Clotho is for engineering synthetic biological systems and managing the data which is used to create them. It also provides a mechanism to begin the process of creating standardized data, algorithms, and methodologies for synthetic biology.


Want to learn more about the history of Clotho development? Our design philosophy? Here we explain all you ever wanted to know about the motivation for this interdisciplinary and cross institutional project and just why we think it is so revolutionary!

Clotho 101

Want to make a Clotho App? Want to learn how to use Clotho? If so, check this out to satisfy all your technical curiosities related to Clotho and learn about the inner workings of this fully open source software platform designed to serve the specification, design, and assembly needs of the synthetic biology community.

Meet The Team

Who is behind Clotho? Want to learn more about the developers of Clotho and how to contact them? Here we provide information on the faculty, post docs, graduate and undergraduates students that are the brains and muscle behind Clotho. Who knows, maybe someday you will be here!

Get Involved

Want to help out? Want to participate in the Clotho community forum and wiki? Check this out and become part of the growing Clotho community of users and developers. Got a question that needs a solution? Got a solution that needs a question? Stop on by and start talking!