Consumer Energy Alliance Staff

Shawn Martini

Communications Director

Shawn Martini is the Communications Director for Consumer Energy Alliance. 

Ryan Scott

Executive Director, CEA-Midwest

Ryan Scott is the Executive Director for CEA-Midwest.

R.C. Hammond

Communication Advisor

R.C. Hammond provides communications and media relations support to Consumer Energy Alliance.

Natalie Joubert

Policy Director

Natalie Joubert leads Consumer Energy Alliance policy team.  

Michael Zehr

Federal Policy Advisor

Michael Zehr advises Consumer Energy Alliance on federal policy issues.

Michael Whatley

Policy Advisor

Michael Whatley advises Consumer Energy Alliance on a variety of energy policy issues.

Kevin Doyle

Florida-CEA, Executive Director

Kevin Doyle is the Florida Executive Director for Consumer Energy Alliance

Kathleen Koehler

Director, Events and Special Programs

Kathleen Koehler is the Director, Events and Special Programs for Consumer Energy Alliance.

David Holt

President, Consumer Energy Alliance

David Holt has served as President of Consumer Energy Alliance since January 2006.

Brydon Ross

Policy Advisor

Brydon Ross is a policy advisor focusing state issues.

Andrew Browning

Policy Advisor

Andrew Browning advises Consumer Energy Alliance on public policy issues impacting natural gas.