It was a nice idea to work on Iphone 6 and Note 4 covers, Cases and Accesories.Niche Nailed It Completely..

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I just scored a PERFECT on my final for my class. The same class I missed the entire first week for due to financial aide snags preventing my enrollment. For those that don't know, this is an accellerated program requiring all information to be learned in 4 weeks. So I started late and still finished early, I turned in all my work for week four last week and left the final for today...
Yawn. Ok, time to get sleep I only had 2 hours of sleep last night.

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If the Ebola Virus Goes Airborne, 1.2 million Will Die Expert Predicts

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An aerial picture taken on September 14, 2014 shows a small plane flying over the Bardarbunga volcano as it spews lava in southeast Iceland.

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It's amazing how one person can make you feel so special even though they live so far away.

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Manchester United legend Bryan Robson says the Reds' summer transfer activity "sends out a message reminding who we are."

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After just 203 days, Yahoo's fine (from NSA noncompliance) would equal the world's total wealth