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Photo courtesy of Heidel House Resort

Walking the Labyrinth
Guests to the Evensong Spa at the Heidel House Resort in Green Lake are invited to walk the labyrinth prior to spa treatments as a way to quiet their mind and find balance. Traced back to ancient Greece, labyrinths have long been used as meditation tools. Walking the circular path of the labyrinth represents a journey to finding the center of your deepest self and back out into the world with a broadened understanding of who you are.















Fall Hair Trends


With summer officially over and tan lines all but faded, it’s time to turn our attention to fall and winter style. To get up to speed on the latest in haircut and color style trends, we reached out to the style experts of Intercoiffure America/Canada, an influential organization for hairstylists.

Cutting Edge
According to the IAC’s Haircutting Council, this fall marks the return of texture. After years of long, straight locks dominating hair fashion, waves, curls and lots of volume are in high demand.
If you prefer short hair, the pixie cut continues to rule. Super versatile, pixies can range from long and shaggy to sharp and asymmetrical.
Going a little longer, the “bad bob” – a style marked by geometric yet choppy layers – is having a moment.
If short hair isn’t your thing, try the “lob” (aka the “long bob”). Not too long, not too short – this hairstyle is just right. And with curls and texture growing in popularity, this hairstyle is perfectly suited to handle the extra volume.

In Color
While the industry has declared the ombre fad officially over, multidimensional color is practically de rigueur for blondes, brunettes and redheads. Golden hues like apricot are trending. Stylists are pairing the warm hue with lighter shades of blonde and light brown. For those with darker locks, strands of amber and gold create a stunning look.
Keeping the golden tone trend strong, honey “bronde” is the perfect middle ground between blonde and brown. Think Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hair color.
For brunettes, rich chocolate brown infused with caramel or butterscotch highlights is one of the most coveted looks this fall. The rich warm hues of chocolate brown paired with the creamy golden tones like caramel and butterscotch give this look dimension and shine.
Redheads are embracing the warm hair color trend, too. As we move into fall, many redheads are opting for the brownish-red strands of the auburn family, while others are embracing attention-grabbing copper.
If you’re feeling edgy, try a peekaboo panel – a hair color trend characterized by strong color blocking. For example, one underside of the hair could be hot pink or aqua, with the other 70 percent of the hair being icy platinum blonde. Not quite that adventurous? Peekaboo panels can be achieved with natural colors, too.


8 Massage Treatments
Worth Exploring


There’s nothing more relaxing than a good massage, and there’s nothing more soothing to sore muscles than a deep tissue massage. But while Swedish and deep tissue are the two most widely offered massage techniques, other therapeutic treatments are worth exploring.

WaveMotion Body Treatment
Imagine feeling weightless as your therapist moves you through stretches. This unusual treatment features a table that rocks gently as a therapist works on your muscles. The Kohler Waters Spa in Kohler is one of only four spas in the country to have this equipment. While traditional massages require disrobing, you wear loose-fitting clothing for the WaveMotion treatment.
The Kohler Waters Spa, Kohler

Muscle Release Therapy
Rob Reader, massage therapist for the Milwaukee Ballet, learned this technique because two of his dancers were traveling all the way to Ohio once a month to receive this special treatment. “With deep tissue, I force the muscles to do what I want them to do. With muscle release therapy, I ask the muscles really nicely to do what I want them to do without forcing anything,” says Reader. The massage works with the body’s trigger points to release pain and rebalance the body’s muscles.
Active Body Wellness, Mequon

This type of massage, which requires a commitment of 16 treatments and usually two to three a week, uses deep and sometimes quite painful massage strokes to break up lymph fluid that builds up and creates dimpled cellulite. The dramatic results can include shrinkage and smoothing.
Active Body Wellness, Mequon

Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy
This gentle technique, which involves targeted stroking of the abdomen, lower back and legs, was developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a naprapathic doctor who studied in Belize with a Mayan shaman. The technique helps to correctly position the body’s organs, and it is used to treat problems with
menstruation, fertility, digestion and constipation.
Orchid Chinese Medicine, Milwaukee

Bamboo Fusion Massage
Massage therapist Kelly Lauria uses warm bamboo sticks to deeply massage the muscles. “It’s great for the legs and the calves, as well as the back of your head and the shoulder,” Lauria says. “Deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable because you’re digging into a person with your thumbs, but it’s not when you use warm bamboo sticks. It does a wonderful job of releasing very tight muscles.”
Good Frienz Movement Centre, Hartland

Thai Massage
Instead of lying on a table, a person receiving Thai massage stands or sits on a yoga mat and wears loose-fitting clothes. “You’re putting your client into yoga asanas and applying pressure and stretching them,” Kelly Lauria of Good Frienz Movement Centre says. “It’s very balancing.”
Good Frienz Movement Centre, Hartland

Sa-Wan Massage  
This face, neck and foot massage uses a Thai herbal ball, as well as herbal sachets and heat compresses. “I always think of this as more of a pampering service, and it starts off with a foot bath,” says Cara Hibelink.
Invivo, Milwaukee,

Chakra Balancing Massage  
This massage, which concentrates on the back, head and feet, helps balance the body’s seven chakras or energy points. “Each chakra corresponds to a different aspect of your life, and sometimes life becomes too stressful and the shakras become blocked,” says Lynn Marie Reich, director of marketing at Neroli Salon & Spa. “A chakra balancing massage can clear those blockages.”
Neroli Salon & Spa, various locations,


Manscaping Hits Mainstream


The landscape of the manscape is changing.

