Expat faces death by stoning after admitting in court to cheating on husband

Abu Dhabi CourtA maid has been sentenced to death by stoning after becoming pregnant outside of marriage.

Abu Dhabi Criminal Court gave the Indonesian woman the death penalty after she was found guilty of adultery. Chief Justice Sayed Abdul Baseer, head of the criminal court, said he handed down capital punishment to the Muslim woman as she had confessed to committing the crime, adding that the sentence was in line with Islamic law.

He added the pregnancy was enough proof of sex out of wedlock and that the woman, who is married, had to be convicted of adultery. The maid, whose husband does not live in the UAE, worked for an Arab family in the capital.

Official records show she was taken to hospital after suffering abdominal pains. A medical examination confirmed that the woman was pregnant. The maid confessed in court that she committed adultery. However, she claimed that she did not know the whereabouts of the man who had made her pregnant.

Under Sharia law, adultery can be substantiated through a confession or if four people witnessed the offence and testified before the court. A judicial official said the housemaid can appeal the sentence if she chooses. He added that Abu Dhabi Criminal Court has previously sentenced defendants in similar cases to death by stoning, but the sentences were never carried out.

A judicial expert said that although UAE laws are based on Sharia law, the courts exercise leniency as much as possible on people charged with such offences.

Last month, 7DAYS reported that a judge at the court advised a married man that he could avoid a death sentence if he changed his guilty plea in an adultery case, despite having admitted in court 10 times that he cheated on his wife.



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  1. What hypocricy is this, stoning a lady for this crime…it takes two to tango, serve real justice.

    There’s thousands of cases of paid help in this city, just round up all of those ‘ladies’, oh hold on, forgot, they help drive the hotel industry and add to the economy……

  2. When i went through my divorce in Dubai & I had proof that my husband was cheating on me, they were like, what ever. When my husband accused me of the same; they look at me in shock, disgust and sprung into action – ‘pull out her phone records, camera’s in the building etc etc’. I just stood there and laughed at this so called ‘law’.

  3. Stoning to death a pregnant woman….brutality and barbarism. Stone age form of death penalty that, whether or not, ever happens, should not even be mentioned. You’re better than that, Abu Dhabi. You are the capital of the most celebrated country in the world right now. The pearl of forward thinking and reshaping the mindset of the Middle East. I realise that women are just above insects when it comes to fairness, in many eyes, but show some humanity, please. The father is less punished. Just because he isn’t carrying the baby. I can’t believe that, whether or not it goes through, you would sentence a mother….a new mother….(only because I cannot imagine you would brutally stone to death a woman carrying a child…no one is that inhumane)…..to death. A woman that brings life to the world is sentence to death. I’m ashamed. Just send her home. Deport her. You will be destroying two lives, if not. Can you imagine being the son or daughter of this woman, growing up in a foster home knowing that her mother was destroyed for giving you life. Something inherently wrong with that.

  4. John, it clearly says that it is highly unlikely that she will be stoned to death. I personally think that person was silly to confess anyways. As mentioned, you need either 4 witnesses (which is usually highly unlikely) or a confession, as a result of course the act of stoning is highly uncommon in the UAE. However the court does follow Sharia Law so of course it is inclined to carry out whatever punishment as long as there is sufficient evidence. Besides, the courts are lenient and they usually will try to convince the accused to take back their confession or whatever so that they do not have to go through with the punishment.

  5. That is totally fair, in ISLAM adultery crime is punished by sentence to death, great respect to UAE

  6. According to SHARIA law you need FOUR witnesses to prove the person guilty which is probably not gonna happen anyway…also the law also states that BOTH SHOULD BE PUNISHED therefore its totally fair. Its not the courts fault the woman doesnt know who the man was. ABSOLUTELY FAIR JUDGEMENT.

  7. Why the court of UAE still didn’t stone to death two Local guys who raped French girl? Just courious about Islam and Sharia Laws, not against them…. 7 Days, it was on your news, that those two are still in process since last year avoiding the guiltiness……

  8. This is a barbaric way to mete out “justice” for adultery regardless of religion. Ask yourself, will it truly make you feel satisfied and happy that an unborn baby and it’s mother will be killed because she is pregnant out of wedlock? Will she be a danger to any of us? Is it in the public interest to take two human lives for this reason? It is behaviour from the Middle Ages. There are many reasons to respect the UAE but this is not one of them.

