E-Learning: Online Customer Service Courses

WorldHostTraining Services offer e-Learning as our newest training solution. This option is ideal if you prefer to complete training at your own pace, as well as for those who may find it challenging to access in-class workshops.

WorldHost e-Learning currently available:

Communication Tools For Service Professionals
This online course provides service professionals with enhanced communication skills required to deliver superior customer service.
Customers with Disabilities
This online course is designed to increase front-line employees' sensitivity toward people with disabilities, and to provide superior customer service skills that respect every visitor's unique needs.
Service Across Cultures
This online course is designed to help front-line workers improve communication with, and provide excellent customer service to all customers from diverse cultures.
Remarkable Service in the Age of Social Media – Frontline Staff
This course is designed to give frontline service industry workers the knowledge and skills required to provide service that compels customers to endorse, review and recommend your business on social media channels like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook and Twitter.
Remarkable Service in the Age of Social Media – Social Media Administrators
Designed for anyone who is responsible for administering social media on behalf of a tourism business, this course focuses on roles and responsibilities, effective communications and customer service excellence.

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