 2013
Same issue here. Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3 France
Sep 5, 2013
Same issue here. Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3 Italy
Sep 6, 2013
Same issue here.
Sep 6, 2013
Same issue here. Nexus 4 16 GB, Android 4.3 France.
Sep 8, 2013
Just bought a Nexus 4 8GB from the play store discount... Earpiece and speaker have a loud intermittent crackle that hurts my ear when making calls.
Sep 10, 2013
Same issue here, Android 4.3 Italy. 
Already sent the phone to an LG service center, but this didn't solve the problem. According to the report they provided, they performed some sort of "electronic repair and software update", but didn't affect the issue.

Sep 11, 2013
Same issue. Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3 Germany.
Sep 11, 2013
Same for me, Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3 France
Sep 14, 2013
Same problem on my brand new Nexus 4 16GB, Android 4.3 that just arrived a couple days ago. 
Slight buzzing or clicking as if a clock timing when the screen is off. When screen is off there is more randomized, slightly louder static. During a call it is louder and can occasionally be problematic. 
Sep 17, 2013
SAME here on my new Nexus 16gb, not only that but it has the camera rattling issue also...great
Sep 17, 2013
Same issue, N4 16G android 4.3 GSM
Sep 18, 2013
same here, N14 16G Android 4.3
Sep 19, 2013
Brazil, same thing here...
Sep 20, 2013
Same Problems here. N4 16G 03/2013 Android 4.3 (JWR66Y).
Slight buzzing noise from the earpiece or the device itself in standby or screen on.
On 2g call EM interference noise. 
On 2g+3g klicking noise when wifi active and data transfer in background (wifi off fixes this for me).
All noise ends when on headset (cable or bluetooth) or speakerphone.
Looks like a shielding issue to me.
Sep 21, 2013
Please fix this
Sep 21, 2013
Same issue here.......
Sep 22, 2013
Same problem with my new N4 (JWR66Y). Really annoying buzzing sound. 
Sep 22, 2013
Same here - buzzing and camera rattling issue. N4 16G rev. 11 from UK PlayStore bought 10.9.2013. Please FIX IT! I love the phone:(
Sep 22, 2013
damnit. i thought i was the only one having this issue. FIX IT. or i'm sending this junk phone back. how do we know there is not excessive radiation coming out? i'm not a human experiment. i'm talking to my lawyer tomorrow. screw this.
Sep 24, 2013
did anyone solve the problem?
Sep 24, 2013
Sep 24, 2013
Camera rattling cant be solve. My new Nexus 7 doing the same sound, so i thing its the construction of the camera. But the buzzing sound making me crazy:/ Please, Google do something! Or at least SAY SOMETHING!!!
Sep 24, 2013
Same irritating buzzing sound in my phone too... Everything else is satisfactory but this issue seems like overriding all other aspects... Very disappointing is there no sol. To the issue... Regards

Sep 27, 2013
Same issue - buzzing from earpiece (N4, 16G). Same issue with the replacement, only I can hear 'more' movable parts when I shake the phone :-(

Not impressed at all.

I love the phone, but this issue is really testing my resolve.
Sep 27, 2013
The problem does not seems to be coming from the earpiece itself. I have noted the following:

* the issue (the buzzing sound) is also present when making call with my HEADPHONE on (I hear the buzzing sound from the headphone).
* I have played music through the earpiece and there was no buzzing sound. (I used the application 'Earpiece' from the play store)
* being on the line with someone via viber or through GSM (regular phone) have the same result : buzzing sound
Oct 1, 2013
I agree with comment #778!
No static, no crackling, no buzzing at all when
- listening over the earpiece to music (app: Earpiece)
- listening to mp3 voice recordings (app: Hi-Q mp3 recorder)

I can hear the crackling faintly when the phone's locked, and its quite annoying during calls. Also got the loose part sound when moving my phone 

Oct 2, 2013
Same issue in my 16GB white Nexus 4.
Oct 4, 2013
i had 4 nexus4, all having this issue.. All the nexus4 have this issue.. but for me isnt annoying at all... Dont bother me in day to day use.
Oct 11, 2013
Same here.
Buzzing sound on my Nexus 4, 16GB
Maybe Android 4.4 KitKat will solve this issue
Oct 16, 2013
I have the same issue. This is fairly annoying...  16gb Nexus 4
Oct 23, 2013
no buzzing when using skype (for example) via earpiece. Doing a normal call buzzing is present immediately when the connection is started.
Perhaps it is possible to solve the problem with the software.  
Oct 24, 2013
Same problem here... Buzzing in the upper speaker, Nexus 4 16GB
Oct 28, 2013
how did you solve the buzz? which software? thx
Oct 28, 2013
how did you solve the buzz? which software? thx
Oct 29, 2013
Hey guys, someone managed to fix the problem? Same thing here, no solution at all.... Brazil

Nov 1, 2013
I have noted the following:

*no static voice when making a tango call and running it in the background...
but that's not the case with other apps as viber

maybe it can be really solved by a software fix...
Nov 6, 2013
Did somebody called Google Customer support on this? 

