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  • #83 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: A Third Set of Ten Hollywood Figures (or Groups Thereof), with a Coda on Two Directors

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : Revised April 18, 2008
    This column is the third (and last for a while) that summarizes recent research into the ancestry of notable actors and Hollywood figures. I have now reformatted and documented over 500 of the 3500 American charts in The Mowbray Connection, and the bulk of my time in the near future will be spent redrawing of more of these charts. My Internet colleagues—W. A. Reitwiesner, Robert Battle, Rhonda McClure, George Larson, Rob Martindale (and John Anderson Brayton, Richard E. Brenneman, David Curtis Dearborn and Michael J. Wood [for Child and Lambert see below], by letter, telephone, or in person)—trace such figures almost faster than I can readily absorb the data. Their printouts are seldom well documented by printed sources, however, and further developing various lines from NEHGS books, manuscripts, and microfilm can take considerable time. In addition, some lines seem to fail when tested against printed sources—or printed sources do not confirm material that could have been (but perhaps was not) derived from documents.

    I can fully document the lines below, for a third set of ten Hollywood figures, from printed materials; often, however, known lines represent only a small percentage of the figure’s ancestry. Of these ten notables, Fay Wray published an autobiography naming her parents and grandparents, and a new biography of Warren Beatty covers the ancestry that follows for five generations. The wife of Conrad Hilton is mentioned in The Five George Masons (the standard historical work, available at Gunston Hall). The fathers of John Lithgow and Sigourney Weaver appear respectively in the 1924 John Bridge and 1928 Weaver genealogies. The line for Patrick Swayze, graciously sent to me by a correspondent, and that of Robert Duvall, appear on family association websites. Rhonda McClure shared her Spencer Tracy research and Don Cordell alerted me to Betty Grable’s coverage in a 2004 Reynolds-Cornell genealogy; and several NEHGS colleagues (Christopher C. Child, who may also contribute a future guest column on Halle Berry, and David Allen Lambert) helped me trace the only great-great-grandparent of Donnie and Mark Wahlberg with colonial Yankee ancestry (other forebears of the Wahlbergs were Swedish, Irish, or French-Canadian). 

    For several of these figures, I was unable to trace fully even their Yankee (or, for Duvall and the Hiltons, Southern) ancestry, and found only presidential connections for Spencer Tracy, Robert Duvall, John Lithgow, Patrick Swayze, and the Wahlbergs. Fay Wray was of royal descent via Mrs. Amy Wyllys Pynchon and Mrs. Judith Knapp Hubbard, both of Mass. “Nicky” Hilton, first husband of Elizabeth Taylor, and his great-niece Paris Hilton, are of royal descent through the colonial and Revolutionary statesman George Mason (IV) of Gunston Hall, and Col. Gerard Fowke of Virginia, and Stephens/Stevens Thompson, attorney general of Va., Sigourney Weaver is of royal descent through Simon Lynde and possibly Kenelm Winslow, both of Mass. The major ancestors of interest I can trace for “Betty” Grable (wife of Jackie Coogan and bandleader Harry James) are John and Dorothy (____) Russell, also forebears of “Jennie” Jerome, Sir Winston [Leonard Spencer-] Churchill, and the second wife of Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon. This last connection, however, produces a kinship between the leading “pin-up” (Grable) and major British statesman (Churchill)of World War II. 

    Robert Duvall’s presidential kinship is to Harry Truman, and those of Patrick Swayze, two via my ancestor Mrs. Elizabeth Stoughton Chamberlain Scudder (mother of Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder Lathrop—see column #s 22 and 23 in this series), are to Grant, Benjamin Harrison, Taft, (probably) Harding, and FDR. Tracy’s presidential kinships are to Cleveland, Taft, and FDR, and those of John Lithgow are to Hayes, Taft, Coolidge, Hoover, Ford, and the two Bushes. Wahlberg presidential kinships, not surprising for contemporary figures born in the 1960s or 70s, are numerous—via Richardson, Winn, Sawtelle, William Reade, Putnam, Holyoke, and Tompkins—and James Simons, Jr. and Mary Fowle are grandparents of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, and great-grandparents of John(ny) “Appleseed” Chapman.

    The format below is the usual one for this series. In my next several columns, I shall probably return to personal or bibliographical topics, or to the ancestry of figures in other fields.

