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Applying for Development Approval

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How to apply for Development Approvals involving Wastewater Systems

The Cook Islands Sewage and Sanitation Board is made up of representatives from the Public Health Division of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Works, the National Environment Service and the sewage industry through their Cook Islands Wastewater and Septic Disposal Association (CIWSDA).  The Board maintains a register of

  • approved and qualified sewage system designers, installers, servicing agents and inspectors
  • approved sewage treatment unit designs
  • approved septic tank manufacturers

A detailed pamphlet regarding development and wastewater is available from the National Environment Service and the Public Health.  Click on the PDF attachment at the bottom of the page to view the pamphlet.


Summary of the steps to Development approval

Step One - Consult Professionals

Step Two - Draw up your Building Plans and Site Plan

Step Three - Apply for National Environment Service approval

Submit the Environmental Significance Declaration from the National Environment Service with four copies of the building and site plans and wastewater design report to the National Environment Service.  Review of this information will be used to determine whether or not an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report is required.  An EIA is more likely to be required if you are building on slopes, the beachside, or in a wetland area. 

Step Four - Apply for Public Health approval

Once you receive an Environment Building Permit, the National Environment Service will keep one set of documents and take the remaining three copies to Public Health for review. 

Step Five - Apply for Building Control approval 

Once Public Health approval is granted, take all three copies of the documents along with Environment Building Permit and the Public Health Sewage Construction Permit to the department of Building Control at the Ministry of Works for review by them.

Step Six - Request for an Inspection

After the sewage system is installed but before it is covered over. 



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