The “Hung” season opener lets Tanya and Ray get back to business. Set against a backdrop of a struggling motor city, the two entrepreneurs hate their day jobs and look for something better. At times, the series premier came off a bit stale but it set up the season with some great potential. Not to worry though, there was no shortage on explicit sex.  Check out more on the first episode of “Hung” …

The Players:

Episode Title: “Open For Business”

The Plot:

Tanya and Ray despise their hiatus and search for a way to return to their lucrative business, but on the level. With an ingenious idea in tow, they hit the banks in Detroit looking for a loan to float the next iteration of the world’s oldest profession. Without much luck (initially), Tanya and Ray do what they do best and get creative with their loan application, so to speak.

The Good:

  • The Theme – Small Business vs. Corporate America:  The season opener makes not-so-subtle-comment on the demise of the American economy and the struggles small businesses have recently faced. Tanya and Ray add levity to the heady topic when they argue for their cause to wound-up loan agents, desperately trying to make the venture seem legit.
  • “The Center For Orgasmic Living”: Tanya doesn’t waiver in her philosophy regarding the importance of the female orgasm. We can almost see little glittery thought bubbles come from her head when the idea for “The Center For Orgasmic Living” emerges. Like a sanitation company to the mob, the new-agey concept acts as the hilarious front for the duo’s less-than-legal business. “The Center” provided, and will provide many laughs.
  • Ray’s Splurges: Ray gets back to business and business is good. In this episode, the sometime-substitute teacher relishes in his success by buying ridiculously unnecessary gifts for himself like a vibrating chair and a convertible muscle car. It’s fun to see him enjoy the fruits of his labor but it also gives him an everyman depth that the show needs.

The Bad:

  • The Uptight Bankers: Ray’s targets this week are two loan agents that need to be flipped from “No” to “Yes” so that he and Tanya can go legit. The tightly-wound agents fumble over their cocktails in the presence of this verile man, acting like sorority girls vying for the captain of the football team. Ray works his best angles but discovers they may not really be hot and heavy for him after all when he gets banished from the would-be threesome. Get it? They’re uptight but not really because they’re lesbians and they want to have sex with each other. This cliche sub-plot takes the otherwise intelligent comedy down a notch.
  • We Want More “Center For Orgasmic Living”: ”The Center” is the highlight of the episode and it’s only downside was that we’ll have to wait until next week for more.


This felt like a mid-season filler-episode with a slow pace and little build up. Though there was lots of sex, there was little character focus, which is what a show like this needs to keep it going for more than a few seasons.

Rating: 6/10

“Hung” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.

What do you think about last night’s episode?