Gone are the days when grooming meant a 10-minute haircut with the local Floyd the Barber.
Besides the haircut, today’s man may also be interested in a shave, wax or a number of other specialized services.  
“Men are becoming rehabitualized to grooming,” according to Theri DeJoode, co-owner of Groom for Men in Bay View. “All over the country, specialized grooming services for men are really taking off.”
Why? What’s wrong with the trusty safety razor? “It’s an experience they want to try,” DeJoode says. “They want to honor themselves. It feels good. It’s fun.”

DeJoode says Groom for Men is one of the few establishments in the area with a full-service shave program. Demand has increased dramatically in the last two years, enough so that the shop is increasing staff and opening a second location soon in Shorewood. Weddings are an especially popular time for professional shaves. “The whole wedding party comes in,” she says.

But in addition to the shave, DeJoode’s clients want manicures, body waxes and facials. Gray blending is on the rise, as is beard trimming. “Facial waxing  –  brows, noses and ears –  has been happening for a long time,” DeJoode says. “But we’re seeing more people getting them done regularly, in addition to waxes to other parts of the body. Anything below the neck.”

Alan Frankenburger is convinced. The 48-year-old Milwaukeean regularly enjoys a straight razor shave on his head and a beard trim. And he’s considering a back and shoulder wax. “It’s a nice pampering thing to do,” he says. “It’s a nice escape.”

DeJoode says the full range of services that fall under the heading of manscaping were popular in the ’70s –“when men were getting those perms”– then tapered off during the grunge ’90s. But they’re on the upswing again, and more popular than ever. “Men in very visible professions, like doctors or attorneys, want to be as professionally groomed as possible.”
Her typical client used to be in his late 30s, but she’s seeing more men in their 20s and also older men looking for that added papering touch. They may be coming in on their own, or they may be getting a little push. “We get phone calls from the wives saying, ‘Make sure you take care of (this) …’”

Trend Watch


“With women’s cuts, we are seeing an emergence of short looks like above the shoulders and cropped, with texture products making it look modern. Men’s cuts are cleaner, resembling old barbering techniques, but modern products give them an updated feel. Colors have become more expressive than ever, with hues that were considered ‘extreme’ just a few years ago finding their way into traditional looks by being muted or worked in as an accent.”
Patrick Ludtke, Director of Education
Vicí Capilli

“Fashion trends for the fall and winter of 2014 include loose, textured waves with a perfect center part, every possible pony and high top knots worn messy or perfectly polished. Fishtail braids, twisted pieces or low chignons are also hot. Products for shine and control are imperative. The hombre persists, but more subtle. We’re seeing a comeback of a ’90s look, with matte flawless skin with red lips. Softer eyes with nude lips are also strong for the season.”
Kitty Tierney, Owner
Impressions Day Spa

“Recently, freezing fat has become a hot trend in sculpting the perfect physique. With no surgery, incisions or downtime, it has become the next best thing to liposuction. This clinically-proven, FDA-cleared, nonsurgical procedure was studied at Harvard University for 15 years. Skiin is the only CoolSculpting center in Southeastern Wisconsin with a board-certified plastic surgeon as the facility director.”
Chris Zajdel, Co-Owner
Skiin Anti-aging Lounge
“This new season at Halo is about strength and color. We are creating looks that incorporate structured cuts and vibrant colors with a high gloss. Makeup features clear skin, black liner, lush lashes and metallic elements.”
Leroy Buth, Partner
Halo Salon Professionals

“Sans UV cured polishes have become extremely popular. Unlike traditional gel polish, which uses a process that is extremely drying to nails, these new polishes remove in seconds with regular polish remover. The polishes last up to seven days chip-free and dry in minutes using natural light.”
Shelley Smith, Lead Aesthetician and Nail Technician
Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort

“Hair jewelry is becoming more and more prominent this season, with sparkly or subdued headbands being an easy way to add flair to any outfit. They are also a great tool for at-home updos for special occasions or even lazy hair days. Pink Pewter headbands, sold at Beachcomber Salon, are popping up everywhere, especially on celebrities like Carrie Underwood!”
Ashley Rowland, Salon Manager
Beachcomber Salon

“I just returned from New York Fashion Week and foresee dip-dyed hair color in vibrant hues will be very on trend for fall.”

Alli, Hair Designer
Neroli Salon & Spa Brookfield

“I’ve been styling hair for both spring and fall fashion weeks in New York for the last ten years and, after this trip, I came back most excited about what I saw for men.  Men’s hair took a step back to the 1950s with strong parts and a lot of gel.  Ladies’ hair was short in a modern day pixie. Long hair was pulled back into a ponytail with soft pieces pulled down around the face.”

BJ Rademann-Schultheis, Hairdresser
Erik of Norway

“Hey ’80s gals! Crimping is back in style, so let loose and go kinky.”
Elizabeth Walsh, Director
WELL Spa + Salon