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Ultimate Sample Manipulation Synthesizer

'The best synth I have ever used in my entire life.' - BT

Alchemy is the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer which can turn your musical dreams into reality. Buy now and get a free sound library* of your choice!

It's a synth powerhouse and yet is easy to use thanks to its powerful browser, performance controls and remix pad. The library of contemporary sounds explores new sonic territory ranging from cutting-edge pads and sublime soundscapes to ultra-fat basses and synths. Just tweak the library of presets from many of the world's top sound designers or dive in and analyse your own samples - it's up to you!

Easily Search & Tweak 1000+ Inspiring Presets

Alchemy is perfect if you want quick and easy access to inspiring sounds. The new browser in v1.5 is the most fully-featured sound browser available, allowing you to find all your slow attack strings, glitchy dubstep basses, tempo-synched warm pads, or whatever you need in a matter of seconds. All Camel Audio presets have been carefully tagged by category, genre, articulation, and timbre. Finding favourites is a breeze � simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating. You can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular project or live set.

Alchemy ships with over 5GB of exclusive samples and a library of over 1000 presets (8000 remix variations) including a free Sound Library of your choice, from many of the world's top sound designers. Sounds range from soaring pads to endlessly evolving soundscapes and playable arps. There is an extensive range of Sound Libraries available to further extend your library.

The perform section gives access to the most important controls for the current preset, making it simple to tweak. Quickly alter sounds to fit your music using the remix pad to explore the space between the 8 hand crafted variations of each sound.

The Alchemy App for iPhone and iPad is an inspiring touch remote. It's perfect onstage for live performances or in the studio you'll spend more time getting inspired at your controller keyboard and less time reaching for the mouse.

Ultimate Sample Manipulation Synthesizer

Alchemy allows you to manipulate sounds in ways which are impossible with any other soft synth or sampler. Alchemy features the most powerful additive synthesis engine with the most accurate resynthesis available in any plugin, which allows you to create unique sounds. Alchemy also features spectral and granular synthesis, sampling, and a fat sounding virtual analog engine - it's like getting five synths for the price of one! You can morph or crossfade between sources for anything from vector mixing, to morphing one voice into another. Listen to the music player above to hear the huge variety of possibilities.

You can import your own samples from SFZ, WAV or AIFF files. A wide range of analog modelled filters are included, in addition to a flexible rack of effects which includes all those from CamelPhat and CamelSpace as well as many new effects such as a high quality reverb. The innovative modulation system is extremely flexible, yet easy to use. Alchemy also features a powerful arpeggiator.

Watch video tutorials covering each area in bite sized 10 minute chunks. Or search the comprehensive, easy to read manual. Download the four week fully functional demo now and turn your musical dreams into reality!


"Alchemy provides more scope, flexibility and synthesis options than I've ever seen in any soft synth, yet you never feel you've entered a boffin's lair. This is design at its cleverest! ... Alchemy is a deceptively deep synth, yet its engine remains incredibly easy-to-use, and it's also excellent value for money."
Sound on Sound, UK
"If you love programming amazing sounds - or even just playing them - don't miss Alchemy. It immediately jumped to the top of my short list of stunning, next-generation software instruments. ... Huge factory sound set. Incredibly deep programming. Massive realtime modulation possibilities. "
Key Buy Award
Keyboard, US
"Alchemy is an astonishing instrument that will delight hardcore synth and sampler lovers no end ... Great modulation system. Sensible interface design. Awesome synthesis/sampling engine. As deep as you care to take it. Practically unrivalled sample control."
9/10 - Editors Choice Award, Performance Award
Computer Music, UK
"There was a bumper crop of excellent soft synths this season, but Camel Audio Alchemy was the overwhelming favorite among our reviewers and editors. It draws on multiple synthesis techniques�additive, spectral modeling, granular and sample playback�to perform its alchemist's magic."
Editors Choice Award
Electronic Musician, US

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"This is the best synth I have ever used in my entire life. Hard or soft synth, the most elegant, animated, beautiful, evocative synthesizer ever made."


"This synth is going to be all over my next record. I haven't touched my virus in weeks!"


"I can honestly say it's the most inspiring synth I've ever worked with. It's 100% responsible for the creative juices returning in epic proportions."

