Veteran Campaigner Backs Language Protests


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Historian and activist Dr Meredydd Evans has given his backing to the latest series of Cymdeithas yr Iaith protests against the Welsh Government.

The 95-year-old academic has called for people to support the groups’ spring action campaign which continued this week with 12 campaigners chaining themselves to the gates of the Welsh Government office in Aberystwyth.

The group accuse Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones of failing to back up his claimed support of the Welsh language with any meaningful actions.

They have proposed six practical ways in which the Welsh Government could ensure the health of the language but say the only response so far has been a new website and an app.

Dr Meredydd Evans, who this week featured in S4C profile Mered, said: “It’s later than ever in the day for us. Young and old, through word and action, we must support Cymdeithas yr Iaith in these troublesome times.”

The folk historian and singer is no stranger to protest himself having been found guilty of helping to cut the power to the Pencarreg TV transmitter in Carmarthenshire in 1979. It was part of a campaign to increase pressure on the London government to fulfil their commitment to creating a Welsh television channel.

Robin Farrar, Chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, said: “We’re launching this period of protest, and calling on the Government to act in six specific areas, in order to change the fate of our language. With political will things can change for the better, but to date the Government’s response has been laughable.

“A new website and an app is not a good enough response to the crisis – there needs to be an ambitious response in education, planning and funding. Hopefully our protests will spur them act.”

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