Dr. David Agus: Movement is a Must

Movement isn't a luxury, it's a necessity that we are designed to perform.

We know we have to Move. it’s in our DNA. It’s survival at its most basic. This is the message Dr. David B. Agus is trying to deliver. This is his life’s mission, that movement is a must. He’s dedicated his career to studying the benefits of movement and its association with active lifestyles.

The professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine is a focused man, compact, fit and vehemently devoted to delivering the doctrine of movement

As a practicing oncologist, Dr. Agus’ charge is to “prevent disease” and movement is his paramount prescription. While often taken for granted, Dr. Agus believes that the ability to move and move with purpose is one of our most valuable resources. It is one of the most important factors in determining physical health and is something we’re all in control of.

Movement isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity that we are designed to perform. More than a singular burst or jolt, Dr. Agus stresses the distinction between the post-work gym session and the conscious decision to consistently move all day. While allocating a concentrated amount of time to movement is good, making movement a prerequisite in every stage of our day is better. It hurts to hear, but the morning run isn’t enough. While it’s a solid start, Dr. Agus cautions that if your morning workout is followed by five hours of sedentary sitting, it’s “equivalent on a health basis to smoking a pack and a quarter of cigarettes.”

According to Dr. Agus, “It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do,” and we can all strive to move more, move more often and move with intensity.

One of his solutions (he borrows from a famed economist): “Make elevators coin operated.”

At scale, this equates to pockets of consistent movement throughout one’s day. When asked how he practices what he professes, Dr. Agus quickly touts walking meetings, exercising in concert with his dog and of course his treadmill desk. Admittedly, the treadmill desk won’t work for everyone, but that’s not the point. The ethos is to embrace movement in places of stillness. Ditch the train and walk to work, reject the institution of escalators, get active earlier and stay active all day.

The importance of movement cannot be overstated. As Dr. Agus illustrates, “the data is, the more you move the longer you live.” With that in mind, Dr. Agus encourages all catalysts of movement, particularly to his patients, including the Nike+ FuelBand. When we ask about his initial experience with the Nike+ FuelBand, he quickly admits, “I was shocked when I put it on at how much I sat during the day.” Thinking he was the epitome of health, the practice of slapping the Nike+ FuelBand on and periodically checking his score helped serve as a movement reality check for his day-to-day. The competitive component of NikeFuel is also at play in the Agus household. He and his wife have become quite familiar with the NikeFuel leaderboard and when he’s trailing, Dr. Agus employs the late night dog walk as a last ditch effort to end the day on top.

According to Dr. Agus, “It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do,” and we can all strive to move more, move more often and move with intensity.


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