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This is the personal web site of William Skaggs (I go by “Bill”)

I am a neuroscientist whose experimental work has focused on the role of the hippocampus in learning, memory, and spatial navigation, but I’m interested in several other areas of science as well, especially the study of consciousness. I have ambitions to be a science writer, and have contributed extensively to Wikipedia under the name “Looie496″, mainly by writing articles about the nervous system.

If you are an editor or publisher and are interested in using anything from this site (even in modified form), please contact me.  If you might be interested in commissioning me to write something about neuroscience, consciousness, or other topics that appear here, I’d love to hear about it.


  1. NickWolff

    Hi Bill,

    Are you the artist that should be credited with a drawing of a few neurons? I’m using it in a 3 hour
    Mp4 file that explains how the universe maps consciousness into brain? I’ll put the mp4 video on
    the website above in the next few days.

    Nick Wolff

    1. Bill

      I’ve answered by email.

      Regards, Bill

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