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Programming Methodology

Instructor: Sahami, Mehran

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This course is the largest of the introductory programming courses and is one of the largest courses at Stanford. Topics focus on the introduction to the engineering of computer applications emphasizing modern software engineering principles: object-oriented design, decomposition, encapsulation, abstraction, and testing.
Programming Methodology teaches the widely-used Java programming language along with good software engineering principles. Emphasis is on good programming style and the built-in facilities of the Java language. The course is explicitly designed to appeal to humanists and social scientists as well as hard-core techies. In fact, most Programming Methodology graduates end up majoring outside of the School of Engineering.

Prerequisites: The course requires no previous background in programming, but does require considerable dedication and hard work.

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Mehran Sahami

I joined the Computer Science Department at Stanford University as Associate Professor (Teaching), Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education, and Director of Educational Affairs. From 2001 to 2006, I also taught in the CS department at Stanford as a Lecturer. From 2002-2007, I was a Senior Research Scientist at Google, where I continue to maintain a consulting appointment in the research group. My research interests include computer science education, machine learning, and information retrieval on the Web. Please see my publications web page for more information.

Previously, I worked for several years as a Senior Engineering Manager at Epiphany. Prior to working at Epiphany, I completed my PhD in the Computer Science Department at Stanford. I was also an undergrad at Stanford and I loved it so much that I didn't want to leave.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, playing the guitar, going on outdoor excursions, and sleeping (which seems to be getting rarer and rarer these days).

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