Encrypted Chat Messages on Android

You would need to chat securely, privately in an encrypted environment whether you are a Doctor, patient or dealing with high end business deal in a direct communication without any security leak compromises on your information. SECUMOBI offers a highly military-grade encrypted chat messages service on Android phone using a crypto micro SD card that […]

Secure Hosted Virtual PBX

Secure Private Hosted PBX system by SECUMOBI

SECUMOBI is ready to overlook your existing hosted or virtual PBX and customize a highly encrypted solution that fits within the internal policy of your organization without any compromises on HD voice quality or text messaging. We are located in Sweden and we would like to hear from you – Call us now info@secumobi.com SECUMOBI […]

Ett säkrare samhälle med SECUMOBI

Secumobi_säkerhet kommunikation samtal medelande i PDF Knappast har det undgått någon den dramatiska ökningen av den illegala avlyssningen av röst och textkommunikationen mellan nyckelpersoner som medfört allvarliga konsekvenser för de flesta företag och statliga organisationer. Smartphones används idag frekvent utav de flesta och många missar nämligen att tänka på dess säkerhet såsom när man använder […]

säkerhetssamhälle SECUMOBI

International Secure Calls with High-End Encryption Configuration

How to Talk secrurely in an International encrypted calls with Confidence? Associations depend on gathering calling frameworks to run their day by day operations; from executive gatherings and Intellectual Property exchanges to emergency administration and military operations, they are a discriminating segment of the correspondences base. Then again, customary meeting scaffolds have intrinsic security dangers. Case […]

Secure SIP in a Mobile World

SECUMOBI received several requests to enable a full security range of products integrated in an existing VOIP providers and turn it into a secure SIP for enterprise solution in a mobile world where all employees, managers, and internal communications to be handled using SRTP on any Android mobile device. The BYOD (bring your own device) […]

Secure Phone Calls

Secure International Calls by SECUMOBI

How to make secure International Calls?

Are you on a business trip and worried about your calls being intercepted? Are you traveling abroad and worried about your spending for International mobile roaming calls? SECUMOBI was designed and deployed in order to help business profiles to use micro sd card and subscribe to their enterprise solution using an Encrypted VOIP, VOLTE with […]

Secure Phone Calls & Messages by SECUMOBI beats competition

Why would you choose SECUMOBI over any other Encrypted VOIP communications? The server never participate in the encryption mechanism, it is only a SIP server based on the standard. All the encryption mechanism and exchange of the keys are done peer to peer between the users and the keys never leave the Hardware and never […]

SECUMOBI to launch secure communications for cars

Make a secure phone call directly from your car based on a highly encrypted hardware micro-sd Android application. SECUMOBI is has been in talk with several vehicles manufacturers in order to release its secure crypto communication suites. Call us 0046768377477 in order to know more how to get your customized secure communication system in place.

Absolute Value for Secure Communication Solution

We live in a World where quality is the ultimate scoring card that buyers are looking for online, from other influencers, recommendation, test reviewers and so forth. The absolute value for consumers looking for encrypted high end communication for their companies is within these 5 factors: – Trustability – Quality – Security – Privacy – […]

Secure Hosted Virtual PBX

Why SECUMOBI is your ultimate SECURE Communication service?

SECUMOBI is an End to end encryption SECUMOBI provides end-to-end encryption of calls and messages between SECUMOBI users with “perfect forward secrecy” by generating a unique encryption key for each call. Security card performs all cryptographic functions, including encrypting the speech stream. One party encrypts the information and the other party decrypts it. Only the […]