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Boiron Pharmacist Talks Colds & Flu on Popular Boston Radio Show

by boiron on February 10th, 2012

Every year, it’s the same thing. You know flu is coming. If you get it, you could be off your feet for a while. And once one person gets it in the office or at home, it spreads to everyone else. There’s no escaping. Yet we all hate the thought of taking medication that makes you feel like you’re in a fog and drugged-up. So as cough, cold and flu season peaks throughout the nation, tune into “The Frankie Boyer Show” this afternoon to learn tips for healthy living to help your immune system. Boiron pharmacist Raphaele Cohen-Bacry will recommend what to do when you start feeling fatigued with symptoms. This segment will also touch on the basic principles of homeopathy, its benefits, and easy everyday solutions for common conditions.

“The Frankie Boyer Show” is heard by thousands of people nationwide from 2 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday via the Cable Radio Network or the National Radio Network. Taped in the Boston area, the show can also be heard on WROL 950 AM at 12 p.m. or on WXBR 1460 AM at 3 p.m. Check the show’s website for other local listings.

About Frankie Boyer: Boyer is committed to spreading sound advice from experts—to educate listeners on how to take personal responsibility for their own health and graceful aging. Whether it be the dangers of environmental toxins or a mindset that can help through difficult times, Frankie will expose them to new ideas and new approaches that enhance their quality of life. For more information, visit or check out her blog.

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