Sunburned Hand of the Man

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Sunburned Hand of the Man
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres Psychedelic, Experimental, Improvisation, Noise rock, Psych folk, Drone
Years active 1997–present
Members David Bohill
John Moloney
Keith Wood
Marc Orleans
Paul LaBrecque
Phil Franklin
Robert Thomas
Ron Schneiderman
Chad Cooper

Sunburned Hand of the Man are a band from Massachusetts that formed in 1997 from the remnants of the Boston psychedelic punk trio Shit Spangled Banner.

Sunburned Hand of the Man has an amorphous lineup, with composition and instrumentation potentially varying from gig to gig. They release records on the Eclipse Records label, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth's label Ecstatic Peace!, as well as a number of smaller labels, and produce a great number of limited edition albums on CD-R via their own Manhand label. In 2005 the band toured the United States to play Arthurfest in Los Angeles with Magik Markers. They have shared bills with a wide variety of artists, from Sonic Youth, to Mission of Burma, to Hair Police, Six Organs of Admittance, to Sunn O))), to Four Tet with whom they have collaborated on two LPs.

Selected discography[edit]

  • 1994 Shit Spangled Banner (self-released cassette, Ecstatic Yod Ass Run LP)
  • 1997 Mind Of A Brother (Manhand 001, CD)
  • 1998 Piff's Clicks (Manhand 002, CD)
  • 2001 Jaybird (Manhand 003, CD)
  • 2001 Wild Animal (Manhand 004, CD)
  • 2001 The Healers Barrel (Manhand 005, CD)
  • 2002 The Book of Pressure (Manhand 006, CD)
  • 2002 The Agoraphobic Christcycle (Manhand 007, CD)
  • 2002 Headdress (Records, LP)
  • 2002 Jaybird (Qbico, LP)
  • 2002 Sopra L'Influsso - video - (Qbico)
  • 2003 Shit Spangled Banner-Inflated with Self-Hatred (Manhand 008, CD)
  • 2003 Closer to the Bone (Manhand 009/010, CD)
  • 2003 Magnetic Drugs (Manhand 011, CD)
  • 2003 The Trickle Down Theory of God Knows What (Eclipse, LP, CD)
  • 2003 The Sunburned Hand of the Man (LP)
  • 2003 Hoof Trip (Riot Season, 7")
  • 2004 Soft (Manhand 012)
  • 2004 Rare Wood (Spirit of Orr, CD)
  • 2004 The Secret in Disguise (Finga 013, CD)
  • 2004 No Magic Man (Bastet, CD)
  • 2005 Zample (Manhand 014, CD)
  • 2005 Anatomy (Manhand 024, CD)
  • 2005 Wedlock (Eclipse, double LP)
  • 2005 Complexion (Records, LP)
  • 2006 The Mylar Tantrum (Three Lobed Recordings, CD)
  • 2007 Z (Ecstatic Peace, CD)
  • 2007 The Blaze Game (Conspiracy Records) - collaboration with Circle as Sunburned Circle
  • 2007 Fire Escape (Smalltown Supersound) - produced by Four Tet
  • 2007 "Weekend at Burnie's 2" (Lost Treasures of the Underworld, LP)
  • 2007 "Locked / Loaded" Cs (Meudiademorte, Cassette]
  • 2008 the Spacial Crime symbol (Manhand 082, CD)
  • 2009 Loose Bugs (Magnetic Expansion Label, CD)
  • 2010 A

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