    1. Spencer Tracy, 1900-1967: John Edward Tracy & Caroline Brown; Edward Silas Brown & Abigail Stebbins; Sidney Joel Stebbins & Jane Stearns; Joel Stebbins, Jr. & Abigail Berry; Joel Stebbins & Sarah Beebe; Aaron Stebbins & Mary Wright; Joseph Stebbins, Jr. & Rebecca Colton, Benjamin Wright, Jr. & Mary Miller; Joseph Stebbins & Sarah Dorchester, Benjamin Wright & Mary Chapin; Thomas Stebbins & Hannah Wright, Henry Chapin & Bethia Cooley; (prob.) Samuel Wright (TP) & Margaret ____ (TP), Samuel Chapin (TP) & Cecily Penny (TP).
    2. [Vina] Fay Wray, 1907-2004: Joseph Heber Wray & Elvira Marguerite Jones; Daniel Webster Jones & Harriet Emily Colton; Philander Colton & Polly Matilda Merrill; Charles Colton & Mary Jones; Eli Colton & Mary Crane; Benjamin Colton, Jr. & Abiah Cooley; Benjamin Colton & Elizabeth Pynchon; John Pynchon (III) & Bathshua Taylor; John Pynchon, Jr. & Margaret Hubbard; John Pynchon, colonial industrialist and public servant, & Amy Wyllys (RD) of Mass., William Hubbard, Jr., Congregational clergyman, historian of New England, & Mary Rogers (?); William Hubbard & Judith Knapp (RD) of Mass..
    3. Ruth Elizabeth “Betty” Grable, 1916-1973, wife of John [Leslie] “Jackie” Coogan, 1914-1984, actor, and Harry [Haag] James, 1916-1983, bandleader: John Conn Grable & Lillian Rose Hofman; Charles E. Hofman & Sarah Elizabeth Goodenough; Abraham Goodenough & Elizabeth Reynolds; Benjamin Reynolds & Anna Cornell; Daniel Cornell & Elizabeth Birdsall; William Cornell & Mary Quimby; Joshua Cornell, Jr. & Charity Haight, Josiah Quimby, Jr. & Hannah Cornell; Joshua Cornell & Sarah Thorne (parents of Joshua, Jr.), Richard Cornell & Hannah Thorne (parents of Hannah); John Cornell & Mary Russell (parents of Joshua and Richard); John Russell & Dorothy ____.
    4. Robert [Selden] Duvall, b. 1931: William Howard Duvall & Mildred Virginia Hart; Abraham Lincoln Duvall & Laura Virginia Rhine; Andrew Jackson Duvall & Sarah Bohannon; William Henry Duvall & ____ (daughter of Nancy Williams); William Duvall & Anne Ramsay; Samuel Duvall & Eleanor (Pearce?); Mareen Duvall (III) & Sarah ____; Mareen Duvall, Jr. & Frances Stockett; Mareen Duvall & ____ (father or parents of Samuel Duvall, husband of Elizabeth Ijams, father by Susanna [Brasseur?] of Susanna Duvall, wife of Robert Tyler).
    5. [Henry] Warren Beatty (II), b. 1937, husband of Annette [Carol] Benning, b. 1958, & his sister, Shirley MacLean Beaty, known as Shirley MacLaine, b. 1934: Ira Owens Beaty & Kathlyn Corinne MacLean; Murdoch Thomas MacLean & Blanche Henrietta Lehigh; Franklin M. Lehigh & Frances Richards; Gideon Leigh (Leahy) & Clarissa Kilborn; Samuel Kilborn & Abigail Griswold; Benjamin Kilborn & Lucy Bishop, Asahel Griswold & Hannah Lee; Joseph Kilborn & Abigail Stockwell, Jeremiah Griswold & Hannah Gibbs; Eleazer Stockwell & Sarah Pease, John Griswold & Mabel Boardman; Quintin Stockwell & Abigail Bullard, Jacob Griswold & Mary Wright; John Bullard & Magdalen (prob.) Martin, Joseph Wright & Mary Stoddard; John Stoddard & Mary Foote; Nathaniel Foote (TP) & Elizabeth (____) (TP); Robert Foote (FP) & Joan Brooke (FP).
    6. [Conrad] Nicholas “Nicky” Hilton, Jr., 1937-1969, first husband of Elizabeth [Rosamond] Taylor and brother of [William] Barron Hilton, hotel executive and owner of the San Francisco Chargers, father by Marilyn Jane Hawley of Richard Hilton, father by Kathy Richards of Paris Hilton, b. 1981; Conrad [Nicholas] Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels, & Mary Adelaide Barron; William Thomas Barron & Mary Mulligan; Thomas Mason Barron & Penelope McFarland; William Hendley Barron & Leannah Mason; Thomas Mason & Sarah Barnes Hooe; George Mason (IV) of Gunston Hall, the colonial and Revolutionary statesman, & Anne Eilbeck, Gerard Hooe & Sarah Barnes; George Mason (III) & Anne Thom(p)son, John Hooe & Anne Alexander; George Mason, Jr. & Mary Fowke, Stephens/Stevens Thompson (RD), atty. gen. of Va., & Dorothea Tanton, Robert Alexander & Anne Fowke; Gerard Fowke (RD) of Va. & Anne Thoroughgood (parents of Mary and Gerard, Jr.); Gerard Fowke, Jr. & Sarah Burdett.