  9. On what basis can you punish that baby

  10. “she claimed that she did not know the whereabouts of the man who had made her pregnant” – how is that possible, she got pregnant out of the blue….check her employer too

  11. In ISLAM adultery crime is punished by sentence to death is 110% correct. But, are you really a true Muslim. You never committed anything bad or sin in your life. Are you really a perfect person. That lady was also a human. Let me tell you in Islam to kill someone is also a sin. That poor lady was not only involved that man was also a part of that sin. If you are really a true Muslim then prove it.
    Why every time women has to suffer. Why the men thinks that he’s perfect after doing all wrongs he’s perfect. Think, someday might be your sister or daughter falls in love with the cheater guy. That time what you will do. Are you going to apply the same for her?
    Please Heartless people. Think what sin you all are doing. I really don’t know what type of mentality people have in this earth. I am really sorry to say mostly Muslims are pointing over these issues. And they don’t see what they are actually doing themselves. Please my Muslim brothers and sisters wake up. I am also Muslim but really feel sorry for that poor lady.

  12. Lamis- God is love , not a vengeful being who punishes anyone for wrong-doings .God would never harm his own creation . In Islam is said God is ever forgiving !

  13. If a woman commits adultery, how about his partner? Are they serving the same gravity of the crime committed if convicted regardless of his nationality & belief.

  14. To all those speak or write ill of Sharia law, the capital punishment awarded to the convict is in line with Islamic principle. More particularly, work force from foreign countries are expected to stricly adhere to the local law and oder. It is unethical to talk about something irrelevant to the topic.

  15. It is a very must justified decision. However i would like to point out a few things for those who feel against the punishmen.

    1. She confessed her crime. So she has to grt the punishment according to the shariah law which requires either 4 witnesses or confession. And coz she confessed of committing adultery, she deserves to be stoned to death.

    2. Why the man is not punished? Well, of course the man involved in adultery is an equal criminal. But the article clearly states that she is unaware of his whereabouts!

    3. Adultery in getting common and it needs to come to an end. This law is in place so that people fear of being stoned or lashed to death before committing this major sin. This will prove as a lesson for others.

    4. It does not state anywhere is the article that she will be killed before delivering. I am 100% confident the baby will remain safe.

    In fact, the court should stop encouraging suc criminals to take back their confessions! This punishment MUST be carried out so that ithers think a zillion times before committing adultery and before cheating on their spouse!

    It is ridiculous and it is heights of hypocrisy to announce a punishment on one hand, and at the same time encourage them to take back the confession so that they do not have to carry out the actual stoning!

    I urge the Abu Dhabi court to carry out the punishment in order to serve as a lesson for others.

    No one is perfect, niether am I. But the Islamic laws are meant to be followed.

    Allah knows best.

  16. There is one thing that no one mentioned here that the death plenty for the adultery is sentenced to a married lady and this is complied in sharia law as a deterrent for any one from destroying a family, because by her action she destroyed her family (husband and children) when they got to know that she has committed such an action and it also complied to the married man in sharia law, so you can feel sorry for her – as I do- but at the end she was the one who committed this action and for people who are asking for the punishment to her partner in the crime of course if they got to know him he will face the same plenty according to the circumstances.

  17. its hard to believe how she got pregnant and doesn’t know where the where about of the man….bcoz muslim maid who works in an arab family…never got a chance to go out..they don’t have off days at all…why don’t they investigate first how did it happen for her to get pregnant when she don’t have any chance of going out…sometimes someone needs to confess becoz of fear…and not all confession is true or with ur own will…

  18. what about the child? will he/she be stoned with mother? if punishment carried out after delivery the whole life of the child will be hell.

  19. I firmly beleive that court and goverment will do there best for that lady.

  20. She was probably too scared to say that it was an immaculate conception.

  21. UAE is a fine country but this is not fair. What is the fault of this baby? What about those men who are making these maids pregnant ? Further if UAE is so religious, what about those “ladies” available for sex all over in the country? In Islam Alcohol is also not allowed but number of Bars and night clubs in UAE are justified!!

  22. Those rules in Islamic Sharia are set for a divine purpose, some we understand now and some we may understand in the future. The concept of adultery is leniently dealt with nowadays, however, in Islam it SHOULD NOT since this act promotes vice in the society and destruction of the family.

    One thing was not mentioned to clarify the penalty; the severity is at maximum if one of the parties (or both) is/are in wedlock, however, if a party is not married the severity is lower which is 80 lashes.

    I have all the respect for the Capital !

  23. People like this woman disgust me, cheating on her husband and getting pregnant off some other guy while living in a foreign country, infidelity at its finest ! That being said giving her the death penalty will not do any justice, just blacklist and deport her back to Indonesia, just the stigma of having to go back to her country without a job and being pregnant to an angry husband waiting to kill her himself should serve justice itself !

  24. Guys, easy please. The mother will be given sometime to give birth than only they can conduct this punishment. The second thing, they should investigate about the man (her partner) and do the same thing for him, to make it fair. Finally this law is to make people fear committing such sins, and to keep the society clean from this crimes.

  25. its right that punishment of adultery is stoning to death, but do you think this punishment can be implemented in uae, where there are thousands of clubs, bars, alcohol, prostitutes. if you want to implement sharia law, first be an example, implement on yourself first, make everything according to sharia. stop spoiling Islamic views ,laws, traditions.

