Mahāvīrī – महावीरी

गुरून्नत्वा सीतापतिचरणपाथोजयुगलं चिरञ्चित्ते ध्यात्वा पवनतनयं भक्तसुखदम्।
गिरं स्वीयां दुष्टां विमलयितुमेवार्यचरितैर्महावीरीव्याख्यां विरचयति बालो गिरिधरः॥

After bowing to my Gurus and the lotus-feet of the Śrīrāma, the husband of Sītā, and after meditating in my heart on son of Pavana (Hanumān) for a long time, in order to purify my wicked speech with the noble acts [of Hanumān], the child Giridhara composes the Mahāvīrī commentary. - Gurudeva

Mahāvīrī is a Laghuvyākhyā (small commentary) in Hindi on the Hanuman Chalisa which was composed by Gurudeva in Chowdar in May 1983. In the month of Vaiśākha, Vikrama Saṃvat 2040, Gurudeva visited Chowdwar, located in Cuttack district of Odisha state, for the Prāṇapratiṣṭhā of Saṃkaṭamocana Hanumān. Gurudeva was then known simply as Acharya Giridhar Mishra. There, Gurudeva's Guru, Śrī Śrī 108 Śrī Rāmacaraṇadāsa Phalāhārī, ordered him to compose a minor commentary on the Hanuman Chalisa to benefit millions of Hindus who recite it daily.

Gurudeva started the spontaneous dictation of the commentary on Friday, May 13 1983 (Vaiśākha Śukla Pratipadā Saṃvata 2040) and completed the dictation on Saturday (the day of Lord Hanumān), May 14 1983 (Vaiśākha Śukla Dvitīyā Saṃvata 2040). Incidentally, the commentary ended on Kaliyugānta day (as if meant to end all Doṣas of Kaliyuga) since May 15 1983 (Sunday) was Vaiśākha Śukla Tṛtīyā (Akṣaya Tṛtīyā) which was the Kṛtayugādi day. The commentary was published next year (in 1984) by the Krishnadas Charitable Trust in New Delhi. By the time it was published, Gurudeva had taken Virakta Diksha from Śrī Śrī 108 Śrī Rāmacaraṇadāsa Phalāhārī, and was now known as Rāmabhadradāsa. Gurudeva writes in the introduction to the work that it was probably this commentary on Hanuman Chalisa which bestowed on him the fortune of being called Rāmabhadradāsa.

The short and brilliant commentary offers esoteric insights into the Hanuman Chalisa, with evidences (Pramāṇa) from Upaniṣads, Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa, Mahābhārata, Bhāgavata, Purāṇas, Nyāya works, Yoga works, and the vast literature of Gosvāmī Tulasīdāsa. The commentary was called the best commentary on Hanuman Chalisa by Ram Chandra Prasad, author of English and Hindi commentaries on the Śrīrāmacaritamānasa (Motilal Banarsidass. ISBN 978-81-208-0443-2, p. 849).

The same commentary has been published on this website by Shri Tulsi Peeth Seva Nyas. Some changes have been made to the text in accordance with the critical edition of Hanuman Chalisa edited by Gurudeva in 2004.

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जुगुति शास्त्र सिद्धान्तमय वैष्णव रीति भगति भरी।
नाम महावीरी ललित लघु व्याख्या गिरिधर करी॥

Giridhara (Gurudeva, or Hanuman himself) composed the beautiful and small commentary named Mahāvīrī, which is endowed with reasoning and scriptural truths, and is abundant in Vaiṣṇava style and Bhakti. - Gurudeva