Dean Ramirez

"I've just checked out Alchemy and my god is that thing hot. So fat, so warm, so amazing!"
Dean Ramirez


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Amazing Sounds
Alchemy comes with a library of 1000 presets including a free Sound Library of your choice (view full list) covering everything from evolving pads, and sublime soundscapes to playable arps, basses, vocal textures and atmospheric sound effects designed by many of the worlds top sound designers. It also features a 5.5GB sample library recorded over many years of dedicated sampling sessions, covering both unusual creative material such as the sound of chewing polystyrene and more conventional sampling of numerous acoustic instruments and voices, including a chamber choir.

  • over 5.5GB of samples and analysed content from in-house designers Tim Conrardy and Biomechanoid, as well as designers such as Ian Boddy, Robert Rich, Scott Solida and Nucleus SoundLab
  • sound designers include Biomechanoid, Tim Conrardy, Arksun, Luftrum, Ian Boddy, Richard Devine, Michael Kastrup, Junkie XL, Ugo, Artvera, John 'Skippy' Lehmkuhl, Tasmodia, Adam van Baker, Robert Rich, Lotuzia, bManic, Beej, Xenox, Jim Hunter, Antonio Blanca, Torben Hansen, Paul Nauert, Christian Kjeldsen, Rory Dow, Bryan 'Xenos' Lee, Ole Jeppesen, Martin Walker, Pendle, BigTone, himalaya, patchen preston, yuroun and Dangerous Bear
  • all presets carefully tagged tagged for the new browser
  • intelligent random preset generation with a single click
  • import your own SFZ and WAV files
  • advanced resynthesis engines help keep the library small, reducing the need for a huge disk-straining sample library
  • many expansion Sound Libraries available
Powerful Browser
The new browser is the most fully-featured sound browser available, allowing you to find all your slow attack strings, glitchy dubstep basses, tempo-synched warm pads, or whatever they need in a matter of seconds. All Camel Audio presets have been carefully tagged by category, subcategory, genre, sound library, sound designer, articulation, and timbre. Finding favourites is a breeze � simply rate presets with a single click and then sort by rating. Users can add tags to make it easy to call up presets associated with a particular project or live set, and can also add comments to presets with playing tips or other notes.

  • Search by Category, Subcategory, Genre, Sound Library, Sound Designer, Articulation or Timbre
  • All Alchemy and Alchemy Sound Libraries fully tagged to make finding sounds a breeze
  • One click rating of presets and sort by rating or alphabetically
  • Add user tags, so you can tag presets associated with a particular project or live set
  • Easy to use tagging of presets including the ability to apply tags to multiple presets
  • Free text search of all fields including preset name
  • Add comments to presets for playing suggestions or other notes
  • Browser displays image for each Sound Library
Performance Controls
Alchemy is perfect if you just want to quickly and easily have access to inspiring sounds. The perform section makes it possible to have an incredibly powerful synth with an incredibly simple interface. The perform section has the most important controls for the current sound. The remix pad makes it possible to quickly experiment with variations of the current sound - simply click and drag to morph between the eight variations.

  • 16 controls per preset carefully assigned by the preset designer, for instant access to each presets most tweakable parameters
  • 8 remix pad variations per preset - click and drag to morph between variations
  • two XY squares
  • unique 'auto assign' feature to assign a full set of performance controls with two clicks
Morphable Sources
Alchemy has four sources which are each capable of resynthesizing sounds using a wide range of techniques. Alchemy is capable of a larger number of resynthesis techniques with higher quality resynthesis than with any other software synth. Resynthesis allows you to do many interesting things which are impossible with conventional samplers such as morph between sounds, change the balance between the pitched and noise parts of a sound, adjust the odd/even harmonic balance and stretch or elongate the parts of a sound. Listen to track one in the music player in the top left of this page to get a taste of what's possible.

  • 4 stereo sources each of which has additive, VA, spectral, granular and sampler engines
  • morph between sources using advanced harmonic blending and precise time alignment
  • crossfade between sounds with vector mixing
  • modulatable stretch and position knobs for anything from tempo synced loops to wavesequencing
  • up to 100 zones per source using any synthesis method
  • easy to use file import browser with sample preview
  • micro tuning support with comprehensive categorized library of scales
  • highly optimized code including SSE and Altivec optimizations
Additive Resynthesizer
Alchemy has the most powerful additive synthesis engine available in any soft synth. Additive synthesis is capable of creating any sound you can imagine. When you import a sound to the additive engine, you break it down into its harmonics, which offers an incredible depth of control over the sound.

