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You can send an application until October, 15
Crimes against peace
To support journalists all around the world who are ready to prepare unique and truthful material about the situation in the countries which go through the civil conflict.

Recent decades the world community has been facing new distorted rules of democracy imposed by political dictators. The establishment of democracy should lead to reduction of conflicts and confrontations. However, many countries unwittingly involved in a complicated game become victims of geopolitical aggression. The result of that game we can now see in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine.

The Art-project «Material Evidence» announces a grant for journalists «Journalistic Truth». Any journalist, who doesn`t want to stay indifferent to the fate of the countries involved in international conflicts, are welcome to take part.

Over last few years, we have been observing the disastrous consequences of the civil war in Syria. A terrible conflict deployed in the year 2011 turned the country into ruins taking many lives and divided the society into opposing groups. At the end of the last year, the same happened in Ukraine. What really happened in Kiev and Crimea and what awaits Ukraine? Who benefits from the war in Syria, and what happened to this country? The exhibition «Material Evidence» gives answers to all these questions. It was prepared by not indifferent journalists, who risking their lives had visited hot spots in military conflicts. The project successfully performed in such countries as Germany, Russia and Belgium.

Who can apply

Information about the author should be filled in the on-line registration form. Information about co-authors can be filled in the additional information section. A commission of experts makes application registration for participation in Competition. Organizers of Competition reserve the right to refuse in applicants’ registration without explanation. Summing up the results and awarding will be on November, 15.

Public persons
Public persons
Group of authors
Group of authors


Sponsorship conditions

We accept and consider applications in English with the brief description of the further material or the script of the photo or video report. The material should touch upon current problems and should not be published anywhere previously. The grant is established in six categories, the amount of each reward depends on the work's genre:
Journalistic investigation - 20 000 euros
Documentary - 15 000 euros
Special Report - 10 000 euros
Photo report - 10 000 euros
News piece - 10 000 euros
Article - 10 000 euros

Selection procedure

All applications will be selected by an independent jury: journalists and organizers of the art-project «Material Evidence» Some works, which will not receive the first prize, will take part on the upcoming exhibitions.

Assessment Сriteria

The relevance of the subject
Correspondence with the nomination
Depth of the exploration of the topic
The quality of the performance
Unique character and the authenticity of the information given


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