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Authorized King James Version:
   Authorized King James Bible.
   Authorized King James Bible. Searchable text.
   Audio Bibles (CD, DVD and MP3) for purchase.
   Bible Alphabet, A to Z.
   The Bible: An Introductory Study.
   The Bible and Creation. Stephen Ross.
   The Bible Stands. Website.
   The Bible, the Word of God. Author unknown.
   The Bible's Proof. David Cloud.
   Biblical Inspiration. David Cloud.
   A Creationist's Defense of the King James Bible. Henry M. Morris. PDF
   The Doctrine of the Scriptures. William Evans. PDF
   Fundamentalist Ministries. Standing for the Authorized KJV.
   Inspiration of the Bible. William Evans  PDF
   Interesting Facts About the English Bible. Stephen Ross.
   Ninety Hard Words in the Bible. Richard Flanders.
   Suggested Resources on the Bible Text/Version Issue.
   Ten Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God. R. A. Torrey
   What Every Christian Should Believe About the Bible. William Evans
   Why the King James Version? Charles V. Turner.
   Why We Use the King James Version of the Bible. Richard Flanders.
   The Wonder of the Book. Dyson Hague; edited by Stephen Ross.

Bible Study/Reading/Memorization:
   Benefits of Systematic Bible Study. Samuel Ridout.
   The Bible and Creation. Stephen Ross.
   Bible Marking. D. L. Moody.
   Daily Bible Reading. Samuel Ridout.
   Daily Bible Reading Schedules.
   Dispensational Study. Samuel Ridout.
   Faithful Sayings in the Bible. Stephen Ross.
   The "Forty Days" of Scripture. W. T. P. Wolston.
   Hints for Reading the Bible. N. A. Woychuk.
   Interesting Facts About the English Bible. Stephen Ross.
   Methods of Bible Study. R. A. Torrey
   Memorizing Scripture. Samuel Ridout
   Night Scenes of Scripture. W. T. P. Wolston.
   Reasons for Memorizing Scripture. Stephen Ross PDF
   Recommended Bible Study Books/Commentaries.
   Scripture Memorization Program. Stephen Ross.
   Searching the Scriptures: An Introduction.
   Ten Tips for Daily Bible Reading. David Cloud.
   Titles, Pictures & Descriptions of the Word of God.
   Why Read the Bible? Franklin Huling.

   The Bible and Creation. Stephen Ross.

Dynamic Equivalency:
   Dynamic Equivalency: Its Influence and Error. David Cloud. eBook

   The Story of the English Bible. For Younger Readers.

Modern Bible Versions:
   Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions. Paul Freeman.
   Critique of From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man. Jeffrey Khoo.
   Critique of God's Word in Our Hands: The Bible Preserved... Thomas M. Strouse.
   Emergence of Neo-Fundamentalism: One Bible Only? Jeffrey Khoo.
   The English Standard Version. Trinitarian Bible Society. PDF
   Modern Bible Versions are Dangerous! M.H. Reynolds, Jr.
   The New King James Bible Examined. M.H. Reynolds, Jr.
   NIV Bible Quiz. Rex Cobb.
   Position of the Bible Department of BJU on the Scripture.
   Should Fundamentalists Use the NASV? Thomas M. Strouse.
   Suggested Resources on the Text/Bible Version Issue.
   Translators of the New American Standard Bible.

   The Holy Bible. Various authors.
   Poems & Songs About the Bible.

Texts and Textual Criticism:
   Is the Received Text Based on a Few Late Manuscripts? David Cloud.
   The Lord Gave the Word... Malcolm H. Watts. PDF
   Textual Criticism is Drawn From the Wells of Infidelity. David Cloud.
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