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Five More Natural Things You Can Do to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

by boiron on May 14th, 2010

Here are five more natural things that you can do to help keep allergy symptoms manageable in your household. Have you tried some of these approaches yourself? Feel free to share with us your own tips on how you survive the worst of allergy season.

1. Install window filters.

Window filters allow you to enjoy fresh air from the outdoors, while filtering out dust and pollen.

2. Take a shower at night.

An evening shower offers relief from the pollen and dust that collects on your hair and skin each day.

3. Limit time outdoors.

It’s not always possible depending on your schedule, but when the pollen count is high, limit your outdoor activity. Keep windows and doors shut, and use an air conditioner.

4. Reduce mold.

Frequently clean shower curtains, trash cans, damp areas and windows with a mix of water and chlorine bleach.  Fans can also help the air circulate better.  A dehumidifier is useful in reducing dampness and humidity.

5. Try homeopathy!

Homeopathic medicines can safely relieve common allergy symptoms without known side effects such as drowsiness or hyperactivity, and without causing potential drug interactions.  Homeopathic medicines have a long history of safety, making them the ideal natural choice for allergy sufferers of all ages.

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