    7. John [Arthur] Lithgow, b. 1945: Arthur Washington Lithgow, Jr. & Sarah Jane Price; Arthur Washington Lithgow & Ina Berenice Robinson; Washington Lithgow & Ellen Prentiss Pierce; Arthur Lithgow, Jr. & Ana María de Peligrin, William Pierce & Ellen Prentiss; Arthur Lithgow & Martha Bridge, Jonas Prentice & Helen Whittemore; Samuel Bridge & Martha Bowman, Thomas Whittemore & Helen Weston; Edmund Bridge & Phebe Bowman, Thomas Whittemore & Anna Cutter; Samuel Bridge & Martha Bowman, James Bowman & Thankful Forbush, Gershom Cutter (III) & Anna Fillebrown; Joseph Bowman & Phebe Barnard (parents of Martha and James), Gershom Cutter, Jr. & Mehitable Abbott; Francis Bowman & Martha Sherman, John Barnard, Jr. & Sarah Fleming, George Abbott, Jr. & Sarah Farnum; John Sherman (Jr.) & Martha Palmer, John Barnard & Phebe Whiting, Ralph Farnum (TP) & Alice ____ (TP); John Sherman & Grace Ravens, Anthony Whiting & Anne Sherman; Henry Sherman & Dorcas Lawrence (parents of John and Anne), Rev. Richard Ravens (FP) & Elizabeth Hedge (FP), Henry Sherman (FP) & Agnes (Butter?) (FP).
    8. Sigourney [Susan Alexander] Weaver, b. 1949: Sylvester Barnabee (Pat) Weaver & Elizabeth Inglish; Sylvester Laflin Weaver & Elenor Isabel Dixon; Francis Milton Weaver & Jennie Weaver Laflin; Charles Benjamin Weaver & Rachel Read; Joseph Evans Read & Sybil Valentine; William Read & Ruth Evans, William Valentine & Sybil Winslow; John Evans & Ruth Winslow, Samuel Valentine & Abigail Durfee, George Winslow, Jr. & Phebe Tisdale; Joseph Winslow & Mary Tisdale (parents of Ruth), John Valentine & Mary Lynde, George Winslow & Elizabeth Tisdale (parents of George, Jr.), Job Winslow & Ruth ____ (parents of Joseph and George), Samuel Lynde & Mary Ballard; Kenelm Winslow (likely RD) of Mass. & Ellen Newton, Simon Lynde (RD) &Hannah Newgate.
    9. Patrick [Wayne] Swayze, b. 1952: Jesse Wayne Swayze & Patricia Yvonne Helen Karnes; Jesse Elijah Swayze & Mamie Bell Johnson; James Wesley Swayze & Sarah Elizabeth McDonald; Alexander P. Swayze & Amanda M. F. Littleton; James Swasey & Elizabeth Starke; Samuel Swayse (III) & Elizabeth Putnam; Samuel Swayse, Jr. & Hannah Horton; Samuel Swayse & Penelope Horton; Joseph Swasey & Mary Betts; John Swasey & Katherine King, Richard Betts & Joanna Chamberlain; William King (TP) & Dorothy Dibble (TP), Robert Chamberlain & Elizabeth Stoughton (TP).
    10. [Donald Edward] “Donnie” Wahlberg [Jr.], b. 1969, and Mark [Robert Michael] Wahlberg, b. 1971: Donald Edward Wahlberg & Alma Elaine Donnelly; Arthur Ambrose Donnelly & Leone Floyd Brisbois, Edward Brisbois & Ellen Floyd McKittrick; George W. McKittrick & Alma E. Taylor; John A. Taylor & Mary Elizabeth Hale; Elbridge Taylor & Abby Loring Alexander, James Warren Hale & Mary Ann Eames; John Taylor, Jr. & Lucy Cutler, Jonathan Alexander & Judith Hardman, Nathan Eames, Jr. & Mary Buck; Samuel Cutler & Mary Simons, John Alexander & Molly Winn, Nathan Eames & Susanna Harnden; (very probably) Joshua Simons & Jerusha Waters, (very probably) Joshua Winn & Mary Center, Joshua Harnden & Sarah Cornell; James Simons, Jr. & Mary Fowle (great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Richardson [FP] & Katherine Duxford [FP]), Jacob Winn & Prudence Wyman (possible ancestors of Herbert Hoover) (grandson of Edward Winn [TP] & Joanna ____ [TP] and of Richard Sawtelle [TP] & Elizabeth ____ [TP], great-granddaughter of William Reade [TP] & Mabel Kendall [TP], John Putnam [TP] & Priscilla Gould [TP] and Edward Holyoke [TP] & Prudence Stockton [TP], great-great-granddaughter of Thomas Richardson [FP] & Katherine Duxford [FP], Jeremiah Center & Mary Wyman, John Harnden, Jr. & Mary Jaquith; Jonathan Wyman & Hannah Fowle, Abraham Jaquith & Sarah Jones; John Wyman & Sarah Nutt, Hugh Jones & Mary Foster; Francis Wyman (TP) & Elizabeth Richardson (TP), John Foster & Margaret Tompkins; Thomas Richardson (FP) & Katherine Duxford (FP), John Tompkins (TP) & Margaret Goodman (TP).


