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Hanna Ruutu
tel. +358 50 318 5296

Maarit Elo-Valente
tel. +358 50 3565 802

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Kikimora Publications

The Aleksanteri Institute’s academic in-house publisher, Kikimora Publications, specialises in scholarly works pertaining to Russia and Eurasia particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Our four refereed series - Kikimora Dissertations, Kikimora Studies on Russia and Eastern Europe, Aleksanteri Cold War Series and Aleksanteri Series - welcome proposals on dissertations, scientific monographs, textbooks and article compilations. In addition, the Aleksanteri Institute publishes unrefereed works-in-progress, reports, surveys and separate articles in Aleksanteri Papers (online publication).

All manuscripts to these series undergo a thorough double-blind peer review process. In order to start the process of submitting your work to our publication house, please take a moment to read the instructions through carefully. Kikimora Publications will offer you wholehearted assistance in managing, editing and marketing the publication, as well as overseeing the entire project from the manuscript phase to the finished book.

Since 1997, the Kikimora Publications has released over 80 monographs and anthologies. The books are available for purchase at the Aleksanteri Institute (download a complete list of publications on sale, pdf) and book store Ruslania.

We are making room for excellent new books this autumn so we've decided to offer you some of the older titles at remarkably low prices. Now you can purchase top-class academic works for 5 / 10 / 15 EUR. To the price will be added packing and mailing costs. These start from 5 € for Finland and 14 € for Europe, depending on the weight of the package.

For example:

Social Networks in Post-Soviet Russia. Continuity and Change in the Everyday Life of St. Petersburg Teachers, by Markku Lonkila (Kikimora Dissertations A4) - 5 EUR + VAT 10%

Russia and its Foreign Policy: Influences, Interests and Issues, edited by Hanna Smith (Kikimora Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe B33) - 5 EUR + VAT 10%

The Russian Market Economy, by Pekka Sutela (Kikimora Studies in Russia and Eastern Europe B31) - 10 EUR + VAT 10%

Winter Kept Us Warm. Cold War Interactions Reconsidered, edited by Sari Autio-Sarasmo and Brendan Humphreys (Aleksanteri Cold War Series 1) - 10 EUR + VAT 10%

Download the list of publications here and order online or by email!