Greece is party to the Schengen agreement


About the country

Customs rules

Consulate General of Greece in Moscow is located at:
123001, Moscow, Spiridonovka street, 14 (Art. M. Arbatskaya)

Telephone the visa Department: +7(495) 7... (call centre), +7(495...
Fax: (495)739-22-08

The visa Service Center Greece is located at:
121069, , Moscow, Malaya Nikitskaya street, 33 (Art. M. Barrikadnaya)

Necessary documents for visa request:

Requirements for a tourist visit:

Children under 18 years:

In some cases, the Embassy reserves the right:

The visa processing time:

General information about the country :

Official name: Hellenic Republic.

Capital: Athens.

Language: the Official language is Greek, spoken English. In some parts of Greece, places of compact residence of migrants from the Soviet Union, is actively used Russian.

The territory of Greece - 131957, Greece has a population of 10.3 million people. Almost 97% of the population is Orthodox.

Climate: Mediterranean, the average temperature in summer is +35 C, maximum +47 C; average winter temperature +10 - +12C C. In the North of Greece in the winter the temperature can drop to 0 degrees C. In this case, there are serious difficulties in the work of public transport and taxi.

Time: Moscow time 1 hour.

Holidays and nonworking days: January 1, January 6, the last Monday of February, 25 March, 1 may, 15 August, 28 October, 25 - 26th December. Are widely celebrated all Orthodox holidays. These days closed all state institutions, banks and shops.

Currency: the Euro. Almost everywhere all major credit cards accepted.

For more information :

Stay on the Holy mount Athos. When visiting the Holy mountain note that on the territory of the monastic Republic of used Byzantine time and there is no centralized energy supply.

On the Holy mount Athos apply rules similar to the rules in the existing monasteries. Video recording is prohibited throughout the Athos (video camera cannot even be brought to the Peninsula), otherwise the equipment may be confiscated until the return from the Peninsula. To photograph without permission can only out of temples.

Peculiarities of the road. Traffic in Athens and Thessaloniki similar to Moscow and due to the large number of traffic jams.

The North and the South of Greece joins the highway with good coverage ("national road"), which is divided into sections with payment by him at special checkpoints.

The shops. It is worth to note that most shops are open only in the morning.

Phone code Greece - 30, Athens - 210.

Customs, immigration, sanitary and veterinary control.

Permission to visit the Holy mountain, where there are 20 monasteries, issued in coordination with the foreign Ministry of Greece through the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Athens or the Consulate General in Thessaloniki, at the entrance to and exit from Athos customs inspection. Women entering this monastic Republic is prohibited.

When importing Pets are required to present a valid certificate of the veterinary service with a mark on all vaccinations, including vaccination against rabies.

Prohibited the carriage of drugs, weapons, objects of art and antiquities. In Greece it is possible to import free of duty 300 cigarettes, 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages stronger than 22 degrees or 4 liters of wine), 75 ml of perfume (or 375 ml) of toilet water).