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    A Coda on Two Directors

    I mentioned in an earlier column that the current (fifth) wife of director Martin [Charles] Scorsese, Helen Schermerhorn Morris, appears in the very fine 2003 LeRoy genealogy co-authored by Scott C. Steward of NEHGS, and frequent correspondent Worth S. Anderson has explored the ancestry of “Star Wars” director George [Walton] Lucas [Jr.] in some detail—and found duBois ancestors shared by Marlon Brando. The royal descents of Mrs. Scorsese, together with Newbold/Clayton, Cogswell/Hawkes and Thompson/Freeman connections to the late Princess of Wales, and the duBois ancestry of Lucas, can be outlined and documented as follows:

    1. Martin [Charles] Scorsese, b. 1942 (5th wife, Helen Schermerhorn Morris; Stephen Van Cortlandt Morris & Persis Warren Mason; Newbold Morris & Helen Schermerhorn Kingsland; Augustus Newbold Morris & Eleanor Colford Jones, niece of Society leader Caroline Webster [Schermerhorn] Astor (Mrs. William [Backhouse] Astor [Jr.]), George Lovett Kingsland & Helen Schermerhorn Welles; William Henry Morris & Hannah Cornell Newbold; Benjamin Sumner Welles & Catherine Schermerhorn, sister of Mrs. William [Backhouse] Astor [Jr.], just mentioned; James Morris & Helen Van Cortlandt, Thomas Newbold & Catherine Augusta LeRoy, Benjamin Welles & Mehitable Stoddard Sumner; Lewis Morris (III), signer of the Declaration of Independence, third (and last) lord of Morrisania Manor, & Mary Walton, Caleb Newbold & Sarah Haines, Increase Sumner, jurist, governor of Mass., & Elizabeth Hyslop; Jacob Walton & Maria Beekman (ancestors of F.D. Roosevelt), Thomas Newbold & Edith Coate, Increase Sumner & Sarah Sharp; William Walton & Mary Santvoort, Michael Newbold, Jr. (PW) & Rachel Clayton (PW), Robert Sharp, Jr. & Susanna White; Thomas Walton & Mary Lawrence, Robert Sharp & Sarah Williams, Benjamin White & Susanna Cogswell; Thomas Lawrence of L.I., N.Y. (RD) & Mary ____, Stephen Williams & Sarah Wise, William Cogswell (PW, TP) & Susanna Hawkes (PW, TP); Joseph Wise & Mary Thompson; John Thompson (PW) & Alice Freeman (RD, PW).

    2. George [Walton] Lucas [Jr.]: George Walton Lucas & Dorothy Ellinore Bomberger; [Walton] Hood Lucas & Maud Esther Leedy; Henry Clay Leedy & Phebe C. Boston; Samuel Keith Leedy & Margaret Whitnah; Joseph H[enry] Whitnah & Ruth Southwood Burns; Henry Whitnah & Margaret Burns, Robert Burns & Rebecca Southwood; William Burns & Joanna Van Meter (parents of Margaret and Robert); Johannes Van Meter & Rebecca Powelson; Jan Van Meter & Sarah Bodine; Joost Jansen Van Meter(en) & Sarah duBois; Louis duBois & Catherine Blanchan, also ancestors of Marlon Brando.


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    Lucas: Gordon M. Connelly, The Leedy Family History (1990), pp. 106, 169, 268, 386, 499-500 (Whitnah, Leedy, Lucas), Worth S. Anderson, “Burns of Berkeley Co., WV, Livingston Co., NY and Richland Co., OH” (published online, 1997), pp. 1-16 (all) and William Heidgerd, The American Descendants of Chrétien duBois of Wicres, France, pt. 1 (1968), pp. 4-14, 20-21, 86, pt. 2 (1969), p. 177.

    Lastly, I wish to note that Diane (Love) Dill, first wife of actor and movie producer Kirk Douglas (Issur Danielovitch Demsky); their son, actor, director and producer Michael [Kirk] Douglas; and David [Van Cortland] Crosby, rock singer, of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, & Nash (& Young) are #s 33-34 and 31 of column #69, on notable descendants of the Livingstons of New York.

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