  26. I think Stoning had stopped in the UAE.(the law is there but not executed except for extreme cases only, that’s up to the judge to decide). Plus if the woman is pregnant stoning in religion doesn’t happen till after 2 years of giving birth and this is the period that Islam gave for the woman to feed her child. Although this is the Shariaa law but now a days this is equal to 2 months to a one year jail nd the expat will deported from the country and won’t be able to come back. Different Islamic reference debated that this punishment was a requirement before but now a days it’s only required in extreme cases some believe it has to be carried own.

  27. But in the article it said these type of sentencing’s have been handed down before but have never been carried out. Also, it does not say in the Quran that the penalty for adultery is death. The penalty is to be flogged 80 times; “Flog them with eighty stripes” ch.24-verse 4. In the Ahadith is where it is written death by stoning and there are some schools of thought in Islam who do not accept that as sound. (I personally think if it contradicts Quran, then maybe it should be reevaluated by the scholars)

  28. whoops, my mistake, it is 100 floggings that is the punishment for adultery stated in the Quran ch 24- verse 2…..”The woman and the man Guilty of adultery or fornication, Flog each of them With a hundred stripes: Let not compassion mover you in their case, in the matter Prescribled by god, if ye believe In God and the Last Day: And let a party of the Believers Witness their punishment.”

  29. Good afternoon everyone I read all the comments. That law is unfair for all the woman’s you know sometimes it really happens that you full of love in the wrong time at wrong place. Your Muslim or christian we all
    Create of God/Allah. Before you guys give punishment did you ask your self that you are perfect o maybe your worst more than this woman. We don’t have the right to judge to kill someone only God/Allah have the right for anything on this world. Send her home its better. For the peace of everyone.
    Have a nice day guys. Godbless

  30. This IS NOT the true islamic way… Seriously – what true religion condones the stoning of a 7 month pregnant woman? That’s murder of 2….

  31. If Allah knew best he wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place. We expect this kind of thing from nearby countries and regions, but not the UAE. Don’t take a step backwards when so much progress has been made. There are some totally confused nutter on this thread, but they are decreasing day by day which I suppose is the good news!

  32. there is a beautiful community on our planet here where if anyone makes a sin (regardless of the persons sex) they all gather this person for about 7 or 10 days day and night nonstop chanting and singing her/him how beautiful, perfect she/he is and chanting all of this persons good qualities to remind him/her who she/he is. they take sins as something of the whole community responsibility as well as that persons. we are all like this. sometimes we forget who we are and others are there to tell us all our good things. this is how we all should behave towars each other regardless of laws.

  33. For All those who wish this sentence to be carried out i say : He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
    I am extremely sad to hear about this sentence although i doubt it will be carried out but still, cant believe some people still think it is right.
    Who among us has the right to decide to take this Women’s life for she has sinned ? i know about Sharia law but what you people don’t know is that we are in difference times , centuries have passed and we evolved to understand GOD better. The Church for instance used to burn heretics alive few hundred years ago !!!
    GOD is LOVING , FORGIVING , PURE and HOLY , and what few said above makes me wonder do we have the same GOD , are we really understanding GOD ?? !! if you tell me the women has sinned and deserves to be stoned to death , i tell you certainly your GOD is Different than mine. Which sin is deadly and which is not ? which sin should be punishable by 100 lashes and which should be by 10 ?
    Killing a sinner is no sin ? killing an innocent is ? stealing from rich is no sin but stealing from poor is ? i read a comment stating that this women should die so she can be a lesson to others not to cheat !!! if this is the case then maybe we should go further and make more lessons on different things as well , he who steals should have his hand cut off and he who Curses or deny GOD should have his tongue cut off , Let all the people live in Fear of the punishment instead of Fear of GOD ! REALLY ??? might be efficient but is it right ?
    We live in a world where you will be judged since the very first second you are born based on your religion , believes or tribe , what is right and what is wrong ? what food is alright what food isn’t , what clothes are right , what actions are not and nobody has a say in what to be born as , we are all pushed to this world unwillingly but and will be judged the accordingly .
    I Pray for the woman and hope she redeems her sin , For each one of us is vulnerable and deserves an other chance as we are humans and we make mistakes and sometimes mistakes are really big but we still can seek forgiveness .
    God Bless you All

  34. The fact that this women will not reveal the man who got her pregnant is suspicious. A DNA test should be done on the baby and the man who is her employer. Of course this is as likely as hell freezing over. It’s possible that she was raped by this man became pregnant and now must face this double injustice. Even if this is not the case, this is a society that lacks humanity.

  35. This is absolute nonsense, how can this happen in 2014????its like we go back in time , the woman can do watever she wants……it’s a free world,,,,,!!!!

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