Womens Health & Healing Center

Cheryl M. Hamilton, NMD
Phone: 928-515-2363

About the Center

The Women’s Health and Healing Center (WHHC) provides integrative health care to women and their loved ones. Dr. Hamilton provides innovative care through cutting-edge medical science and scientifically proven natural therapies, including acupuncture; aesthetic medicine; botanical medicine; bio-identical hormone replacement therapy; environmental medicine; homeopathy; hydrotherapy; nutritional therapy for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders; preventative medicine and regenerative medicine (prolotherapy, PRP and neural prolotherapy).

The facility was designed with functionality, beauty and the environment in mind. Amenities include a large dispensary, a hydrotherapy suite, and a lab. The wonderful staff at WHHC is dedicated to helping to improve the health and wellbeing of women and their loved ones. Please see “Women’s Health” for a list of women’s health concerns we specialize in treating.

The Women’s Health and Healing Center was established to assist women in attaining vibrant health and enhanced self-worth. We understand that by improving women’s lives, we are making the world a better place for hundreds of others since each woman touches and affects the lives of so many. If a woman is feeling good, she has an amazing ability to pass this sense of wellbeing on to others. The ripple effect contributes to the creation a beautiful, supportive and constructive environment for all.
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