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I have collected here a few resources for Egyptophiles.

Follow the Links and enjoy:


Hieroglyphics Computerized Flashcards

Do you want to learn the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Language, quickly, easily, without any effort and without studying?

Well, maybe not that easily.....

In any case, I have written two programs, initially meant as simple computerized Flashcards. One of them has later grown into a real computerized dictionary of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

They are free for your personal, non commercial use. Use them as you like and remember to give credit where credit is due!

Check them out Here



Glyphstudy and Allen's Middle Egyptian Grammar Study Group

Here you will find a few computerized resources developed in collaboration with the members of  Middle Egyptian Study Group

Click Here to learn more


Glyphstudy and Kamrin's Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Study Group

Here you will find a few computerized dictionaries based on the Kamrin's 2008 study group.

Click Here to learn more


Hieroglyphics and Egyptology Books

I am posting references to books I own that you may find useful in learning the Egyptian Hieroglyphics language. I included a brief comment and a link to the corresponding page on, as some of those books are hard to come by in bookstores.

The page is still incomplete.



If you have time, please send me a feedback at   (sorry for the lack of link, I am trying to save on spam )




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