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The Australian Dollar

I like to think about Australia as to be a wild territory: nature, seas, oceans and animals. There are cities, too. More than just cities: Australia is considered a country that is part of the First World Countries. In any case, no doubts, Australia minds me 2 things: kangaroos and of course.. the Australian dollar.


5 australian dollar note

The history of a currency is strictly linked to the historical events and, as the most of you know, it’s strictly linked to banks. So what about Australia? The discovery of the Australian continent is almost modern history. I mean, in 1606 a Dutch Vessel landed in Australia: it was the first official landing. What after it? Dutch explorations continued through the 17th. During the 17th and the 18th centuries, other European countries explored the Australia continent. In 1770, the Lieutenant James Cook chartered, for the first time, a portion of the Australian cost: the East Coast. When Cook came back to Britain, he reported a positive judgment with regard to a possible colonization. In 1778, British ships landed in Australia with the idea to colonize it. In detail, Britain established a penal colony. During the 19th century new colonies were established. Up to 1851 all the Australian territories were colonized. 6 were the colonies: Queensland, New South Wales (which included the currently Northern Territory), Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. And so we arrive to the 20th century. In 1901 through a referendum, the 6 colonies formed one nation. In detail when the Constitution of Australia became effective, on 1st January 1901, the colonies became states of the Commonwealth of Australia.