Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Camo Edition

Along with the Les Paul Supreme the other “non standard” model that seems to have the most copies is the Zakk Wylde range, (the very reason it has it’s own category on your favourite/favorite site devoted to fake gibson guitars. ;-)

There are plenty of the white n’ black Bullseye’s on here and now, thanks to Marjan we have a camo edition.


The usual imperfections do not apply here as the real model is slightly different from the white Customs, however the bridge is wrong and the headstock, inlay and Gibson logo are at incorrect angles. Interestingly enough the colour/color of the fretbord is correct, though I doubt it is the right species of wood.

fake zakk backhead

More inconsistencies are shown on the back of the headstock, the silhouette is too high, it’s got made in U.S.A. stamped on it, (this is a Custom Shop model) and it has a one piece neck instead of the three piece.

What made me smile about this forgery is the fact that it has “Zakk’s signature” on the back, implying that the man himself had been privy to this guitar and put some ink to it, (before the tuners were put on, apparently), surely nothing greater could verify this guitars authenticity. Well anyone who can copy a signature can do that, although I suspect it is printed on from a scanned picture. From the photo it looks almost genuine, (as genuine as the “signed” photo of Prince my wife has proudly hung up on our staircase that is).


To prove my point would anyone care to bid on this jigsaw of Will & Grace that “Zakk” signed for me? No. thought not.

A shout out to Marjan for spotting this one on eBay. Thank you.