Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne


Sylvia Browne is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Other Side and Back and Adventures of a Psychic. A working psychic for nearly fifty years, Ms. Browne has appeared on The Montel Williams Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, Larry King Live, Unsolved Mysteries, CNN, and Entertainment Tonight.

After 47 years giving psychic readings, 27 years of television appearances and 25 years of paranormal research, countless hours of pro bono work with medical, psychiatric and law enforcement agencies across America–and having published a best-selling biography–Browne’s psychic skills and spiritual advice continue to be invaluable to the many lives she touches.

Born Sylvia Shoemaker in Kansas City in 1936, Browne was raised predominantly a Catholic, but also absorbed the Jewish, Episcopalian and Lutheran backgrounds of her extended family. At the age of five, she first learned of her psychic powers when she had frightening premonitions of the deaths of her two great-grandmothers just weeks before their passing. With the help of her grandmother, Ada Coil, also an established and respected psychic counselor and healer, Sylvia came to understand her many psychic gifts, which include the ability to communicate with spirits from “The Other Side.”

After spending 18 years as a Catholic schoolteacher, Browne decided it was time to dedicate her life to her passion for spiritual knowledge and her desire to help others with their religious and spiritual quests. Readings in her home with 15 to 20 friends soon grew to gatherings of two or three hundred people in churches and town halls. Before long, she was making television appearances on such programs as “The Montel Williams Show” as well as appearing before standing room only audiences of two to three-thousand around the country.

A student of theology and comparative religion, Browne is also an accredited hypnotist. In 1974, she founded the Nirvana Foundation for Psychic Research (now the Sylvia Browne Corporation). In 1986, she established a church called the Society of Novus Spiritus (New Spirit), which has a membership in the thousands. The society’s beliefs are based on Catholic theology, but the church rejects such concepts as sin, guilt and retribution.

Today, Sylvia Browne continues to give individual readings as a spiritual advisor in California, and she travels throughout the country helping others understand how the psychic world works in their lives and how they can use their knowledge of “The Other Side” to harness their own self-healing powers.

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne


Sylvia Browne
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In your new book, you discuss the afterlife and what you call “The Other Side.” What exactly is “The Other Side”? Is it a real place? How are you and other psychics able to perceive beyond our dimension and communicate with the dead?

“‘The Other Side’ is a place where our souls go when we die and where we wait to enter the womb again. ‘The Other Side’ is heaven, paradise, and a very real place that is more stunningly beautiful than our earthly minds can possibly imagine. We usually picture it as being ‘out there somewhere’ beyond the clouds, moon and stars, but the truth is even more fascinating and comforting than that. ‘The Other Side’ is right here among us, it’s another dimension superimposed on our own world. The only thing separating ‘here’ from ‘there’ is a thinly veiled difference in vibrational frequency that is simply much higher than ours. Part of the psychic gift is the ability to perceive a wider range of these frequencies, which is why we’re able to communicate with the spirit world more easily.”

In your book, The Other Side and Back, you state that understanding how psychic energy works can help us in our relationships and in discovering our purpose and mission in life. Can you briefly explain what sort of knowledge is essential to this understanding?

“We need to understand that each of us leaves our home on ‘The Other Side’ many times to come to earth for the purpose of experiencing and overcoming negativity. We learn from this experience in an ongoing process of our spiritual perfection. I know that we choose who and what kind of person we’ll be before we come here, and that we even write our own blueprint to chart exactly what we want to accomplish on this brief trip. Certain themes and patterns become evident in our lives because we chart our paths according to primary and secondary themes we wish to accomplish while we’re here. When we feel confused or lost, it’s often because we choose themes that contradict each other. Just knowing we chose our paths, instead of having them randomly inflicted on us, can be an enormous comfort. Then we can work on perfecting the most positive and overcoming the most negative of our characteristics.”

Can you explain what it was like to discover you were a psychic as a child?

“Frankly, it felt more like a burden than a gift. For example, when I was five, one night at a family dinner, I ‘saw’ both my great grandmother’s faces melting-not a pretty sight, believe me. Within the next two weeks, they both had died. Until my Grandma Ada, who was also a psychic, explained the vision and the powers that made it happen, I thought that somehow I had killed them. I saw visiting spirits as clearly as I saw everyone else in the room. I assumed everyone else saw them, too. I announced my grandfather’s death to my family before my father rushed home to break the sad news. I answered the door before anyone knocked and knew who would be standing there before I answered it.”

Despite the fact that you believe many of our spirits are bound together, and even travel from one lifetime to another with each other, you state in your book you don’t believe there is just one ‘soul mate’ for each of us here on earth. Why is that?

“A lot of people get disillusioned when I announce that the soul mate search is a myth, like I’m taking their favorite fairy tale away. Giving up the idea that there is a ‘soul mate’ for us somewhere around here is downright liberating. The word ‘soul mate’ gets mistaken for everything from infatuation, to lust, to an excuse for stalking, obsession and domestic violence. The truth is that we are each created with spirits that have both male and female aspects. As a matter of fact, we live lifetimes as both genders. We are also each created with an ‘identical twin’ spirit whose male and female aspects are essentially mirror images of our own. That twin spirit is our soul mate. There is no person who is the other half of us. I don’t consider myself half a person, and I certainly don’t think there’s anything too romantic about thinking we’re a bunch of halves walking around.”

You have investigated hauntings, and other types of paranormal activities. How do we know that ghosts, angels and other kids of spirits exist? What is the difference between them and why are they here? Have some failed to enter “The Other Side” for some reason?

“Ghosts absolutely exist. I’ve met them, I’ve talked to them, and I’ve even developed relationships with a few of them. And the one sad, fascinating thing they all have in common is that none of them know they are dead. Because they are stubbornly clinging to this dimension after death, they are the easiest residents of the spirit world for us to hear and see. Spirits, on the other hand, have already accepted their death and transcended to ‘The Other Side’. When they visit us, it’s from another dimension, which makes them more difficult to hear and see, but they do communicate with us in more subtle ways. That’s why we have to watch and listen closely for their efforts to communicate.”

You said you don’t believe in hell, sin or retribution from God, but that there is a dark side that exists both in human nature and on “The Other Side.” What is “The Dark Side”? Why do you think there is evil in the world and what happens to evil spirits when they die?

“In psychiatric terms, dark entities are the sociopaths among us. They go about trying to create as much emotional turbulence, self-doubt, guilt and depression as possible in as many white entities as they can. God didn’t create the negativity, chaos and evil that characterizes ‘The Dark Side.’ The reason there is a dark side is because God created the spirit with free will, and some spirits have exercised their free will to reject the light and embrace a Godless darkness. However, the God who created us doesn’t judge, doesn’t punish and certainly doesn’t doom those who choose to live in darkness, but there are consequences for rejecting Him and His love. Dark entities enter into an abyss of nothingness, devoid of hope, when they die. They go right back in utero again for another lifetime on earth. They recycle life after life without a blueprint, without the benefit of angels, peace, wisdom, insight and the perfect love in God’s light that the rest of us have to look forward to. However, sooner or later the white entities on ‘The Other Side’ are able to catch these dark entities and bring them to be embraced by the Holy Spirit.”


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