If so, what they do?
Nov 7, 2013
#791 blade86sam
noticed it this morning when GF called, was hearing a hssss and clicking noise during call... faint but noticeable... (hsss noise only when screen off, hsss + clicking screen on)

i also noticed that it only does it when phone is fully booted into the OS.
if you restart your phone, you wont hear anything, even when it is loading (during boot logo animation), everything is back to normal as it should be... until your back in the OS.

so could it be driver issue? maybe...
could it be antenna issue? maybe...

i doubt it would be shielding issue as i would expect to hear it the moment the phone is powered ON... but then again i could b mistaken.

i believe ill still push for a replacement anyways if this issue persists, and/or maybe just push for the Nexus 5...

i had a weird screen thing happen a week ago, vertical lines appeared on the right side till center of my screen, as well as top/bottom RIGHT parts of screen were like bright spots... (this is on reboot, from powered on, basically when you see the GOOGLE first appear)

u saw the lines pretty clearly when you would be in the settings page... the lines kinda looked like a "burn in" you'd see on a plasma TV... (it eventually went away ~15min later) but i wonder if that coulda triggered it...
Nov 10, 2013
Hi I am experiencing the same problem with my 2days old Nexus4 16GB. I contacted google customer support n they suggested hard reset.The problem still persists after factory reset.
This static noise during phone call is really annoying to handle and since most of you are comnplaining of same problem in replacements sets I was wondering if its possible to get refund on this?

Nov 11, 2013
Me too, idem.

Nov 26, 2013
I sent my divice to LG. They changed some defect components. But: Buzzing still there. Ridiculous!
Nov 27, 2013
Even i am having the same problem in my 1 day old phone...:(

@tanushree....have u got refund??

Dec 4, 2013
I hace the nexus 4 and i hear a crack line sound in the background when i am on a call prevén when the phone is not in use and you out it to your ear. I called google and they sent me a new phone but that phone has the same issue. Called them again and they are sending me a third phone, hopefully is a good one
Dec 5, 2013
I would like to confirm that I am having the same issue with my google nexus 4 bought on September, 1st, 2013. I've been noticing a buzzing and rattle noise coming from the device's earpiece. It doesn't matter if the screen is turned on or off. The only thine I cannot hear it is just when the telephone is completed switched off.
Gonna contact google tomorrow.
Dec 21, 2013
Bought my nexus 4 a month ago. I have the faint buzzing sound, but only when the screen is on, and during calls. It is nonetheless, bothersome. Can someone tell me if this particular issue is fixable, or if I return this, will I get another piece with the same "defect"?
Dec 23, 2013
Did any get this issue solved in India. If you how did you get this to the notice of lg and solved it?
Feb 17, 2014
Nexus 4 16G gives a buzzing sound like white noise even when not in use. I can hear it just by putting the phone close to my ears.
Mar 2, 2014
I have the same problem. Poland, 16gb. No matter if screen on or off.
Mar 12, 2014
Buzzing/clicking problem while on normal Call, viber, tango, hangouts and even on normal notification tone. RMA done last friday...waiting for new device n report back...
May 6, 2014
The earpiece is always on because they are always listening. How creepy is that!
May 13, 2014
Nexus 4 is giving a buzzing sound no matter is it on or off. During a call it become much louder and very annoying. I bought this phone a month ago.
Jun 25, 2014
In my case I can hear the clicking / buzzing / knocking / cracking / electrical noise sounds from my Nexus 4 as long as the screen is on.
I believe it's not exactly from the earpiece area, but more from the upper-right area of the phone - below the front camera.
It happens regardless of whether it's a stock or a custom ROM.

During a phone call these sounds are way more frequent.
When the screen is off these sounds are getting less frequent for the first few seconds until I can hear none of these sounds.
As for rebooting - these sounds are getting less frequent as the phone is shutting down, and more frequent as it's starting up.
If I'm connecting a Bluetooth earpiece or activating the phone's speaker I can hear no sounds.

Some technical specifications from the bootloader:
product_name: mako
variant: mako 16 GB
hw version: rev_11
bootloader version: mako230d
baseband version: m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1701.02

I wonder if there is any solution to this issue.
From the comments above I understand that this issue is very frequent, and there are some devices that has it, and some that not.
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