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Recycle Sex Toys!

recycle sex toys with scarlet girl pleasure party green sex toy recycling

Scarlet Girl Sex Toy Recycling
Are you Sexstainable™?

· Did your Bullet lose its firepower?
· Cleaning out the ol’ toy box after a breakup?
· Is a broken Jackrabbit just taking up space in your sock drawer?

Well, stop throwing that stuff in the trash, and recycle your broken or old sex toys! Finally, you can quit worrying whether sanitation workers saw your broken vibrator in the trash, or that broken vibrator will still be in the landfill when your grandchildren have grandchildren.

Scarlet Girl has an environmentally friendly option for disposal and recycling of your unwanted or broken sex toys.
And the best part is Scarlet Girl PAYS YOU! Trade your unwanted or broken sex toys in for a $10 credit on your next online purchase from Scarlet Girl.

Simply fill out the online recycling form below, then print, pack and ship it with the toys to be recycled.

STEP ONE: Fill out and print the recycling form below
  • Fill out and print the "Recycle Your Sex Toys" form
  • Place the completed form inside the box you'll use to ship your recycling items
  • Address your shipment to:
    5331 SW Macadam Avenue
    Suite 258-409
    Portland, OR 97239

STEP TWO: Clean and package the toys you want recycled
  • If your vibrator takes batteries, please remove them. There are many local green solutions for recycling batteries; plus this saves you money on shipping.
  • Disinfect your unwanted sex toys by soaking them in a 10% solution of bleach for 10 minutes and let them air dry completely.
    Please don't send anything wet or dirty! If it's too gross to handle we won't be able to process your shipment, and will return to sender.
  • Place the cleaned and dried toys inside a plastic bag, before you box and ship them to us for recycling.
  • Be sure to add SGRecycle @ ScarletGirl.com (remove extra spaces) to your email address book, or white list.
  • The "Recycle Your Sex Toys" form must be filled out completely to claim your credit. Shipments with incomplete forms will not be processed or recycled.
  • Please allow up to 4 weeks, plus shipping time for processing. All standard shipping charges and taxes apply to this offer.
  • Packing materials will be recycled.
  • Please do not send sex dolls or items that are not sex toys (no lubes, DVDs, books, etc). Thanks!
  • OUR GREEN PROMISE: Your unwanted or broken sex toys will be broken down and properly recycled at facilities regulated by OSHA and the EPA.
  • YOUR GREEN: After we receive and process your shipment of unwanted or broken sex toys, we will email an electronic copy of your $10 credit.

    Recycle Sex Toys with Scarlet Girl Recycling

    The Legal Stuff

    This offer only applies to actual sex toys; sending us empty lipstick tubes or a length of old garden hose doesn’t count! Plenty of examples of “sex toys” can be seen on our beautiful website. We do accept broken or unwanted sex toys for recycling, whether or not you purchased them from us.

    This program is for Scarlet Girl clients, and other "civilians" only. We do not accept packages from representatives of other adult retailers, or home party companies, nor can we accept packages without a completed submission form. Packages without a completed submission form, or from representatives of other adult companies, will not be processed under this program. All shipping charges and taxes apply to this offer. We cannot accept packages with postage due.

    Thanks for understanding, and for caring about how we all impact our environment!

    All recycling packages must be mailed in. We cannot accept walk-in packages for any reason. For health and safety purposes we follow a very strict procedure in receipt and processing of recycling items.

    Please do not send sex dolls, including full or partial body models. At this time we are not equipped to handle these items.

    Please do not send items that are not sex toys, including DVDs, books, lubricant, electric toothbrushes, etc.

    Recycling form must be filled out completely to claim credit, and for items to be processed. Incomplete forms cannot be processed, will not be eligible for a credit, and will be returned to sender or discarded. Submissions without completed forms will not be processed.

    Please allow up to 4 weeks, plus shipping time, to process your credit. All standard shipping charges and taxes apply to this offer.

    This offer is only good on a future purchase, and cannot be applied to past purchases. You must have your Sex Toy Recycle credit code and enter it at the time of online purchase to receive your Sex Toy Recycle credit on that purchase.

    Please note that recycling credit is $10 per shipment, not per toy. While you are welcome to send multiple submissions, doing so will increase your shipping cost and require more resources to ship and process. You may receive multiple credit codes, however credit codes, coupons, and sale codes are not stackable at ScarletGirl.com. We respectfully ask our clients not to ship multiple packages in a specific attempt to collect multiple credits. It kind of defeats the spirit of the program.

    Thanks for being cool, and following these requests and guidelines!

    By submitting your sex toys for recycling, and your contact info for future purchase credit, your e-mail address is automatically placed on our mailing list to receive e-mail updates regarding special offers and new products and services. Even if you are already on our e-mail list, you must submit your completed form and sex toys for recycling credit, and complete a new form each time you submit a sex toy for recycling. We will never sell your email address or spam you.

    Email notices and newsletters are sent once monthly, sometimes less often, and rarely more than once a month. You can unsubscribe at any time with the click of a button. We want to make sure you know about cool new stuff, special offers, and sales; not harass you!

    If you notified us to be removed from the mailing list and you submit additional sexy toys for recycling and Scarlet Green purchase credit, your name and e-mail address will be, once again, automatically subscribed to our newsletter.

This article was added to our catalog on Monday 16 March, 2009.

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