  • very high quality analysis and resynthesis - import vocal phrases, drum loops, ...
  • up to 600 stereo oscillators
  • realtime modulation of amplitude, pitch and pan spectrums by any modulator - for example, control the odd/even harmonic balance, pan partials using LFOs, stretch or contract the harmonic spectrum and lots more
  • individual amplitude, pitch and pan envelopes for each partial
  • easy to use additive editor with unique detail knob to simplify sounds for editing
Spectral Resynthesizer
The spectral synthesis engine allows you to analyse sounds and then perform high quality pitch and time stretching on them. You can also view the sounds as pictures and edit them with paint brushes and other graphics tools.

  • phase vocoder analysis for high quality pitch and time stretching
  • noise resynthesis mode using 256 band noise shaping
  • advanced graphical sonogram editing - choose from a range of brushes and select the colour and opacity
  • graphical spectral cut, copy and paste - cut or copy and paste specific frequency and time regions
Granular Synthesizer
Granular synthesis represents sounds as a stream of �grains�, or tiny pieces of sound. Alchemy offers a very powerful granular synthesis engine which is great for time stretching and pitch shifting as well as creating all kinds of special effects.

  • freely modulatable parameters including grain size, density (up to 10 simultaneous grains), random grain time and random pan
  • selectable and customizable granular window shapes
Alchemy can play back highly detailed sample libraries of acoustic instruments, as it now supports round-robin and key-switching plus unlimited keyboard zones and velocity layers. Alchemy may be the only sample player you ever need, since it can now load third-party or converted SFZ libraries, or you can select multiple WAV files and have them automatically mapped across the keyboard. When you load an SFZ file, Alchemy automatically creates eight remix pad variations using different effects and modulations.

  • round-robin provides realistic repeated notes
  • keyswitching for rapid access to different articulations
  • automatic easy mapping of multiple WAV files across the keyboard
  • intelligent memory handling to allow you to load any SFZ file no matter how large
  • SFZ opcodes supported: 'region' and 'group' headers and the following opcodes: sample, pitch_keycenter, lokey, hikey, key, lovel, hivel, loop_mode, cutoff, fil_veltrack, default_path, volume, tune, pan, seq_position, trigger, sw_last.
Virtual Analog Synthesizer
    Alchemy has a virtual analog synthesis engine with a wide variety of waveform shapes, pulse width modulation and a powerful unison engine capable of synthesising up to 600 oscillators.

  • PWM and symmetry control
  • initial phase control
  • up to 600 oscillator unison with pitch, amp and pan control of unison oscillators
  • large library of single cycle waveforms from classic synths to new designs by Galbanum
Flexible Modulation
Alchemy has a more powerful modulation system than any soft-synth outside of dedicated synth construction environments. Alchemy features a unique �modular� modulation system which combines ease of use with almost limitless flexibility. It�s a bit different from an ordinary synthesizer�s modulation system, but don�t worry: you can learn the basics in no time.

  • up to 16 LFOs, 16 AHDSRs, 16 MSEGs, 16 step sequencers - only those you use are displayed
  • virtually every knob is modulatable by up to five different modulators (including modulation-depth knobs, modulator parameters...)
  • advanced mod-map feature for anything from drawing custom velocity curves to creating algorithmic random note in a scale effects
  • xy-mseg shows you a vector style view of two parameters such as morph x and y position, with ability to import xy timelines
  • per destination 'smooth' control
  • modulation arcs intuitively show the range of modulation
  • modulation details of selected knob automatically displayed
  • right click on knob and select 'add modulation' to rapidly add and assign modulators
  • playing speed modulation source allows variable response to fast and slow playing; for example to crossfade between staccato and legato samples
  • unique flip-flop modulation source for customizable round robin effects
Analog Filters
    Alchemy has 31 different filter types including many based on analog models of classic synths. With three filter slots per source, plus two main filters and two filters in the effects rack, you can have up to a massive 15 simultaneous filters.

