To Continue our Audiobook Discussion…

We’ll spend more time on audiobooks a bit later on in the semester, but this came across my eyeballs today.

One of the things we’ll talk about in class is how to decide if you have the stamina and will power to record audiobooks. Even if you decide that you do, there are other decisions to make. There is relatively new site – ACX – that matches up people who have the rights to books (authors and publishers) and people who want to perform as the voice for these books.

We talked a little bit about the rates that people can get to record audiobooks – per finished hour rates, royalty share, or a combination of the two. We talked about the fact that some voice talent will execute the entire production of the audiobook – from voicing, to editing, to proofing, to finish editing, to final processing for delivery. And that others may be part of a team of people producing the audiobook – in which case they will be working on a flat per finished hour fee.

This is a new way of doing business – the Internet once again changes the paradigm. And while you may still be figuring out what all this means from a voiceover talent’s perspective, it also is new ground for many of the authors who would never have had the chance to have someone record their book.

Even if you have decided that you have the ability to record a 10 hour book, you still need to figure out what to audition for. Is it right for your voice? Is the pay enough? Is the deadline reasonable. And many times the answer is a resounding NO!

Brian Rollins, voice talent and writer, just posted something on his blog that might help someone who is seeking talent to record their book and is wondering why no one is auditioning. “Why Nobody is Auditioning for Your Book on ACX.”

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