The season finale of Bored To Death kept Jonathan, George, and Ray busy with the absurd antics that make this show so unique. As a finale should, the story lines of the main characters were tidied up but left some loose ends to look forward to in season four. The episode crescendos after the revelation that Bergeron is Jonathan’s biological father and he selfishly causes great danger to Jonathan. Playing with the super hero theme, the episode reaches a high point in a grandiose rescue replete with spandex, capes, and guns.

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The Players:

Episode Title: “Nothing I Can’t Handle By Running Away”

George’s serenade as Don Quixote wins back his daughter’s approval and he offers to host her wedding to Bernard. Jonathan debates whether to carry on his relationship with Rose, also known as his sister. Ray finds solace in baby, Spencer. Jonathan’s new dad gets him into a pickle.

The Good:

  • Harris Bergeron: At the close of the last episode, the sour con-man played by Stacy Keach tells Jonathan that he sired Jonathan. Bergeron exudes paternal pride while Jonathon could not be more disappointed after having spent so much time searching for his father. At the same time, it’s clear that Bergeron won’t be joining the Rotary Club any time soon. After he reveals that he’s Jonathan’s father, he quickly packs up his hat shop in Coney Island heading for Jacksonville, Florida, to escape from typical New York baddies after a deal went south. Jonathan witnesses his new dad getting kidnapped and because of his loyalty to his donor or his addiction to danger, Jonathan attempts to rescue Bergeron, getting them both locked up in a baseball stadium. This set ups a dramatic rescue by George, Ray, and his fans (dressed in Super Ray costumes), with Jonathon literally sliding into home plate to nab a gun and save the day.
  • Ray’s Family Unit: Ray is broken-hearted over Leah’s rejection. He heads over to see his son. Renee (Samantha Bee) answers the door and asks, “Is Spencer home?” Renee responds, “He’s 14 months old. Of course he’s home.” Her deadpan delivery is a perfect counter for Galifianakis’ oblivious nature. Seeking solace, Ray plants himself on the couch with little Spencer splayed across his belly for an adorable father-son moment that gives hope Ray will soon grow up.
  • George and Josephine: Who couldn’t change his wily ways for the lovely Mary Steenburgen’s Josephine? Ted Danson’s George sure can’t, though he tries. In a sweet, but silly, moment, George tells Josephine that he wants to be monogamous. Josephine replies: “I thought we were.” While George knows the gem he’s got in his grasp, he’s still an unaware, overgrown lothario. It’s fun to watch the real-life couple on screen fall in love, navigating a brand new relationship in their sixties.   
  • The Anniversary of Super Ray: Ray’s got a book signing on the anniversary of Super Ray. His guests are loyal, steadfast, fans that provide Ray an undying support. Dressed in their own fashion of Super Ray costumes, they offer to help Ray when the Jonathan crisis comes to light. The trip to the baseball stadium is hilarious in its frenzy of yellow spandex. They argue what their name should be, debating “The Ray Team,” “The Super Rays,” and “The League of Rays.” Without coming to a resolution of the crew’s title, it’s clear that this group is lucky to have found each other and they come together for a common goal, just like real super heroes should.
  • The Wedding: George has promised his daughter a wedding without alcohol but when she shows up at the wedding the champagne is flowing. She calls him out about the alcohol and he tells her that he meant that she wouldn’t have alcohol and points her to the Martinelli’s. Over a full glass of bub, George offers a toast that is a classic portrayal of his self-absorption. He turns the speech into a dance into the macabre until he catches a glimpse of Jonathan who reminds him that this speech should be about the nuptials. The moment is funny but also serves as a reminder of the friends’ dependence on each other.

The Bad:  

  • Brother Loves Sister: Jonathan has now found out that Rose (Isla Fisher) is his sister (as Bergeron was the sole sperm donor at the clinic from where she and Jonathan come), yet he dismisses the bizarre information because she’s hot. Watching these two make-out is unsettling. The extent of their conjugal relations has to be a set up for a revelation next season that this whole sister-brother thing was a giant mix-up, right?


The finale of Bored To Death wrapped up the season nicely. While Ray has lost Leah, he was able to use his “super hero” powers to make a fearless attempt at rescuing Jonathan. George appears to have settled down to be with Josephine and has accepted his daughter’s relationship with the older, creepy Bernard. Jonathan has completed his quest to find his father, finding a beautiful girl in the process (but it’s his sister, ewwww). The potential for next season is inspiring especially if Bergeron comes back and starts a relationship with Jonathan. The two could not be more opposite which will bring future comedy gold.

Rating: 9.5/10

This was the season finale of Bored To Death.