  • up to 15 simultaneous filters
  • 31 different filter types including 18 analog modelled filters, 2 comb filters, 3 CamelPhat distortion algorithms and polyphonic ring modulation
  • each source can be mixed between 2 parallel main filters each of which has an effects mix control
  • 3 filters per source configurable between serial and parallel modes; applications include formant filtering with free control over the frequency and bandwidth of each formant
16 Effects
Alchemy boasts a wide variety of high quality effects processors, and what's more, virtually all the effects parameters are modulatable offering a huge variety of possibilities.

  • camel reverb, acoustic reverb, 2 delays, 2 mod fx (each capable of flanger and chorus effects), 2 distortions (each has bit crusher, tube, mech and xcita effects), bass enhancer, compressor, multi mode filter, 2 bandpass filters and band reject mixers, 2 three band EQs, panner and amplifier
  • all of the CamelSpace and CamelPhat effects included
  • virtually all effects parameters are modulatable
  • acoustic reverb with detailed control of time, damping and room design
  • up to five effects blocks can be applied in any order
  • flexible delay featuring two filter slots, crossover, offset and initial delay controls
  • band pass filters and associated band reject mixers allow you to apply effects to specific frequency ranges for effects such as multiband distortion
Groove Arpeggiator
Alchemy has a flexible arpeggiator with up to 128 steps and separate control over the velocity, pitch, pan and precise timing of each note, and you can even import midi files.

  • separate control of the velocity, pitch and pan of each note
  • midi file import for drum patterns and melodies
  • 'groove import' to synchronize to a particular drum pattern
  • wide variety of modes including up, down, up/down, down/up, as played, random and chord
  • many parameters including multiple latch modes, key splits, played key velocity control, octave and source controllable from the modulation system
  • ability to control one source or all four
  • up to 128 steps
Remote Control for iPhone/iPad
The touch remote feature of the Alchemy Mobile App allows you to combine the immediacy of touch with the power of a desktop synthesizer. Change preset, move the remix pad, and access performance controls � all without leaving the comfort of your controller keyboard. Previously the domain of multi-thousand dollar devices, polyphonic pitch bend is new to v1.5, and offers an amazingly expressive way of playing instruments � especially when combined with polyphonic aftertouch. Also users can now save desktop presets and all referenced WAVs in a single .CamelSounds file, making it easier to move sounds to the mobile version, or another PC.

  • touch control of the remix pad and performance controls
  • easy one touch preset changes
  • polyphonic pitch bend
  • polyphonic aftertouch
  • spend more time getting inspired and less time reaching for your mouse
Registered User Benefits
When you purchase products directly from us or via an official reseller, you get a free registration service included, which gives you access to a whole host of benefits that are listed below. By buying our software you enable us to create new products and can influence what we make. We actively listen to our customers through dialog on our forum and via email. We have added many features for free, and our registered customers get discounts on new products. We are a very small company, and really appreciate every customer - without them, none of our products would exist.

  • download it from your account anytime, anywhere
  • personalized binary for hassle free copy protection
  • get access to the latest version with new features
  • access the User Library which contains numerous presets and utilties
  • context sensitive help takes you directly to the relevant part of the easy to read, searchable manual.
  • watch tutorial videos explaining how to get the most from Alchemy
  • access to our support forum
  • get access to our friendly and knowledgeable tech support (

Alchemy Bundles - Complete Inspiration

Alchemy Complete

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Alchemy - Global Source / AHDSR / Perform - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Nightshade Skin - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Browser View - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Browser Edit View - VSTi instrument / Audio Unit
Alchemy - Simple View - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Additive / MSEG / Arpeggiator - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Spectral / XYMSEG / Effects - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Source Edit - Main - VSTi instrument / Audio Unit
Alchemy - Source Edit - Additive - VSTi instrument / Audio UnitAlchemy - Source Edit - Spectral - VSTi instrument / Audio Unit
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System Requirements


  • OSX 10.6.8 or later
  • 2Ghz Intel CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 6GB HD Space
  • VST / AU / RTAS 32-bit or 64-bit host


  • XP (see FAQ) / Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
  • 2GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 6GB HD Space
  • VST / RTAS 32-bit or 64-bit host

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